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Ping Pong (Table Tennis) Is the Best Sport of All: Take Two

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Started: 7/18/2014 Category: Sports
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hey everyone! I love winning, so here I go again with my favorite sport!
You have to choose a sport to go against ping pong within the very first round.
You may not choose the "parody" of the sport but rather the sport itself. For example, my opponent may choose Chess, but may not choose "Upside-Down Chess" to battle against Ping Pong. However, he may still mention how many parodies Chess has and come to a conclusion that it is better than Ping Pong, having so much variaties.
He may also choose to try to uphold multiple sports being better than Ping Pong, making my job harder, but making his job harder as well. Fictional sports are included and acceptable for this debate for the sake of fun and challenge within this debate.
My opponent may not choose skateboarding, I would like something different from last time.
Interesting matchups if you can't come up with any good ideas: (PP=Ping Pong)
"Heart-wrencher": PP vs Badminton [because Badminton is my 2cd-favorite sport :'(]
"You silly Wizard": PP vs Quidditch
"No table?!": PP vs Tenis
"Checkmate!": PP vs Chess
"Under the Sea": PP vs Snorkeling
"Avatar State, Yip-Yip!": PP vs Pro-bending
Sport: "an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature". It may not have to be physical, as long as it is recognized a sport by the Olympics company or Wikipedia, it is a sport.
Wikipedia full list of sports:


I accept. Thank you for creating this debate 9space.

As Pro has identified and affirmed the premise: "Ping Pong(Table Tennis) is the best sport of all", Burden of Proof (BoP) lies solely on Pro.

My requirement to this debate is to disprove, or put doubt in the argument "Ping Pong is the best sport of all".

As Pro has not made any significant arguments in Round 1, just simple comparisons, I will let any arguments begin with him in Round 2.

Good Luck.
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent has completely failed to choose one sport to battle Ping Pong, as I stated within round one: "You have to choose a sport to go against ping pong within the very first round."
I will give my opponent one more chance to choose a sport and present arguments against ping pong. Because I don't know what sport he choses, I cannot present arguments against his unknown sport.
My arguments will be based upon Ping Pong's "tricks" (strokes), Ping Pong's requirements of instantaneous planning as well as strategy, its harmlessness incomparison to dangerous extreme sports, and finally its availibility to pets as well as old people (see two videos), regardless of what sport my opponent chooses.
If my opponent continues to NOT choose a particular sport to go against ping pong, it will be treated as a concession. Thank you.



My apologies, I was unaware I had to pick one sport, I saw many comparisons, and did not read carefully. I thank Pro for allowing me another chance.

I will pick "Non-America" Football, also commonsly known as Soccer. (As an American, I will be referring to it from now on, as Soccer)

Soccer is the worlds most popular sport, and 3 of the worlds most hihgly valued sports teams are soccer teams.
Manchester United, Barcelona, and Real Madrid.

A Bleacher Report lists 15 reasons why Soccer is the best sport in the world.
To list a few: It is simple, the rules are always consistent, rich countries beat poor countries, and it is played with extreme popularity nationwide.

Thank you again for another change Pro.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you. It is decided: Ping Pong versus soccer.
1. Ping Pong requires instantaneous strategical planning
Wikipedia's page states " Play is fast and demands quick reactions". [1] This is true. Here is a sample game presented in a video:
Of course, normal competitors don't jump around and do gymnastics, but the play is nevertheless very very fast.
Some more examples of extremely fast competitions featured in this video:
In contrast soccer has no shown of this fast game play, neither quick strategic planning. I mean, it's so darn slow! (Third video)
Thus, since soccer is so slow, it ain't exciting, and because such ping pong is superior.

2. Ping Pong burns more calories
Ping Pong burns many calories. Source [2] tells us that "[ping pong]...anywhere from 400-600 calories per hour. At beginning level it's probably more like a easy walk - say 200-250 calories an hour." Still, combined together that's 200-600 calories, which is a lot. While this may not seem as consistent as the soccer games, keep in mind that the goalkeeper burns far less calories than the fielders due to constraints on his position. Even if soccer can burn more calories for those runners, those goalies don't get the excercise they need.

