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People are evil, Deserve hell(every person)

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Started: 12/3/2018 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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There is so much sin in the world, Death, Rape, Murder, And simple things like lying and stealing. The World is accursed, Convince me otherwise.
Also I give full respect to my opponent, And how to have a respectable debate!


Are you saying that we all deserve collective punishment?
Not everyone associates with a rapist, And most people have never even committed a large scale crime.

And for clarification, Do you mean that by default everyone deserves hell, Or do you mean that the expectations to get out of hell would be so high that no one on earth currently would get in?
Debate Round No. 1


Your right, I meant People deserve to go to Hell, As in the place God created for the wicked. So knowing you disagree I will start simply, My belief.
People sin in the small to big things. Though there are many forms and levels to sin everyone deserves hell. To clarify, I am not saying that everyone is going to Hades, Just that they should (this includes myself).
There is a big thing I notice in society, People don't like facing the truth, That there sinners. Gods justice is very complex, But here is one thing important. He hates sin, Hes brought down nations because of it, No matter how so. Scripture says
"None is righteous, No, Not one;
11 no one understands;
no one seeks for God.

Romans 3:10-11
So because of scripture, And the heart of man, People deserve to go to hell.


Calcuim forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Calcuim forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Calcuim forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


IsaiahWOod23 forfeited this round.


Calcuim forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by canis 3 years ago
There is no evil. There is no good. There is no heaven. There is no hell. . So you decide what to do with people you do not like in some way or another. .
Posted by jrardin12 3 years ago
Christianity is an extension of Judaism, Real Judaism, I mean the kind that accepts the blood of a lamb that takes away sin. The Jews of today do not practice the Judaism of the OT.
Posted by malus_pudor 3 years ago
So, As a person of faith I feel that there is an injustice happening in the comments -- ha ha, Little pun there. . .

Okay! So, Anyway, Our concept of Hell, Place of eternal damnation for the Christian mindset, Has been rather corrupted over the generations. We somehow tied in other mythologies ideals, And if we actually unpack what is said about hell, I think it makes a lot more sense.

In the OT -- the afterlife is simply referred to as "Sheol". Not Hell no Heaven. It is also referred to as "Abraham's Bosom". It is clearly understood to be a place of waiting. So, Speaking from a purely singular mindset, The ol' argument of "What happens if people died before Jesus. . . " is a moot point because anyone who died at this time no matter where they were in the world would be under the law and reside in Sheol until -- well later.

Once the new covenant was made with Jesus, We now begin to see the concept Heaven and Hell, Though Hell was referred to as "Hades" EXCEPT when Jesus was speaking and it was then "Gahenna". Why Hades? Simple, People were writing in ancient Greek, And the various writers of the NT weren't always writing for a Hebrew audience and thus terms like "Gahenna" would have no real meaning. This is also why the current modern concept of Hell most people refer to is the cartoonish place of punishment, Whips chains, Blah, Blah! Also, The concept that you are simply sent there isn't quite accurate either, But I only have 500 characters left.

Gahenna is a very interesting word because it is a place! It is an actual place. It is a small valley just outside of Jerusalem. Thus, The speculation is given that Hell will still be within God's sight as it is just outside of Jerusalem and still be just outside of the New Jerusalem. However, Gahenna was seen as a place of torment that humans brought upon ourselves. But this idea of where Hell is, Much like a lot of the concept of Hell, Is speculation at best! The bible isn't very clear on Hell at all.
Posted by omar2345 3 years ago

You are not right. If you were born in Israel you would be following Judaism. If you were in Saudi Arabia you would be following Islam. Christianity is not the truth you let yourself be blinded to reality. Reality is life is awful and you think God made this? It wasn't human involvement that made life bad it was bad from the start. Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis. If God did create the Earth It also created natural disasters. God is evil for creating them.

"Once you know something is true, Why would you change your mind. "
The thing is you are wrong. Christianity is not the right religion. It was the first one you have blinded by. Have you checked other faiths? Why not they are not the truth? You didn't go in Christianity as a skeptic you instead wilfully let yourself be blinded by what they equate to God. God did not create church. Man did. God did not create the technology you are using right now. Man did.

