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People are born evil

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Started: 9/11/2017 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I contend that people are born evil from birth and need to be taught how to be a good citizen. That evil is an innate human characteristic which will become a default setting if no action is taken during a child's education.


Thank you for creating this topic and I will be arguing that people are not born evil. Due to my opponent's failure to set the debate, I will stage the burden of proof that Pro must prove that ALL babies are evil and Con must prove that not all babies are evil. Good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


Well, I can see by opponents avatar that he is already possessed by the devil. The fact that my opponent has attempted take control of the debate and making unreasonable demands clearly reveals that my opponent has evil intentions and wants to win at all costs. My opponent seems to think that babies must be proven to be evil. Really? Why pick on poor innocent babies? Again, my opponent is displaying further evil intentions. Evil is an ongoing concern which should involve the entire lifespan and not just be restricted to the study of babies.

That said. Lets look at some baby research to see what's going on in the world of academia.

In fact, 6- and 10-month-old babies did seem to have strong natural opinions about the climbing scenarios: They passionately preferred the helper to the hinderer, as assessed by the amount of time they spent looking at the characters. This result "was totally surreal," Hamlin says"so revolutionary that the researchers themselves didn"t quite trust it. They designed additional experiments with plush animal puppets helping and hindering each other; at the end babies got the chance to reach for the puppet of their choice. "Basically every single baby chose the nice puppet," Hamlin remembers.

Then they tested 3-month-old infants. The researchers couldn"t ask the infants to reach for the puppets, because 3-month-olds can"t reliably reach, so they tracked the subjects" eye movements instead. These infants, too, showed an aversion to the hinderer.

Here we see a typical example of university based research into baby behaviour patterns. The baby likes or prefers the puppet which is helping and not hindering the climber. Note - The university interprets this behaviour as a baby with good intentions.

One must take into consideration that a baby is a totally useless lump of human flesh and that is completely 100% reliant on its providers in order to survive. Thus, it is only logical that a baby will gravitate towards a helping stranger rather than a hindering stranger. Thus, the baby is not being nice or good at all. The baby is thinking about its chances of surviving and needs all the assistance that it can find. Thus, the babies intentions are totally self indulgent and are not as magnanimous as the researchers may suggest.

Thus, we can plainly see that the researchers clearly wanted the baby to seen as magnanimous and have projected magnanimous characteristics into their interpretation of the babies actions. But, alas, the baby is clearly acted in a selfish and greedy manner to ensure its own survival in a hostile and dangerous world.
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Akhenaten 3 years ago
As in some people are inherently stupid. lol
Posted by newstein 3 years ago
As in there people are inherently evil
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