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Pewdiepie is better than T-Series

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Started: 3/18/2019 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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You can accept if you want. I just saw the profile pic.

Pewdiepie has been able to be at the top of Youtube for five years by himself and has created a great community. T-Series is a company with thousands of employees and many resources from Google itself. Google is on T-series side and not helping Pewdiepie.


Pewdiepie is worse than tseries. Really.
first up that me and my family is far past 9 yrs old yet this weirdo is proud of building a nine-year-old army instead of any conscious adults like sirf true or Jusreign. On the other hand, T series is having India as its support instead of some unregistered protestants that are supposed to be studying how to divide numbers. One such coward is Mrbeast, He is a f****** money waster in which he used up all those money to give to random people when rest are still in poverty. This biased coward should not take this job to do this. On the other hand sirf true, Is a conscious adult who a least what are they exposing the opponents from the Internet. Pewdiepie just plays and earns money, Mrbeast waste money to earn money, And that is not how wealth truly grows. They will affect half of the world to be broke. While tseries is already here without knowing their opponents existence with the 5th biggest economy being proud, And they are here with the money spenders. Note to say youtube is not as popular there yet about 8% of the country is already at the level of the half-world-controller-on-Internet-in-a-bad-way.
Debate Round No. 1


First, If you seriously think that Pewdiepie is a weirdo when he says he has a nine year old army, Your ridiculous.

Second, I have a problem with dividing this youtube war into countries. It doesn't matter if T-Series was an Indian channel, Finnish channel, Russian channel, And English channel this war will still be on. T-Series happens to be Indian and theres nothing we can do about it. This is not an India vs english war.

Mr. Beast has actually helped the poor and homeless people many times.

https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=9cCpZl8euLI
https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=rPXmbM2UEbU
https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=op0N7axawJA
https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=N_GMakKf7G4
https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=4KVmSG6KS2k

" Pewdiepie just plays and earns money, "
He doesn't even plays games anymore and makes really funny content which is why I think he should be number one.

Pewdiepie is our last hope because T-Series and other companies are taking over youtube.


so how are they standing in the same spot if they are using bots? There are only 2 possibilities: one is that this is lie and the second is that this bot situation is not detected that it is counted as acceptable. Like come on even socialblade give innocence for them. Second that 9 yos are not supposed to be exposed to those adult dank memes while learning how to write a narrative. It is impossible to left Mr beast out when insulting pewdiepie. You expect those innocent child watching a b***** spending money like if it is growing on trees? No! Next his b- lasagna is already to a dank meme phase in which is so overused that remixed are popping out like pewds subs? NO! Copyright were not correctly serves or just this greedy lasagna want to shake the money pile. The swearing words pops out every way like if he were demonetized eminem (he should be), And how does that leads to the dank-memage of the stupid rap song? Pewdiepie cannot even rap! Even worse than lil pump. On the other hand did you see any roasting in justreign's "diss track"? No! It is assertive instead of aggressive and greedy. They even released the correct form of their own culture and some thoughtful sentences. How do you think this uncalm and sacrilegious boi would win against the necessary connection between 2 distinct culture that at least bonds them alive? Pewdiepie's ads in India does count, But what can this useless Boi do if he knew he is gonna lose (or stupid enough that he won't realise the downfall of the Internet will spread from him)?
Debate Round No. 2


Neither side uses bots and alts are removed within an hour and T-Series also has alts.

Pewdiepie does not target his videos for 9 year olds. His average demographic is 15-19. It is a running joke and their is no problem with it.

What is your problem with Mr. Beast. He is a good guy for what he did to the poor and his friends. 9 year olds do not watch his videos but if they did, There is no problem.

He tipped waiters and pizza deliver guys
gave over 50k$ of money to homeless people and gave one a home
Frequently gives money to friends in need and a apartment.

Mr. Beast gives money to people and gets money with profit. His money CHANGES lives. What does T-Series teach anyway?

his b-lasagna song is a funny diss track that is clearly a joke but I guess T-Series fans don't have a sense of humor. Right, Pewdiepie is not a rapper, But Youtube isnt just for rappers. For copyright, Pewds understands that people work hard in his support. T-Series frequently is a scumbag and copyrights other innocent Indian youtubers. Last, How is swearing bad? . Why should he be demonetized?


Pewdiepie has admitted that he doesnt care that T-Series is going to surpass him saying this:

"I don't care if T-Series surpasses me, It's just a lot of fun. Im surprised it took this long anyway"

He has also helped Indian kids by supporting CRY. T-Series is supported by Google. What about their taxes?


Pewdiepie swears deliberately every time. You think his annoying song is enough? No. He used F word and n word right in front of a person when "all people are built equal". After a while he yet apologizes. You think hot glue on a heartstab is enough? No. Also kids follow the behaviors of the adults that they are interested in. You think setting a role model by being racist and swearing is a good one? No. Even markiplier can do better than him: he did a live stream just for another friend. Can you do that? Felix Kjellberg? No is the answer. He can do nothing other than games and vlogs. Yet his channel is labeled comedy. Do he do any real comedy like at least Ray-William-Johnson did? He did barely any reaction videos that is funny. Most of them wants people to exit the video. Even jacksepticeye is better at that. Lastly mrbeast, Still can waste his money on what he needs, Unlike pewdiepie who think he is a god but far from that to do any action. Tseries, On the other side just films. Barely any swears. Barely any complains. Just doing their job at the best. Who is better, Tell me.
Debate Round No. 3


1) Whats the matter with swearing? Kids don't watch his videos and he doesn't brand them to them anyway. B-Lasagna is not an annoying song. When did he apologize?
2) Give me one example of Pewdiepie being racist, ONE
3) He doesn't play games and he is really funny, Why do you think he was at the top for so long. He is better than Ray-William Johnson
4) Pewdiepie does not think he is a god. Where are you getting all this? , Just keep going on about things that aren't true.

Stop saying lies. Pewdiepie is a great man and rose to youtube himself. T-Series got helped by google and is a soulless company. Being Indian, DOES NOTHING. ITs call YOUtube for a reason,


anc2006 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by anc2006 3 years ago
you saw my profile picture? It is a mario?
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