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Pirates vs. Ninjas!

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Started: 3/31/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Pirates are so much better than ninjas and would win easily in a fight.
Here's my reasoning:

1- Pirates have way better weaponry. A gun and a sword are both more reliable than shuriken, some weird sharp pointy thing you throw from across the room. Pirates also have cannons and grenades to blow up the enemy and rip through ships.

2- Pirates are much more intimidating and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, whilst ninjas sneak up on their enemies and hide in the shadows like cowards.

3- Pirates are rich, ninjas are broke.

4- Pirates have way more fun on the job, and they get to drink and steal and kill at will, though they do have to follow the captain which keeps them in check at times. Ninjas are stiff and don't even get to drink.

5- Pirates have brute strength which would top a ninja at any time. Their impeccable aim with guns would wipe out the ninja before he even had the chance to strike.


Okay so for your first argument

1: Pirates Have Better Weaponry? The pirates sword is a (Typically) A carved blade meant for chopping meanwhil the Ninjas Katana can Slice, Chop, and kill nearly anything. The Katana is known for shredding through Samurai Armor which was nearly impenetrable. The Katana could slice through the pirates sword and gun in an instant. Not only that but the Ninjas have a form of grenade too. It's called a pepper bomb which is a clay balled filled with crushed peppers, pepepr sauce, pepper powder, and shards of glass meant for taking out their opponents line of sight. The pirates usually expect brute force so the ninjas Cunning and speed will throw them off. Ninjas don't have guns but they have a form of rocket launcher where they shoot a firework at their enemy.

2: Training to be a ninja 100 students who choose to train, 90 will die. This is not cowardice. And the point of the Ninja is an assassin. Which means they are meant for the shadows or sneak attacks but they don't need that. They are highly trained and skilled warriors. Also cannons are useless if they can't be aimed by the time you have a sword through your heart.

3: It doesn't matter who has more money. The pirates have no honor and steal it.

4: Actually Pirates drank Rum and most likely because of their ways have scurvy which makes them weak and unable to fight. Meanwhile after a successful battle ninjas celebrate by drinking Saki which is much stronger then rum.

5: Pirates actually don't have impeccable aiming their guns are like shotguns where it is a spreadshot making it nearly impossible to miss but Ninjas are trained to expect anything and would not allow the Pirate to see them. Before the pirates even know their there the ninjas will have already chopped off all their heads.
Debate Round No. 1



1- Pirates do in fact have better weaponry. They had way more diverse weaponry, and many many different types of swords, all with different strengths and functions. At first glance the pirate could easily shoot the ninja and kill it. Their armor was not bulletproof if they even had any, and it is nearly impossible for a katana to slice through a heavyset blade like a cutlass. You can slice, chop AND kill with almost any sword. You can chop, slice, and kill with a kitchen knife. Samurai armor wasn't even close to impenetrable, and they left their right arms almost uncovered so they could unsheathe their swords faster. The ninja's form of grenade filled with pepper products and glass would not kill. An explosive made of iron, gunpowder, and nails would be much more effective and powerful. Not all pirates used brute force, they had to be nimble to climb up ropes and quickly board ships in broadside combat. Cunning and speed can't do anything against a 720 mph bullet flying at your head. Finally, a rocket launcher is a long-range weapon which would be totally useless in a melee battle unless you planned on also annihilating yourself in the process.

2- If that fact is true, then how could feudal Japan have ninjas if they are so few and far between? Training to be a ninja seems like a suicide mission to me. You claim they don't need to hide in the shadows, but if a ninja lost its ability to hide and was left in an open field with a brutal, skilled warrior like a pirate, there's no way it could win. Especially not without a gun. A sword through the heart? The pirate has a sword as well, and a bigger one too.

3- Money was the base of society in the Georgian and feudal time periods. They stole it and became rich because they had the power and guts to do so. They rebelled against what they thought was wrong and stood up for what was right. They went by their own rules, and got rich as kings because of it.

4- Pirates did get scurvy, but this was a very rare occurrence. They used rum to celebrate. And why would a pirate with scurvy be launched into battle? That makes no sense. Also, according to UCLA's medical field, scurvy is caused by severe vitamin C deficiency, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with rum.

5- Pirates did have very good aim, in fact. They were trained vigorously and had a lot of experience with shooting and marauding. "Spreadshot" is not a word, but I think you mean the gun shoots multiple bullets at once in a large area. Their guns were NOTHING like that. Their guns were usually pistols and the occasional musket. A ninja would be seen by the pirate easily- they aren't blind. A black suit can't camouflage anywhere except in the dark, really. Finally, if a pirate knows he is being followed, he would have all arms ready, making it near impossible to have your head chopped off without any resistance.

Thanks for accepting to debate with me, by the way :)


1: In a fight pirates can't get ahold of all their weapons and the most common weapon for a pirate to use is their cutlass (Thanks for reminding me of what their called.) THe Ninjas had a light chain mail armor. Knights with the same chain mail armor can be hit by a long bow arrow point blank and walk away with minor bruises so calculating the power of a gun compared to a long bow the bullet would penetrate the armor but not go very deep, and no not all sword can chop slice and kill. THe cutlass is made for chopping. It can slice but it's specifically for chopping. THe Samurai armor was impenetrable (to weapons of their day and age) Arrows bounced off their armor making it even harder then heavy steel.. Their grenades aren't meant for killing their used for throwing in the eyes of their enemies. There is no recovering from that.

2: Because lots of people trained to be ninjas. THe ninjas were still few. It is a suicide mission but it is also a great honor. Without the shadows the ninja also has it's nearly unbeatable sword technique, it's glass and pepper bomb, or the kunai. The guns that the pirates carry Such as the musketoon, the musket, and the blunderbuss take forever to reload and before the pirate can load the gun the ninja can throw fifty kunai with inhuman accuracy. Before the pirate can aim and shoot the Ninja can throw three kunai. And one Kunai is enough to kill.

3: Pirates didn't stand up for what was right. Pirates pillaged innocent villages and raped women. Much like the vikings. They weren't honorable they were savages. You're thinking of Jack Sparrow at this point.

4: Scurvy was not a rare occurrence as most pirates got scurvy and didn't even know how to treat it, and I never said it had anything to do with rum I said pirates drank rum which isn't as strong a drink as Saki.

5: Actually in fact spread shot is a word. It's another term for what a shotgun does which is spraying bullets in a spread. Pirates never focused on speed so even if they had their weapons ready the Ninja can move fast enough to kill before the pirate knows and well.... THe pirate won't know it's being followed if it's a ninja, and fun fact... Ninjas only strike in the dark therefore darkness will be everywhere.

And no thank you for making it I love these kinds of debates
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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