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Piano is better than the guitar

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Started: 6/13/2016 Category: Music
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Piano is much better than guitar. This argument is preferably for people who play the guitar but anyone can argue it.

Round 1-Accepting the challenge
Round 2-Stating your reasons why
Round 3-Rebuttaling


I do not play guitar or piano but let's go!
Debate Round No. 1


The piano is an elegant sophisticated instrument which people associate Beethoven or Mozart with. When people think of the guitar they normally don"t associate it with Vivaldi"s guitar concerto in D major. They think of heavy metal or rock and people screaming lyrics on stage and smashing their guitars afterwards. The piano unlike the guitar will always have that timeless effect when mentioned of or played. It"s elegance and grace will always surpass the guitar.

Firstly, the piano will always sound better than the guitar. The piano"s wide range of notes and the ability to play ten notes at the same time unlocks a wide range of songs for pianists that normally guitarists would not be able to do. Guitar solos are good but compare that to a pianist playing Chopin. The guitar solo would sound great but the effect it would have on the crowd would only be temporary compared to that of Chopin"s. Although what sounds good is always different for everyone, there"s something about listening to music from a different era that always seems to attract people. Even though the guitar is older than the piano, it"s timeless effect and elegance was ruined in the age of heavy metal and rock.

Secondly, the complexity of the piano means that it takes a lot more skill to master. Both hands are usually playing music in both the treble and bass clef unlike the guitar which can only play one or the other. Guitarists may say that the guitar is harder because there are many of the same notes spread out randomly on the strings but even though the piano may be set up linear, that doesn"t take away from how hard it is to play it. Both hands are playing something different whereas the guitar has one hand always strumming and the other on the frets. Guitar is like the "patting your head and rubbing your stomach" test and the piano is like trying to write in cursive with both hands at the same time. Mastering the piano takes a lot of time and it"s not an easy task.

Finally music on the piano always has the full sound that most other instruments don"t have. A violin sounds good on its own but a violin quartet sounds great. Someone singing alone sounds good but put some instruments in the equation and they"ll sound great. Piano unlike other instruments does not need back up to sound good. It can be played as a backup instrument for other instruments but it does fine on it"s own. The guitar not so much. Whereas piano can be played on it"s own and still sound great, the guitar will always fall into the backup instrument category. If you don"t believe me, listen to Flight of the Bumblebee on the piano. That piece (song) was written for an orchestra. That means it was written for 90 people to play on each of their individual instruments and yet the piano can cover all those instruments with only one person playing it. A piano can cover for the instruments of a whole orchestra. I don"t think a guitar will ever be able to cover for the sound of a whole instrument and I"d be truly surprised to see one play a whole orchestral piece with the same "fullness" that a piano can do.


Firstly, my opponent claims that because the piano is more sophisticated and elegant, that the piano is better than the guitar. I would like to remind people what the purpose of music is, to entertain, and sophistication does not necessarily bring entertainment. People aren"t entertained when someone is playing piano as they all are sitting down sipping tea. However, when someone bring out the guitar and starts playing it, whatever genre they choose to play because I can"t imagine one in which one can not, everyone starts dancing and enjoying themselves. Seems like people hear piano for study rather than for someone to enjoy themself, and in life what is needed most is for everyone to enjoy themself.

Second, everything my opponent says in his next paragraph is about how a piano sounds better than a guitar, voters don"t be fooled by this to be a cotention, all he basically stated was "I think piano sounds better" in which I reply, "I think guitar sounds better". Whats sounds good is in the ear of the beholder. Now, my opponent brings out that people are attracted to listening to things from the different eras, and my opponent then says that the guitar is older, but it has been ruined by heavy metal and rock, but this doesn"t make sense if he is trying to make an argument about it because he is essentially saying that the past eras of guitar has been erased from history. It obviously has not, the old eras of guitar are still there for people to listen to, therefore his comment helped my case. And again I don"t see how he can say that a timeless effect can be ruined by heavy metal and rock? Now, it is true that heavy metal and rock is not elegant, but who wants it to be? Elegant is synonymous with simple, and I don"t believe people who want to be enjoying themselves would want something so simple, but instead something more complex. Why do we usually see way more guitars at concerts than pianos, because concerts are where people go to dance, sing along, and many other things with their friends.

