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Peace on Earth

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Started: 5/27/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The followers of SPIRIT, CHRIST AND GOD:

Our Head (Temperance-No Sin). Our Left Hand (Confessional Baptism-No Sin). Our Right Hand (Forgiveness for All-No Sin). Our Legs (The Pillars of Truth).The spirit of truth: the followers of Christ and GOD!

Thus: what is the complete truth, Complete Truth and COMPLETE TRUTH? "I am, I am who I am; I Am, I Am who I Am; I AM, I AM who I AM. I AM, I Am and I am"I am, I Am and I AM."
How can we truly know anyone, and how can anyone truly know us, unless unconditional love is given? If Unconditional Love is not the way we treat Family, then who is our FAMILY? Else, there are only neighbors and enemies, and a "Living Family" does not exist.
Unconditional love, Unconditional Love and UNCONDTIONAL LOVE exist, Exist and EXIST. So too"the categories: "family, Family and FAMILY."

How many times should we forgive one another? Forgiveness heals us! How many times should we confess to one another? Confession heals us! How many times should we return to temperance? Temperance heals us! How many times should the Sun rise, set and rise again before we understand? The answer: how many colors exit? How many frequencies exist? How many temperatures exist? How many elements exist? The Beginning and the End: there is only "one time, One Time and ONE TIME!"

We can pray with both hands: with our right hand, we can forgive one another and with our left hand we can confess to one another. Together, our prayers can be answered: we can return to Temperance. A working prayer is the only daily prayer that Works.

We can love our family, neighbor and enemy for GOD is ONE WRITTEN WORD, ONE SPOKEN WORD and ONE LIVING WORD. When the Sun rises and sets is it not obvious? Everywhere the WORD and WILL of GOD goes we can also go"a wave of light can transform this World into HEAVEN within a day. We can leave the judging to GOD whom has good judgment while we focus on confessing our sins and practicing temperance. Thus, HEAVEN can re-enter us, others and return to Earth. Heaven is a full-time job.
Our legs the pillars of truth and our feet solid rock...

Throughout history, self-proclaimed God"s emerged, expanded, enslaved and ruled over others. Those who perceived themselves to have conquered others wrote down our history and that perceived history was built upon.

Parents sometimes fed their children: clothed them, showed them the world, the animals in it, and taught them the rules of existence based on their perception of reality (no love, conditional love or unconditional love). This magnetic bond between parents and children sometimes increased the length of survival.

Parents sometimes behaved as if they were GOD even if they didn"t claim to be GOD. There sometimes came a point when the bigger picture was revealed, "My parents are not GOD." At that point some parents relayed to their children who their GOD was or who their GODS were. Some parents relayed no GOD, some parents said nothing, and some parents unnaturally continued to deceive their children"claiming to be GOD (the mother and father of all lies). And some children claimed that their parent or parents were the one and only GOD. All that is a certainty!

Likewise, when we confess our sins to a priest, we might as well confess our sins to a rock. In so doing we turn our back on the Spirit of Truth (unconditional love), the Sun of God (Unconditional Love) and GOD (UNCONDITIONAL LOVE). Behind us our wounded lay unattended! We each have a personal responsibility to those against whom we have sinned. When we search our hearts, the Spirit of Truth will show us what to do"I am, I am who I am: forgiveness for all, confessional baptism and return to all temperance. Just as we know that day is day and night is night we know the Truth is Truth!

I have already done Confessional Baptism and so, I already know what I am talking about. THERE IS NOTHING THAT I SPEAK OF THAT I HAVE NOT SEEN AND DONE! Thus, I"the Roman Catholic Church"lied to everyone. I poured water over the Children of GOD and the Children of GOD poured money over me. I received a lot of offerings: made a lot of money, had a lot of power, received a lot of confessions, controlled a lot of people and marked a lot of foreheads. I used the seven bowls of wrath against everyone who questioned my authority. I put the fear of GOD in every child of GOD. It was good that this world began running away from me, but it did not run far enough away (I still have hold). My Roman Catholic seal and stamp of approval is, was and forever will be crumpling in the hands of GOD. My seal of approval has no value in Heaven.

