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People told me to kill myself

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Started: 8/2/2018 Category: Economics
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People told me to kill myself

I am a pedophile, I am a poet
When I share my poems with people
I get faced with their hate
They tell me how I am a monster
They tell me how I deserve to die painfully
They tell me how I should end it all
They tell me to kill myself
But these words do not affect me
These words do not stop me
I will not kill myself, I will continue
To write my poems, To molest children
Their words are just another obstacle to my dreams
Obstacle that I shall overcome and not be stopped by it
If they want me to die, They will have to kill me themselves
I am a soldier that won't be stopped by words
I am guided by my mind, Not by your words
If you want to stop me, You will have to take a gun and kill me
But not even that can stop me anymore
Because I have already molested children
I have already left a mark
A mark that you cannot erase by killing me
You cannot stop something that already happened
You cannot stop me, I am the past and I am the future
You cannot erase a past, You cannot stop the future
I am a soldier commanded by my dreams
And I will not let you take them away from me


OK for one, Your claimed actions are inappropriate and ungodly though you claim them as to be. Your an embarrassment to Christians, And show no love for God. You also have left a mark that even you claim as bad. If you continue and don't repent or turn from these actions you face judgement. If you have already repented then ask God for forgiveness and possibly post a sorry note. Just stop making poems on this and go to facebook.
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Posted by mosc 3 years ago
all you perverts - vile sub human filth and smum - go to Dresden and burn. The Allied bombings of Dresden, Killing about 400, 000 retard Nazis in about 2 days. . . Truly a thing of beauty.
Posted by Masterful 3 years ago
They don't tell you to kys because you're a pedo, They tell you to kys because poems are for homosexuals and people with diabetes.
Posted by Busillis 3 years ago
That was really creative, I'm a big fan of your art and always looking forward to read more of those beautiful poems.
Posted by TRUMPMAGADONALD 3 years ago
For more of my poems, Visit:

https://trumpmagadonald. Tumblr. Com

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Reasons for voting decision: Con concedes to Pro that the resolution is true as he says "They tell me to kill myself" and was the one who created the debate and the resolution. Pro agrees that it was said and goes on to suggest a better alternative than killing oneself.

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