Thirdly, I would not say that the piano is more complex at all. Doesn"t everyone have that time in elementary school when the first thing kids used as an instrument to test, aside from the recorder, was the piano, and not the guitar? Why not the guitar? Because it would be too difficult for the kids. "All you have to do to make a sound on piano is press a key. On guitar, you have to pick at a string (often with a pick) and simultaneously press a string down with your other finger. It is more like trying to do two or three things at once, while piano-playing is less complex." Voters imagine how easy it is to put one finger on a key, then on other finger on a key.

Fourtly, my opponent says the he would be surprised that guitar does an orchestral piece like a piano, well of course, to reply I would ask him to surprise me with someone playing the hardest rock song on a piano, and only the piano. Other than that, the guitar does great on it"s own and as backup, I"d be surprised if anyone thinks more people fall asleep in guitar solos then piano solos. Also voters pay attention to the exaggeration my opponent makes here and the best way I could expose this is with an analogy. If 90 people play simple tunes on their flute, that all sums up to a very simple thing to reproduce on the piano. If you look at flight of the bumble, with all the instruments and notes, it would be something not hard for the piano to reproduce. AND EVEN BETTER. My opponent makes a mistake by saying he would be surprised if a guitar could do that, without searching online videos of guitars actually playing flight of the bumblebee, because I looked it up and was successful in finding multiple guitar videos.

Fiftly, If you look at the most of pianos you will find that they are easily less transportable than guitars which plays a factor in which is better because if something is really then it would be logical that it"s better the more places you get to use it. If you look up the weight of pianos you would see they range in the hundreds in pounds (The one"s I found most common are from 500-700), and guitars are in the tens (The one"s I find most common are 7-20).

Sixtly, it is also logical that if you find something to your liking that you would want to have more, or be able to buy one when something happens to your old one. Anyone can search for themselves the ridiculous costs of pianos compared to pianos.
Debate Round No. 2


Firstly, I'd like to point out the use of the electric guitar in the video that my opponent provided. Note the fact that the person is playing an electric guitar? Also note the fact that the person is playing only one note at a time? I said that I'd be surprised if someone found a video with the same "fullness" that a piano can do. How does one note make up for the skill that is shown in the video below? It doesn't really matter though; the piano can still outplay the electric guitar by a long shot.
Watch this. Watch the pianist's hands compared to the guitarist's hands and you'll see who has more skill.

I judge from what I saw that the pianist was playing not only Flight of the Bumble Bee extremely fast but she was also playing Flight of the Bumblebee with two notes for each semitone. Playing Flight of the Bumblebee with just semitones is difficult but the pianist in the video added a whole new level of difficulty that made it sound amazing. Those who play piano will only truly understand how hard it is to play Flight of the Bumblebee like that. I also saw the pianist playing with one hand over the other. I don't think my opponent realizes how difficult this is? Try randomly strumming over your right hand in a song with a guitar and you'll realize how difficult it is.

I'd also like to make a comment on my opponent's first paragraph. Sophistication is not for all I know. But that also doesn't mean that it's not for anybody. Sophistication is for those who have graduated past the fact that high school is not life, for those who finally understand art etc. But for the rest until they reach the point where they can appreciate it too, it' s "Caviar to the general"-Hamlet, for them.

Secondly I'd like to point out the fact in my opponent's second paragraph that states "I think piano sounds better". The truth is that I KNOW THAT PIANO SOUNDS BETTER, not just think. Voters do you really think that a singer who uses auto tune to sound good is as good as a singer who uses their own voice with no enhancements? The same is with the electric guitar. It sounds better than the acoustic because it's all electronic enhancements. Take away all the electronic enhancements of an electric guitar and it'll sound even worse than an acoustic. A piano is an acoustic instrument. It needs no enhancements to sound good unlike the guitar. But if my opponent really insists on putting the electric guitar in the equation then I insist on putting the keyboard piano into the equation. Using the right modes, the keyboard piano could easily sound exactly like a guitar. You'll see in the video down below.

