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People who cut arnt just doing it for attention. It tends to be a big problem

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Started: 3/24/2014 Category: Health
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I am going to make an argument on this touchy statement. Mainly because I feel it needs to be addressed or at least talked about.
I see a lot of kids being called crazy these days for self harm. (Burning, cutting,scrapes, ect) but these things don't make them crazy.
It just goes to show how weak some of us can get from the amount if ignorance and hate and bullying we recieve. It's a hard thing to cope with depression.
I do NOT think cutting and ect is for attention I feel it is to help better the person. I'm to saying it's a good thing it's not and they need help to stop but they don't need to be called crazy and thrown into a looney bin.
Cutting ect is an act of ' nobody can hurt me as much as myself' and physical pain is much better than being called names or being ignored. If you disagree accept the debate and if you want to talk about this comment.


I will accept this debate. I will attempt to disprove the resolution, or, in other words, show that self-harming behavior is more likely to be for attention than not.

PRO has not said otherwise, so PRO has Burden of Proof, however, I will attempt to go beyond simple refutation of argument, and posit the negative resolution that "self-harm behavior is likely to be a call for attention". I will not argue that it is, or is not, a big problem, because, for some, it certainly is. I will simply argue the first sentence of the resolution.

It is PRO's job to provide evidence and/or support for the assertion that self-harm behavior is "not just for attention".

It is my (CON's) job to in some way neutralize his argument. I will take this a step further and try to prove the opposite of the resolution.

I thank my opponent for choosing a subject that I am personally passionate about, and I look for to PRO's first arguments, My thanks to the audience for taking the time to read this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


LarryStylinson forfeited this round.


My opponenet has chosen to forfeit his round.

I will begin my arguments.

Cutting is an expression of Pain/Depression/Greif/Anger
I will concede that, to some degree, cutting is used as a means to experience something different. I have talked with people who do it, have done it myself, and understand the intention behind it. The question that i always would ask is: Why don't you/I/we go talk to someone? It makes more sense to attack something at the source, rather than to allow another problem to arise from it. "Expressing yourself" on your skin is not a very positive form of expression. Positive in that it channels your feelings and emotions into something that you can look at later and say something akin to "Well look what i did". The reality is that, if this person feels this way, they need to take the time to figure out why, or talk to someone.

While i agree that it is a big problem, i would ask: Why did they choose to cut/burn/self-harm instead of talk to someone. Cutting is a conscious choice in the beginning. So you chose to harm yourself, and chose to use negative expression of a problem to avoid it; as most people are aware of what cutting can mean and lead to, the only rational idea is that the people who cut have begun doing so after wieghing their options, and finding cutting to be the best solution. If you believed it was a problem, why not try to fix it? Why alow these thoughts and emotions to control you, to the point that it has a physical manifestation? You chose to. I do not believe that everyone who cuts does so because they are in emotional, and psychological pain. I've seen some people who carry it like a battle scar, even when they live a nicee cushy life, and have really open, understanding, and caring parents, and friends.

I will admit, sometimes it seems like the only option, but if you really wanted to change something, you would go talk to someone that can help you. I'm one of the few people who made a conscious decision to kill myself, and had a plan all laid out, but i didn't. I had someone call the cops, and they took me to an institution where someone helped me understand exactly what i was feeling; i didn't realize i was feeling anything. And that is where self-harm behavior comes from. When people choose to self-harm, they are doing so because it almost forces someone to ask them what's wrong. Some people will say nothing, others will break down, some will get mad; there is a myriad of things that happen. At the end of the day, you have done something to yourself that, more often than not, will bring attention to yourself. So, yes i do believe they do it for attention. Whether it's a "Look at me" kind of attention or a silent call for help, i don't know, but it is still attention.

People who self-harm do need help, because no one should have to feel excited about being in pain. There is something almost evilly masochistic about that. (Masochism meaning pleasure, often times sexually, from physical pain. It is good sometimes, as in biting, spanking, certain sexual acts, but it can become dangerous) I do not believe it is for a selfish "I'm rich, and loved, and cared for, but no one likes me, even though i have a lot of life long friends, and they're like my family, and i don't get what i want all the time" type of attention, but sometimes, that attention is necessary for them to get the help they need. Cutting is never the best answer, just like suicide is never the best answer, but sometimes people have tunnel vision, and don't see much else.
Debate Round No. 2


LarryStylinson forfeited this round.


PRO has forfeited again. None of my arguments were taken into account. PRO presented no arguments.

PRO had Burden of Proof and did not fulfill it.

I thank PRO for creating this debate, and i thank the audience for readin and voting.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Pfalcon1318 7 years ago
PRO, when you post your argument, please define the term "attention". It will allow this debate to proceed without arguments over what a word means. Please provide the website you used, and all possible definitions, then state which one you believe is most in line with this debate.
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Reasons for voting decision: Forfeit. As much as con may have misunderstood the resolution, his arguments were vastly stronger.

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