3. Ping Pong tricks
Ping pong is in fact very very complex. To start out with, there are two grip holds that each have their own advantages and disadvantages. The penhold allows more "over the table play", while the handhold is easier to learn and allows a wider range of playing styles. [3] There are also many different kinds of "strokes", both offensive and defensive, which apply to different kinds of situations within a game of Ping Pong and complicate the game, making it more unpredictable. [4] While in soccer, you have pretty much no tricks, in Ping Pong you utilize these "strokes" and try to defend yourself, as well as attacking the opponent when he or she is tired out or when unsuspecting. In addition, some of the "strokes" of Ping Pong can be used cleverly to defeat the opponent, if used correctly. Some strokes can cause different "spins", that make it difficult to predict where the ball is going to go. Wikipedia sums two of the most used spins quite well by using pictures, presented below. (source from [5])


These spin look very complicated, and they are because careful timing and precision is required for these spins to occur. Because of the skill neede for these spins, it can be concluded that Ping Pong is a very difficult sport to master, and there is always something to improve on, whether offensively or defensively.

4. Soccer's hazards
You can always get skinned on the ground and tumble over in soccer. In fact, there's an entire article talking about all the harms the game of soccer can bring within source [6]. There's also many, many fouls that can be commited. [7] On the other hand, Ping Pong could not possibly harm anyone. There is nothing in the game of Ping Pong to harm you. There are no such things as "fouls" within ping pong.

5. Ping pong's availibility
There are pretty much no soccer tournaments for old people. Surprisingly, old people can safely play ping pong. The video below shows old people being able to play ping pong.

And finally...

6. Soccer's need for people
Soccer is a team sport! You need 22, 23 people (including the referee) to play a former game of soccer! This is a lot! Even playing casually, you need to find the appropraite field for play and the goals. This is very annoying. On the other hand ping Pong needs a minimal small space for play. In fact, you could technically use any table not made of glass, and the net could simply be a long strand of paper taped to the table!!

And finally, I'm not sure how "rich countries beat poor countries" helps your in fact rebuts them since then soccer is just a test of richness, not a test of skill and endurance. As for "Extreme popularity", well, I just gotta say that Ping Pong is so darn popular it has its own national group [8]. Thus it is at the very least as popular as soccer.
In conclusion, ping pong is superior in many, many ways to soccer.

[3] Hodges, Larry (1993). Table Tennis: Steps to Success. Human Kinetics.


First, I misquoted the website. I meant to say "Poor countries can beat rich countries" as stated in the link provided.

My rebuttals:

"Ping Pong requires instantaneous strategical planning"
The goalie position in soccer takes the same instaneous planning to know where the ball will be kicked near the goal in orer to stop it.
The other players on the field also need to know where their team, and the opposing team is at all times in order to make precise passes, or get in a possible passing lane to gain control. Soccer takes the same, if not more, instantaneous strategic planning as Ping Pong.

" Ping Pong burns more calories"
According to Health Guide Info[1], "For an average 155 pound person, a casual 90 minute game burns about 740 calories, and for that same person, a competitive 90 minute game burns 1,056 calories".
If we were to count all 22 players involved for caloric burn, this would, on average (including goalie) still out weigh the caloric burn than two (or even 4) players in Ping Pong. Soccer, as whole and on average, burns more calories than Pong Pong.

"Ping Pong tricks"
Soccer has many tricks that require great ball handling. Double Touch, Skip Touch, Draig and Scissor, the Rainbow [2] are many tricks that can be done for leisure, or also to improve your ability to free of defenders mid play.
While corner kicks, volleys, and headers are all commonplace in most advanced soccer games, these still take tremendous skill to complete these tasks. Making soccer more advanced in its tricks than Ping Pong.