Also people are not attracted to an Adele concert to hear her play the guitar. No, people are there to hear her sing. Just like in any other concert, people are there to have a good time and hear their favourite singer sing. Not the guitar playing in the background. People didn't watch the Coldplay halftime show at the super bowl just so they could watch all the violinists in the background dance and play at the same time. (Although that was pretty cool) They watched it because they wanted to hear Coldplay sing. Try not to shove the guitar into the spotlight that it doesn't deserve. And yet there are world-class piano performers that people go to see to watch them play piano. It may seem boring to you but remember sophistication that I talked about.

As to your third paragraph, so what if the piano is an easy beginner instrument? That just adds to why the piano is better than the guitar. It is user friendly to children unlike the guitar which makes your fingers hurt from pressing down the strings. When you say that the guitar is like trying to do two or three things at once, it's not like that's a big accomplishment. It's practically because you are doing two things at once, strumming and pressing your fingers down on the keys and reading music (three if you actually count strumming as a multitasking). As you get on to higher grades in piano, it gets harder. From having to play two different melodies with both your hands, reading music and using the pedal. That is like sometimes doing four different things. Like I said before PIANO IS LIKE WRITING IN CURSIVE WITH BOTH HANDS AT THE SAME TIME. But with the knowledge that I gained from piano I was able to pick up the guitar search online a bit and was able to play Riptide in a couple of days including the hammering interlude. I doubt that a guitarist would be able to play Don't Stop Believing or another piano song like that in a couple of days. Not only is the piano easy as a beginner instrument but it also teaches children a lot more about music than a guitar would.

Piano is an instrument that's easy for people to play at the beginning but it gets a lot harder as you move on into further grades. Guitar is just frustrating for people at the beginning. It hurts your fingers and the neck is difficult to reach around. Complications in playing the instrument is not really something you want to advertise when trying to get people to see that the guitar is better.

As to my opponents fourth paragraph I'd like to point out something that clearly states that my opponent thinks that the piano is better even though he/she is arguing for guitar. ", To reply I would ask him to surprise me with someone playing the hardest rock song on a piano, and only the piano." Notice that he/she said ONLY THE PIANO, which states that he/she knows that the keyboard piano could easily replicate the guitar. This request is not exactly fair considering the fact that my opponent had an electric guitar in his youtube video example.
Here is a video of a keyboard piano doing the exact same as a guitar. The keyboard piano can even do bends like a guitar. This comes to show that I as a pianist could play the guitar just as good as if not better than an expert guitarist.

Also guitarists seem to have so much pride in playing their guitar solos. Voters do not be tricked into thinking that the guitarist is a great improviser. In truth the guitar is only playing one note at a time. That's extremely easy to do and takes absolutely no skill to create one. A piano solo has to have more than one note being played to sound good which means that pianists have literally make up a song on the spot including both melodies and make it sound good. How is that compared to a guitars measly one note at a time solo? The only reason a guitar solo sounds good is because of all the electronics it takes to sound good.

Also I will correct my opponent's misconception of what an orchestra is. There are four families in an orchestra, the woodwinds, brass, strings and percussion. There can be up to twenty different instruments in an orchestra and it can consist of 70-100 musicians. Many big orchestras consist of only professionals so it is not "90 people playing simple tunes on their flutes" (there's more than just flutes in an orchestra). Those "90 people" don"t just sit down and perform what's in front of them with ease. Those "90 people" don't actually get the scores (music sheets) of all the instruments, they only get their own and when they practice with the whole orchestra it is difficult to know when to play your part.

This is a video of the theme songs of Star Wars being played by a symphony.
0:10-Imperial March
3:17-Leia's Theme Song
8:10-Cantina Song
11:23-Star Wars Main Title
Now watch this.
This proves that the piano can play all the parts of an orchestra that does not have "90 people playing simples tunes are their flutes". Now I'd be extremely surprised if someone found a video of a guitar that could play at the same fullness as the piano in the video. I highly doubt there's a guitar out there that can play with the same dynamics and skill that is shown in the video.