"That is not my opinion, Its a fact. Because you don't believe the truth, Does not change that its true. "
I'll say you have a double standard and confirmation bias. Bible is not truth and you believe it to be true it is not a fact. Don't change words to suit your needs.

"Like when was the beginning, What is our purpose, Can a book make it self, I would be thrown with hatred, This is why science is flawed. "
You are saying the Bible answered that? With stories that are so vague that there can be different meanings in the same verse? Okay.

"And if Christianity is true, Everything else is deception and false. "
I stand by what I said. You are close minded. You think that by blocking other ideas you can protect your faith in Christianity. One day you will realise how your belief clouded your judgement and made it seem that Christianity is true when it was the exact opposite.

Create a debate I will be glad to speak more about this.
Posted by IsaiahWOod23 3 years ago
You have been using, I think, My, Mine, To me. Be more objective than subjective, Because your just filling space with opinion instead of fact.
Scripture was written by people, Inspired by God. You won't understand but I will tell you what that mean. That what they were writing was as if God was writing it. God is sovereign, Controls all(including people) and told people what to write, Either directly or through the Holy spirit. The difference is that science has a worldly view without God and even if there was TRUE information, Would not accept it.
The bible is a religious book, And a historical book, And a tool, And a perfect book. That is not my opinion, Its a fact. Because you don't believe the truth, Does not change that its true. (your probably gonna say the same to me). Because the reality is, If I asked scientist basic logical questions. Like when was the beginning, What is our purpose, Can a book make it self, I would be thrown with hatred, This is why science is flawed.
Also, Once you know something is true, Why would you change your mind. Christians are "closed minded" because they have discovered the truth, And if Christianity is true, Everything else is deception and false.
That is why I write.
By the way, I have a feeling were not getting anywhere, We should have had a debate over the subject, But thank you for talking.
Posted by omar2345 3 years ago
"Using your logic to define them. "
My definition is from Merriam Webster: https://www. Merriam-webster. Com/dictionary/logic

"because I suffered a little bit means i have been weakened, Its actually the opposite. "
I think you have weakened to how unfair life is and clinged to belief as a coping mechanism.

"I simply have discovered the truth most people won't agree with"
If mine is an opinion yours is too. If not you have a double standard. It is not my opinion that the Bible if you looked at the flaws in Bible then you wouldn't believe in it but I guess you don't care about the truth. Remember 1 flaw in the Bible means it is not created by God. God can do no wrong.

"God does not exist is your opinion"
Proof to me that It does exist. It is not my opinion since God does not exist until proven otherwise. The more rational position is to disbelieve something then belief something. Relgion should take some pointers from science.

Whose main goal is to "disprove God"
and change peoples views on him.
If you really think this is their main concern you are wrong. What was their main concern when Ebola was killing people? God? No and not in any other circumstance if you can prove it other wise.

"l, Yet science(ran by humans) is logical. "
Yet Bible(written by humans) is logical. You did not make an argument. Science is a tool the Bible is a religious book.

