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Japan is a Better Country to Live in than the US.


Do you think that Japan or the US would be more suitable to make your home in? If you think the US is the right choice, Think again. Japan is a country with rich culture, Low crime rates, And healthy citizens. Japan's culture is very relaxed and can lead to lowered stress. Japan has much lower crime rates than the US. According to macrotrends. Net 0. 26% out of 100k people committed crimes in Japan, While 4. 96% of 100k people committed crimes in the US in 2018. According to macrotrends. Net The...

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Updated 2 Months Ago

Is living in the country better than living in the city?


In my opinion, Living in the country is better than living in the city, For reasons such as the very strong contact with nature that is obtained in rural life, The possibility of producing part of your own food in an organic and healthy way in the country, And the tranquility out of the pollution and stress that is found in urban centers, Having a simpler life in the country, Without needing many things to live can provide great happiness, Another factor is that with the advancement of technolog...

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Updated 2 Months Ago

Living in the city is better than living in the country


Living in the city can be much better than living in the country nowadays, Considering the ample and easier access that people have to public policies offered by the government like schools, Hospitals, Infrastructure, Drinking water and sewerage network. Besides that, In the cities there are a lot of leisure activities so everyone can find the hobby they most identify with. Also, The jobs opportunities are also bigger and diverse,...

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Climate Change is a real issue


I propose that climate change is a fraud and that the people who support it are all frauds and charlatans. The science of human-caused climate change is faulty and full of misconceptions and bad science. There is proof that climate change is all fake news started by Obama & crew. Those people who listen to that scientist are a jew 1. Video evidence - The In-depth Story Behind A Climate Fraud. The 97% consensus fraud. 2. It's mathematically impossible and against the laws of physics that...

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Updated 7 Months Ago

Should Kids be sent all alone for long trips


We shouldn"t let kids go alone remember the old saying in each corner there is a surprise waiting. . . And that is the truth which many people DisAgree with but this is the fact and we have to agree with it! Now we all know about this generation, The person might look as if he or she is good and then what is going on in there brain and heart we seriously don"t know! That is true that kids should be independent but only after a age! If u are 8, 9 years and you"re thinking of travelling th...

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Updated 8 Months Ago

The government should stop funding space exploration


So, To begin the debate, Let us define the motion, The motion is: the government should stop funding space exploration. Notice that this does not say we should overall stop funding space exploration, Because, Yes, I know that space exploration is important to advance in technology. We just need to focus on our priorities, We have bigger problems, That we need to take care of, We need to tidy up the damages we"ve caused before making the government pay for space exploration. Now that we know...

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Updated 10 Months Ago

I am a person


no I am a robot ff...

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Updated 11 Months Ago

Biden may well be senile but even so he's a better choice than trump


Biden looks old, Often he looks tired and confused, I am very concerned about who will be picked Vice President, Because old Joe, I don't think he's gonna last 4 years. That Said, I would vote for a piece of fecal material floating in my toilet before i voted for Trump he's that bad, He's super bad. And I'm sure he's had sex with Astral Demons and gotten infected with inter galactic crabs. . Give me sleepy Joe any day...

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Updated 12 Months Ago

Private Island Is Better for Vacation or not


With regards to island get-ways, Two Crown puts forth an attempt for two incredible goals "Private Island in The Caribbean" and Private Island in Fiji for probably the most extravagant hideaways. This is nothing unexpected. Favored with flawless white sand seashores, Private islands, And rich marine life, Numerous hotels as of now have the ideal setting for incredible tropical island excursions....

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Updated 1 Year Ago

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