Finally I will sum up what my opponent practically said in his/her last two paragraphs. "The guitar is a cheap product that can be bought anywhere and the piano is expensive and heavy." To that I say "so what". My opponent has basically claimed that guitars are dirt cheap compared to the piano, which shows that piano"s obviously are worth a whole lot more than guitars. The quality of a piano is a whole lot better than a guitar too. For a guitar you'll have to buy back up strings in case one snaps, you also have to always keep tuning your guitar when it falls out of tune which is annoying and you have to buy all the pedals, speakers and enhancements for your guitar to actually make it sound good. A piano is much more simpler. And there's no need to collect piano's when you're a pianist. The good thing about a piano is that it sounds great for everything. You don't need to buy a bunch of different piano's to sound good in different songs and genres so in the long run a piano is less expensive while maintaining excellent quality.


My opponent in his argument has misconception of what makes something better. My opponent says that a piano is more difficult therefore it is better, to which I say how does that have any impact on the resolution. Something or someone isn't better just because something is more difficult. Cleaning up poo which is a mentally difficult job is not a better job than being a doctor. Then my opponent makes the no true scotsman fallacy "Those who play piano will only truly understand how hard it is to play Flight of the Bumblebee like that." Which matters because he's basically saying is that he has an existing belief that to him is true, thus not allowing for any counter examples to it. And my opponent then makes a false comparison by telling people to think about how hard it is to do something which you do with a piano, with a guitar. And to demonstrate the absurdity of this argument, I would like the people to think about hard it is to strap piano over your shoulder, and play it. Also my opponent talks about how he hears the fullness of the piano, fullness is subjective, I can also say that I hear the fullness in the guitar.

Then my opponent makes the remark that sophistication is still for some people Of course it's for some people and I never denied it, but the thing is do anyone really think that more people have fun listening to music and studying and listening to the piano, or while dancing and chatting with friends while listening to the guitar.

Later my opponent says that he knows that piano sounds better, as if that statement was something objective. Clearly my opponent thinks that to everyone, piano sounds better, which is a ridiculous claim. This is like saying that he knows vanilla ice cream tastes better than chocolate, this is an opinion. Then he says does someone who uses auto sound better than someone with natural singing, I would say some people definitely think that. Again, someone likes something when it appeals to them. Not when there's a certain amount of skill involved. There are some works of art that have less skill than others, but it appeals to them, therefore what I'm saying is you can't just point to one factor of an art, but the whole composition. Which is why I say the difficulty of a piano does not matter in proving the resolution. Then my opponent starts stating that an electric guitar with no enhancements sounds bad, which again is subjective to the person, and also says that piano doesn't need enhancements to sound better than the guitar, which AGAIN is subjective, so my opponent has made no valid point there.

Then my opponent has made yet another misconception of what I said, when I said that people don't go to hear the guitars in the background. Well I'm not talking about singers like adele. that's the last person I would be talking about. I;m talking about places where guitar is the primary instrument, including vocals. It would be ridiculous for my opponent to mean that there is no such thing which he implied by saying "Try not to shove the guitar into the spotlight that it doesn't deserve." And my opponent assumes that people can't rock out to the guitar even while it's in the background. Even though it is undeniable. And he says that there are world class pianist that people see, but in the video I will link you can see world class guitarists play blues. And good thing I added this is because I've been limiting guitar to pretty much rock.

Later on, my opponent makes the point saying so what piano is easier. Which is exactly my point, the difficulty of an instrument does not make something better, so my opponent has conceded that. Then he talks about it being user friendly to children, so are guitars, the reason is not that children get hurt playing guitar because that's a ridiculous thing to say considering there are many ways to avoid it, but that it's harder for someone to learn something on it compared to the piano. Then my opponent says it gets harder as you try to play harder things, isn't that the case with every instrument? And my opponent says that guitar only requires you to do three things at the same time, but so does piano, pressing keys with both hands is not considered multitasking. That's like saying you're multitasking on controller when you have one finger on one button and one on the other button, the difference with the guitar is that strumming and pressing are different acts. He then goes on to say that he learned the guitar under a couple of days, but I learned to play the piano in under one day, in fact on the internet there are lessons to learn the piano under ten minutes. Then says piano teaches more to children than guitars but doesn't have anything to back up that claim.

My opponent is basically saying in his next paragraph again the complications of a guitar which doesn't matter since he already conceded difficulty doesn't matter, and keeps on pointing out how the guitar hurts your fingers but that's the same with anything you do for a while because anything to a point is bad. This point that my opponent made is futile to the resolution. I could even lie down on the floor for a while and when I get up feel pain without any physical activity.