"Christian scientist simply do what Scientist claim to do and get a completely different result, It is interesting. "
You know these scientists are actually finding cures and writing papers. They do not read the Bible to clues to the cure for Ebola. Science is what makes them have any validity not the Bible.
Posted by IsaiahWOod23 3 years ago
Here is what is interesting, You are twisting all my words to your definition, Using your logic to define them. What I am talking about is very basic, It is the fundamental of humanite. You said that because I suffered a little bit means i have been weakened, Its actually the opposite. I have The God of the cosmos with me and there is nobody who will take that away from me, I have every reason to believe in him, Not because its super awesome, But Logic proves.
What you are doing is making claims about my commentary with your opinion. You have been using a lot of
subjective reasoning, I'm not saying that I don't understand your reasoning, I simply have discovered the truth most people won't agree with, No matter how logical it is.
You have said many time that God does not exist is your opinion. You have not really used evidence, I gave you manuscripts, Intelligent design (book didn't make itself, Neither did the universe) God's plan is incomprehensible(so you can't make judges over not understanding God). Also, That science is just as credible as any other religion because they are ran by wicked men, Whose main goal is to "disprove God"
and change peoples views on him. There is a reason why they say its billions of years old, Its attack on the 6000 years. It is hard to believe that God created it because of science, Modern science is deception, You said yourself that men are illogical, Yet science(ran by humans) is logical.
Christians are not ran by people, They are ran by God. They are not perfect, But they follow the bible and apply it to themselves and get changed within, Through Jesus.
Christian scientist simply do what Scientist claim to do and get a completely different result, It is interesting.
Also just to add. The sun has been shrinking about 1 foot a year. If he world was 7 billion years old, Or even a billion, There would be no ocean, Or earth for that matter. That is illogical. But to say that people were created and not made from nothing is il
Posted by omar2345 3 years ago
"I have also explained why science is wrong on another debate. "
Science is a tool. The tool can be wrong but I say otherwise. Science adapts to the facts we know. If the facts are wrong then scientific fact is changed.
Posted by omar2345 3 years ago
"I may only be fifteen but I have seen alot in my life. From murder, To love, To pain, To justice. And through logic and God calling me I became a christian. I have seen plenty. "
I am assuming this you have allowed experiences to weaken you as a human being and fall prey to lies. You have seen but did not come out the other side a better person. Christianity does not make people better. Religion makes good people do bad things and allows bad people to be justified in their actions.

"I do want to say I respect you for talking, Because most people would comet to me in hatred, Thank you. "
I do have hate but I don't hate you. My hate resides in reality with video games that annoy me (Dark Souls) but I still enjoy it. I want to get my point across. You cannot fall prey to this when you parents have given you the opportunity to not be raised religious yet you choose to be religious. I would say that is a bad thing.

"There are 2 type of unbelievers. Ignorant or rejecting. If you are not ignorant then you are simply denying that Jesus is the Christ. "
You must've got this from the Bible. Religion strips away you as an individual. You are so close minded to say people either reject or ignorant. Have you not realised people who do know and still reject the faith? I am one of them.

"Were a race that constantly lies and deceives, Murders, Lies, Wars, Cheating evil. We need a savior, Not allah, Not science, God and God alone. "
Believing in something that does not exist does not help that. If you really think God wanted to save us It would've have made us sinless from the beginning. God had the power to do it but It choose not to. God is all-knowing so It knew about murders, Lies, Wars, Cheating, Evil etc and God still allowed this to occur. God created Jesus perfectly assuming this but cannot do it for humans. God is capable but chooses not to. Tell me how you justify that.
Posted by omar2345 3 years ago
"I agree that humans are illogical, That is why I believe in God. "

"God was not a being that man made up"
Yes we did. It wasn't animals who made God. It was us and we should be the ones to come to terms that God might not be the start of the universe. Bible is not the word of God.

"You believe that scientist are credible. "
I didn't say I don't believe. I said it was illogical. Making it the most important thing in your life that you base your opinions makes you more illogical.

"The reason why I don't believe what scientist is because christian scientist have proved them wrong over and over. "
Have you heard of confirmation bias? I think you have it. I don't care what creed the person is from. I care about the argument they make. A Christian can provide a correct science. It wasn't God who did that for him it was the Christian scientist. Proved them wrong requires prove. The Bible has no proof so what is the outcome? The Bible is right? The Bible has no proof.

"Yet because of the worlds unbelief they have not changed. "
The Christian scientist you forgot to mention their names are wrong.

"The truth sucks"
Your God does not exist. Deal with it do not hold to only grasp of belief you have left. Instead believe in something more tangible like family.

"He would hate me for it"
Instead of saying he is fat why not give him advice? Or maybe that is not what Christians do?

"better person in Gods eyes"
You called a person fat. Great job for being better.

"My parents were actually charismatic and atheist. I got the knowledge of scripture through is word and God calling. "
I don't believe that if that is the case your parents have given you the opportunity to live a life without lies but you choose to follow them. Your parents are right you are wrong. You are 15, They are much older. With time comes experience. They know more then you ask them and they would give you reason and if they are not sufficient maybe you should look at yourself.
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