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Peer pressure is beneficial for students

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Started: 9/11/2017 Category: Society
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HI, MY FRIEND I am usnish and today i would like to argue on the context :-
Is peer pressure beneficial for students:-
I think peers are beneficial but peer pressure are not.........
Firstly who are peers?
Peers are people who you socialize with or that are similar to you in age, interests, or in some other way. Peers can include people you are friends with, go to school with, work with or meet at an event.
Now,what is peer pressure?
Peer pressure is when you are influenced by other people (your peers) to act in a certain way. If you're with friends who are doing something that you typically would not do and they convince you do what they are doing, that is an example of peer pressure.
So, I am gonna tell about the disadvantages of having peers.
I disagree, because if your friends and/or other people are trying to encourage you to do something good then it really isn't peer pressure. That is called giving good advice, or friendly encouragement. Peer pressure is when people try to encourage you or pressure you to do something that is against your better judgement, which in most cases tends to be something that is usually and/or potentially harmful.
Always is too inclusive Cyber bullying/bullying related teen suicide incidents alone prove that peer pressure is not 'always' beneficial. There are cases in which peer pressure (keeping grades up to match those of fellow peers). It is unfair put 'always' into the question since there are positive and negative sides. A better question would be: Is peer pressure more beneficial than not?
According to my opinion peer groups influence is not beneficial but harmful.Sometimes or always it used to be like that, that is the good teens may get addicted to drugs,drinking habits etc.And it has been happening in our day to day life. Am not completely opposing it but there should be a limit.
No peer pressure may not always be beneficial Our companions some may be good and some may be bad . The bad companions create a pressure on us to get addicted to bad habits. So, this may be harmful for us.For example one friend may force the other to smoke. Due to the pressure and temptation created by his friend, he would smoke. But this will be harmful for him. So, peer pressure is always not beneficial.

So i would like to conclude peer pressure is not beneficial for students. Especially for those who are in the hard phase of teens .


Can you repost this debate? I will be able to work on it. I've just been really busy lately.
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Posted by usnish 2 years ago
no prob>
Posted by LogicalPen 2 years ago
Sorry dude, I've been pretty busy lately.
Posted by usnish 2 years ago
plzz freinds fight back against me.
It's my first one. Tell me if i', wrong in anyway
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