Then my opponent makes a laughable point saying that keyboard piano can replicate a guitar, which it could but it is not valid in this because what the keyboard piano basically is, is someone installing any sound they want to certain keys, but in this case I defeat him because you can certainly install certain sounds to the guitar to make it sound like a piano. For example those toy guitars you see that aren't really guitars but when you strum it plays a sound acting like a guitar. All that someone needs to do is replace that sound with a piano key sound. And it isn't only electric guitars that can play flight of the bumblebee, there many more that aren't but the one I provided happened to be electric. Anyone viewing this can go online and look for yourselves.

And my opponent's next point is that don't get tricked by guitar solos because they aren't actually improvs when they are playing one note at a time, my opponent clearly doesn't understand what improvisation means, because improvisation just means to do something not planned. Even if it was something very simple it's still considered a improvisation, for example vocalists sing one note at a time but it still sounds great. So that arguments goes away because guitarists still sound better than pianist even if they are playing one note at a time. And my opponent say guitar solos only sound good because of the electronic enhancements, here I will link a video of a guitar solo without electronic enhancements that sounds amazing. In fact it is acoustic guitar playing.

Now then my opponent straw mans my argument by putting words into my mouth and saying that I said they were all playing 90 flutes and that's what I said an orchestra was, which is not what I said at all. That was merely just an example of why he's making it sound more than what it is. This is him grasping for some hope that he may defeat my argument, but it fails miserably. And later in the point he says that he would be surprised to see a guitar be able to this, I just showed him a guitar doing the same thing, and even better than than the piano. I would say that the guitar had more fullness.

Finally, pay attention to the fact that he says because something is more expensive, means it's a better product, which logically makes no sense. For example I could get some tap water, say it's water from heaven and sell it for more money than Fiji, would that make it better than Fiji? And price does matter because if you really like your instruments, someone may want to make it a hobby to collect. It would be really hard for someone to collect pianos with that cost. Also since it's cheaper it can be easily replaced, but if a piano breaks, you may have to wait for a while to buy another one, unless you switch to guitar which is a logical decision. And yes you do need to those things my opponent listed about guitars but is that really troublesome? Not really. It's really cheap for everything is really easy to replace a snapped string, but my opponent tries to exaggerate it. In fact what about pianos? My opponent attempts to neglect the problems with pianos such as a string breaking. Look at this video and replacing a piano string is much harder than replacing a guitar string. And lastly, you don't need different guitars to sound good in different genres either, whether someone prefers to use a different guitar is different, and I'm pretty sure you would have to change pianos to sound good in different genres actually, and this argument doesn't makes sense because in the long run it would still take a lot of guitars to catch up to the price of one piano.

Thus I hope the voters vote for con.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by SJM 2 years ago
Im down if he sets it up and I like the topic :)
Posted by HeavenlyPanda 2 years ago
Haha you should debate him on a topic
Posted by SJM 2 years ago
No, it's okay that's pretty much what debaters do, it's just this guy is going on my debates and commenting on them calling me naive. Pretty sure he's a troll. But eh.
Posted by HeavenlyPanda 2 years ago
Guys please do not insult each other in the comments. SJM sorry of I sounded a bit stuck up to you. Unfortunately every musician is kind of stuck up when it comes to their instrument. We all like to think that our instrument is the best of the best.
Posted by SJM 2 years ago
Posted by SJM 2 years ago
Lol Youre soo cuteee. If you actually read you would know what i said is that, that was an example of why it wouldn't work, not that an orchestra is 90 flutes. And what i said I don't play meaning i do not play it constantly and practice it, i did learn to play basic things at a very young age, but i do not count that as currently playing piano. You're arguments are too funny.
Posted by TheGrumpyPotato 2 years ago
SJM you seem like a very uneducated young boy. I do play an instrument and agree with HeavenlyPanda that an orchestra is not made up of "90 people playing simple tunes on their flutes" That was kind of funny considering your lack of knowledge. You also lied in your last rebuttal. You said at the beginning that you didn't know how to play the guitar or the piano but then you said you knew how to play the piano which is lying. Debates may be about winning to you but cheating and lying is not the way to do it.
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