The one and only Child of GOD was my Boulder. I used it to Seal the Tomb of Unconditional Love Shut! When my Boulder failed to contain Unconditional Love, I snuffed out every follower! I selected the testaments that served the will of my Empire and I burned the ones that were not acceptable. I sealed the narrow path shut with a New Boulder:

I Proclaimed: "No other testaments were needed, stay home! Enter Heaven through My Church (My Temple), worship in My Church and do not follow Unconditional Love!"

I Proclaimed: "Unconditional Love will return outside of us!"
I Proclaimed: "Truth and Salvation were only accessible through me!"

I replaced every mother, father and child with my church; I stole every child away from his or her unconditional love, Unconditional Love and GOD. I created a narrow path of my own and I was confident that Unconditional Love could not return through it: a born-again sinner, baptized in my church"forgiven and condemned by me!
There was a reason the early years of Unconditional Love were excluded from every religious book. There was no profit from a prophet, and there was no profit from Unconditional Love. There was no profit from an empty church! I"the Roman Catholic Church"tracked down every lantern that was shining in the distance, and I snuffed out his or her flame.

Sin is one; there is no separation between the smallest and Largest. Our sins "wirelessly" ripple through the environment amplifying as they travel. Our sins contribute to the world"s suffering and the burdens that others carry. The light of this truth halted us. We had no idea that our sins were connected to such heartbreaking atrocities. We were blameworthy! To condemn one was to condemn all"us included. If we were to forgive one, we must forgive all. If we were to confess to one, we must confess to all. If we were to return to temperance we must return to all temperance. We had no excuse for our sins. We had no room to blame others. We humbled ourselves. We fell to our knees, hung our heads, and our tears were blinding. The light of this truth took away our sight"it also gave it back. We were reminded that forgiveness heals wounds, confession removes thorns, and temperance sustains good health. Our eyes reopened. We rose from the dead. We were given anew purpose: Confessional Baptism. Sin is linked as one but so too is all healing and rejoicing.

In my left hand, all the individual religions and their individual believers on Earth will continue to fight over who is a real believer and who isn"t"who is going to Heaven and who isn"t. Individual religions will continue tell others and us that if we don"t believe in their individual interpretation of existence and nonexistence then we will go to "Hell": no forgiveness, no confession and no temperance.

In my right hand, if we believed in anything this world said to us then we would die and go to Hell: no forgiveness, no confession and no temperance. If we rejected everything this world said to us then we would die and go to Hell also: no forgiveness, no confession and no temperance.

Our prayers can be answered: we can choose to forgive this world, for it knows not what it says. We can choose to confess to this world, for it knows not what it does. We can choose to practice temperance, for this world knows not where it is going: FORGIVEN ALL, CONFESSED TO ALL AND RETURNED TO ALL TEMPERANCE.


Ok so your points about "peace on earth" was literally 0. Peace on earth means:No violence,only peace. No threats,only peace. But if you turn on the television or read the news,what do you see:

I"ll stop right there.

World peace? Sure its possible but now?

Question for my opponent: Just read those few articles. Does that look like peace to you?
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Percivil 3 years ago
Heh if you say there is peace on earth,go read the papers.
Posted by Bryan101 3 years ago
You love someone but you don't forgive them? You love someone but you don't confess to them? You love someone but you don't return to temperance? How can anyone truly know you and how can you truly know anyone unless unconditional love is given and received?
Posted by Bryan101 3 years ago
Heaven: Forgiveness for all, Confession to all, and the practice of all Temperance.

Earth: forgiving all, confessing to all and return to all temperance.

Hell: no forgiveness, no confession and no temperance....

What other heaven, Heaven and HEAVEN are you talking about?
Posted by Bryan101 3 years ago
The definition of Unconditional Love: Forgive all, Confess to All and return to all Temperance. How can we know anyone and how can anyone know us unless Unconditional Love is given?
Posted by Im_Intelligent 3 years ago
Have fun with that
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