Soccer's hazards"
Soccer is a much more active game, played by more team internationally, with more players. There will always be more injuries in total than Ping Pong. I cannot argue this point. This however, does not make Ping Pong a better sport in any way, solely safer.

"Ping pong's availibility" and "Soccer's need for people"
All that is needed to play soccer is a ball ($25) and an area that can be designated as a goal. This can be played with any number os even people (usually over 6 to make the game more fun and competetive.)

Ping Pong requires a table, paddles, and a ping pong ball. Most tables will cost $100+. Making it difficult for everyone to play. Ping Pong is also limited to only being played on a Tennis Table, while soccer and be played in an alley, open field, or regulated field.

There are far more soccer tournaments than Ping Pong tournaments. While both are played in the Olympics, Soccer has its own nationwide tournament, the World Cup, which has far more viewers, far more tweets, and far more popularity among the general public than any Ping Pong tournament. [3]

Soccer is an overall more liked sport than Ping Pong, and thus can be considered as better, and possibly the best sport of all. Ping Pong does not rank among the best sports.

Debate Round No. 3


Last round. What a timely rebuttal!
More planning?
My point is, you have to watch your opponent(s) very carefully to see what kind of spin, if at all, they put on the ball, or where their weak spot is (corners, non-dominant hand, etc.). You usually don't see people spin balls in soccer, thus, this element does not exist within soccer.

More calories: *flips table*
Alrighty, I guess I have to concess this. However, this only helps my "older people" argument. Which my opponent completely failed to rebut. Which means that he agrees that old people can't play soccer, leading to my argument that ping pong is more availible to more kinds of people, which ultimately leads to the conclusion that ping pong is a superior sport.

Tricks: No. Nothing suggests that countering a spin or even checking a spin is easy, or extremely fast reaction, especially combined with quick flicks back and forth between the two opponents.

Ping pong is safer: well, you would rather play a sport that does not harm you rather than harming you...thus Ping pong is better because it can't harm you.
Cost of ping pong versus soccer: unfortunately, you are correct. However, the combination of professional sneakers and team uniforms can be quite costly. Sneakers: around $50.00. [1] Team uniform: assuming around $15. [2]
The combination costs can be quite a lot for the national olympics, especially since therere are so many soccer teams in the world. (Don't mention that the competition hoster has to buy some soccer balls for practice and all that) The combination of all of this can be more costly than ping pong.

Soccer being more popular? This is doubtable. Ping pong is world-wide famous with loads of tournaments in pretty much every country in the world.
USA: [3]
China: [4] (yes, I know you can't read it, the picture in the left corner should be quite clear what the rest of the page concerns)
Africa: [5]
Europe: [6] (just to show ping pong has more than one national group) [7]
Australia: [8]

I could name a bunch of more countries but I think I'd made my point.
In conclusion I have upheld the resolution and shown that Ping Pong is superior to soccer.
This was a fun debate. I urge everyone to vote PRO.



Last Rebuttal...Good Luck Pro....

There is spin put on a soccer ball. It is normally called a "bend". As the movie once stated "Bend it Like Beckham".
This was a reference the 'bending' the ball or curving its trajectory due to the spin on the ball to make it harder for goalies to defend,
This is an article about the physics of kicking the ball, and how hitting in certain points, normally off-center, allow increased spin and thus 'bend'

My opponent has a agreed soccer burns more calories.

However, he still argues that soccer is limiting the age group of participants, as older people may not be athletics enough to play. While this is correct, Ping Pong also limits by height. If you are not tall enough to see above the table, it would be extremely difficult to play. Meaning some younger people, as well as "short-people" could not play either.

I will not disagree. I assume it is extremely difficult to guess, or determine the spin that fast, without good eyes, and lots of practice. However, the tricks I listed in soccer are also very advanced, adding to the complexity soccer can bring to the....table. ( Lets all take a brief moment to appreciate that Pun....ok Thanks)

It is cheaper to play a pick up game of soccer, than it is a pickup game of Ping Pong.

