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Started: 3/21/2018 Category: Technology
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Adding to the debate on phones being dangerous and causing people to be inattentive, my theory is that phones prove we are pushing further into the future. Although, the effects of being on a small screen do cause bad eyes etc., if there is a chance that these companies have the abilities to fix that problem, then it would push technology one step further onto the safer side. For example, I saw a stranger cross the road a week or so ago, and they was being shouted at due to the fact she was nearly hit by a car. That shows that being oblivious isn"t something that can be fixed by Samsung or Iphone, but taking phones away will ruin businesses and would throw technology backwards. It is not the phones being detrimental, because if it wasn"t bad for your eyes and brain, then it is just the idiocy and desperate need of phones. So it is us taking one fad to an extreme, which causes people to blame the phones for distracting them. I believe that if people had more self control, then they wouldn"t be getting distracted by the irresistible buzz of phones.

My conclusion is that people have made a fallacy out of phones, believing that phones are relied on to keep us sane. For example, when my Dad was a child, the only phones were either in red boxes, or attached to a wire. When he was in his early 30s, they were bricks, and now, he acts like they have a completely different purpose.


fones r v. bad
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Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
Phones have not been around long enough to reveal long term effects on the human body. I say in 30 years when everyone is getting brain cancer from their phone, they wont be so cool anymore.

My father raises bees and he lost 220 bee hive huts once a cell phone tower went up a mile from his house. Bees are tiny but they can pick up tiny transmission signals from cell phones, now amplify that by 30 years of constant use on the side of your skull and tumors will be popping up in people heads like crazy, but by then the people who invented the cell phones would already have made billions and died and left the fortunes to their kids so who cares.
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