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People are racist because of Darwinian Evolution

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Started: 3/16/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I take to the position that people are racist because of Darwinian Evolution. Do you accept the challenge?


People are generally less and less racist as time progresses. Slavery has been abolished in the United States, and is far less prevalent on the planet than it was a few centuries ago. Integration is more of a thing now than it was even half a century ago. I would argue that evolution actually makes people progressively less racist.

I would also argue that racism stems from a lack of exposure and a lack of knowledge, which equate to a lack of acceptance.

In scientific terms, evolution is purely the survival of the fittest and the gradual adaptation of genes and physical attributes to fit the surrounding based on those who fit it slightly better than others surviving which, over millions of years, looks like an almost designed attribute when, in reality, it comes from the weaker of the species dying out and the stronger being more attracted to those who do better. Since there has only been an increase in all populations across the board, evolution cannot be blamed for racism.
Debate Round No. 1


It has been brainwashed into people in liberal countries that tribalism, guarding of borders from foreigners, and suspicion of groups different from you is "evil". But it's a lie. These are common sense survival instincts that evolved over millions of years for the sake of the survival of the human species. Without these instincts, we wouldn't exist. We would have died out and been killed by predators well before humanhood.


Let's look at animals. We use "guard dogs". Why? Because their natural survival instincts tell them to oppose intruders, oppose the unfamiliar, and oppose anyone not in his tribe.

Let's now look to the cellular level,which is a very simplistic form of instincts. White blood cells use rabid discrimination to defend your body. You aren't in the tribe? Die. You aren't in the tribe? Die. You? No? Die. You get the point.


I know what you're thinking. Perhaps, we humans, have evolved beyond these instincts somehow. But no...

Human babies, according to studies, show signs of racism. Is it evil? No. It's their instinct. It's their biology. It's a survival mechanism. The baby's brain says, "Hey you don't look right. Where's Mom?" And the baby's blood pressure goes up. Then Mom shows up, or someone who looks similar to Mom, and the baby's blood pressure goes down. That's science. That's biology.

Even most countries are very suspicious of foreigners. Why? They look different. Their peoples' instincts say something is wrong or out of place.

It's Caucasians that are suspicious of other

It's everyone who is suspicious of "other races", including the "the other races".

In a Huffington Post article, the story teller tells of being black in China and experiencing rabid racism. Looks like the Chinese have the "you look different" gene.

Maybe it's just the Chinese...nope...

White refugees brought to Africa...were put in squatter camps...


And the observations of Darwinian himself have caused many to ask if Darwinian was a racist because of his claims.

During the campaign against Donald Trump-

"Everyone is a little bit racist"
-Hillary Clinton

According to many liberals, we are so smart, you see, that we don"t need instincts anymore.

This is nonsense, of course.

One amusing and well documented human instinct is the nesting instinct, experienced by pregnant women shortly before going into labor. Having personally experienced this sudden, overwhelming urge to clean all the things multiple times, women testify that it is a real phenomenon.

Humans have other instincts too. Babies will not only pick up and try to eat pretty much anything they run across, to every parent's horror, but they will also crawl right up to puddles and attempt to drink out of them.

Women enjoy celebrity gossip because humans have an instinct to keep track of social ranks and dynamics within their own tribe. Men enjoy watching other men play sports like football because it conveys the masculine feeling of defeating a neighboring tribe at war.

Now back to racism.....
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