Pro is correct however, tournaments, whether local or international do cost far more than a ping pong tournament.
My rebuttal to this: Soccer has a much higher revenue than ping pong, making it more profitable, outweighing the costs.

(Wikipedia list of Forbes Soccer Team Revenues:)'_list_of_the_most_valuable_football_clubs

While Ping Pong is popular in "much more" countries than Pro listed, FIFA has 209 countries under their Federation.

Planning - Even (both take extreme strategy)

Tricks - Even (both can involve high velocity and spin on the ball to beat their opponent)

Accessibility - Soccer (Age/height limitations for both sports, soccer is a cheaper pick up game)

Revenue- Soccer (cited)

Popularity - Soccer (cited)

Ping Pong is a great sport, but unfortunately fails to beat Soccer in any of the criteria listed in this debate.

Thank you for the Debate.
Please Vote Con!
Debate Round No. 4
21 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
well, I had way more sources than I needed to, just saying...
Posted by Domr 7 years ago
Sorry, IN MY OPINION, I do not feel the number of sources should dictate the result of a debate. I do not want to belittle your reasoning, just would like to clarify.
Posted by Domr 7 years ago
I appreciate you taking the time to read and vote on this debate. However I don't fully understand your RFD, if you could clarify...

First, What are your thoughts on popularity? As this was a discussed topic as well, yet you did not mention it in your RFD. This would be the 7th factor, that could swing the vote.

And my short people statement was a rebuttal to old people, not a new argument (as i stated) so this should be taken into consideration as well. Every sport has limitations of its competitors, therefore singling out old people in soccer is unfair, as ping pong has its limitations as well.

Also, the number of sources someone uses should not be a deciding factor of the debate.
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
nice vote Fuzzy. Sums this debate up quite well.
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
hmm...interesting final rebuttal. I think it may have worked on the voters, but I still think Ping Pong is the best sport. Spins are crucial to the game of ping pong, they can change the game, misdirect your opponent, speed up or slow down the pace of the game, and they're COOOL....
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
yup, he's not much of a top debater. He's not too bad though, for a guy who just joined the site.
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
god only after checking out this guy's profile did I realize he's a pretty-much noob. Hope I'm not too hard on him; I consider myself the appropriate "noob tester"--if you defeat me in a serious debate in which I tried, you aren't a noob, other wise you're a noob
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
hello? anyone? no one wants to take this?
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
3 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 3 records.
Vote Placed by bladerunner060 7 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Fundamentally, this was going to be a subjective debate. Better wasn't really defined well enough, I don't think, for a truly objective approach. There are specific "points", it's true, but neither side could possibly give a comprehensive view of the sports in the space provided, and what makes a given sport "better" is highly subjective. Con hurt his own case rather a lot by not reading the R1 rules sufficiently. Further, I thought one of the most compelling points was Pro's regarding accessibility-to-all. Con's points largely rested on soccer being more popular. Even if that's taken as a given, does that make the sport "better"? I'm not sure Con gave us a goo reason to think so. Prima facie, accessibility seems a decent metric to factor into a "better" determination, so arguments to Pro. As always, happy to clarify this RFD.
Vote Placed by doomswatter 7 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: I'll list the points each sport won. PP: Faster pacing, safer, fewer people required to have fun. Soccer: Burns more calories, playable in more areas and terrains, cost lower for pick-up and offset by profits for tournaments, more popular due to popularity among non-players. Tie: strategy, tricks, playability by different age groups. Final Score = PP:3 - Soccer:4 I'm always happy to clarify my RFD.
Vote Placed by FuzzyCatPotato 7 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Pro wins fast-paced. Con wins calories. Neither wins "tricks". Pro wins safety. Pro wins old people. Neither wins cost. Con wins popularity. Con wins economic value of sport. Neither wins poor-beat-the-rich-justice. The "inaccessibility to very short peopple" argument also applies to soccer, and it was a new argument in the last round. As such, arguments go 3:3. This debate was good. However, Pro wins for having a massive numerical advantage in sources.

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