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Physical punishment is good?

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Started: 12/5/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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-Jin Hyo ri : Yes! If there is no punishment, student have danger situation. And school have thinks So school has reasonable opinions to decide law.

- Hwang eun bin : I think that physical punishment should be allowed in schools. Of course, a teacher beyond a reasonable degree of physical punishment or use emotional violence is bad. But there should be wall between teacher and students. So that students will not fight against about teacher. This is a teacher's role that lead student in a right way and criticize about student's a bad act.


Alright I will Accept the debate, but lets cover some things:

Physical Punishment: by Physical Punishment I mean a teacher spanking a student and NOT a PE Teacher making a student do physical exercise like Pushups.

What my Claim is: It is better for schools to discipline students not through physical punishment, but rather from other methods. Parents should only use Physical Punishment as a last resort or in certain context. Context matters a lot for parents to do physical discipline. I do think that discipline is a key factor towards creating a better generation, but Physical Punishment just isn't the best way to solve everything.

Happy Debating!

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Posted by Plebidise 2 years ago
Are you FOR Physical Punishment or AGAINST it? It is very unclear.
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