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Plasma TV is better than LED

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Started: 4/11/2011 Category: Technology
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hey mcgrif15, I did the setting wrong sorry, but lets try this debate again. You can just copy and past your argument again.

I will be taking the position on the side of the overall quality of the Plasma TV versus that of the LED TV.

I would like to just keep this a fun, not too serious debate, and I would also like my opponent to be well educated on the pros and cons of both televisions, and have somewhat of a background on the two types of televisions themselves.

First round will be used to show ones qualifications and any other information that might be relevant to the debate.

I worked at the electronic store, Circuit City for two years selling televisions before the company was closed down. I was then moved over to Best Buy where I have since been for about two years as well. All the while I have been selling televisions, and I know for the most part all the pros and cons for both types of TVs, and have seen many changes for both.

I thank my opponent for accepting this debate, and hope to have a fun, and a great learning experience for the both us us.


Thank you for posting this debate, I am horned to be a part of your first debate. I hope to have fun as well. I messed up with my last case, so I will redo it.

for my qualifications: I have looked into both types of TVs for buying one. I had never bought a nice TV before so I was naive to purchase a Plasma screen. I realized after I purchased this TV that I wish I would not have purchased a plasma screen.
the reason I purchased a plasma screen TV was because it cost less, because in the resolution "better" is defined as something of superior quality or excellence ( cost should not be used as a offensive argument in this debate because cost can not improve the quality of a object.
Debate Round No. 1


First I would like to start by commenting on what you said about the resolution. You are correct about the screen resolution of a plasma screen TV. It has a standard of 600Hz verses the standard 120Hz of an LED screen.

Secondly I would like to say that the Plasma screen, like many people say, has a bad reflection when watching it in a bright room. This was the case for the original model Plasma TVs. If one were to buy any recent/new model Plasma, say one from Panasonic or Samsung, these TVs come standard with the reduced screen glare panels that virtually eliminate the glare problem, which I might add is the most common complaint.

Third we will talk about the "burn in" issue that many people like to bring up when trying to promote an LED TV over a Plasma. Again this was an enormous problem with the original Plasma TVs just as the glare factor was a problem. The newer Plasma TVs made by Panasonic for example, which I might add, makes the BEST Plasma on the market, are being made to control the heat issues, so this burn in issue is virtually impossible to occur. The older model Plasma TVs got extremely hot, very quickly, which was attributed to the burn in effect. Once the manufactures got the heat problem under control, the other issue followed suit. The only way to really get the burn in effect with a modern Plasma TV would to leave the same image on screen for around 48 hours. Now I dont know about you, but I for one would never leave my TV on, and paused on image for that matter, for that amount of time. And even if it does get a burned in image, the Plasma TVs come now with what is called a whitewash technology, and this gets rid of the burned image on the TV.

Fourth and finally comes the colors of the TV. This is the most important factor of the two TVs. One would argue for the LED because of the bright and vivid colors that it can produce, and beautiful images seen on screen. But I will like to say that with the new Plasma TVs they also come with the new Infinite Black Technology, which gives the viewer the darkest blacks possible on a TV today. What this means is that if you can produce the most dynamic blacks in TV, then the rest of the colors of the spectrum will follow suit as well. If you look at the color spectrum, white and black make up all the other colors on earth. So if one can produce the most accurate blacks, and whites, then one gets the most accurate colors on earth. Therefore the new Plasma TVs have more real to life, and true colors than an LED TV can ever produce. But if one would like to see the too bright of colors that the LED TV produces, the Plasma TV also comes with a vivid color setting which will give one the big, bright color effects of an LED, but with the clarity, and the most true to life colors of the Plasma combined.

So as one can see, the very few problems that the Plasma TV faces, come nowhere near the pluses that the TV come with.

So as you can see, the Plasma TVs problems of the past are just that, problems of the past.


I apologize I am running short on time, so my argument will be brief
first of all allow me to state that my opponents entire case was a defense of the plasma, showing how the problems with plasma are fixed and how they can be just as good as led TV's. in order two win he needs to post offensive argument because we are arguing weather plasma TVs are better not as good as Plasma screens. he had no offensive points other that the plasma screens have infinite black technology but PC world said "The latest LED backlight technology allows the television to individually control backlight segments. This technology allows for contrast ratios similar to those produced by plasma television panels" I understand this is a definitive argument but it proves the amount of black in the TV is similar.
I offer only two points
1 the LED screens consume less power. PC world says "Energy-efficient backlighting allows LED televisions to have energy consumption of up to 40 percent less than LCD televisions and significantly less than a plasma screen." the article previously says "In a year of use this means the power bill for running a plasma will be 50 per cent higher than an equivalent LCD panel." using deductive reasoning the two quotes show that when you have a LED screen compared to a plasma screen you will be saving a extreme amount of electricity.
2. LED screens have a longer lifespan the backight bulb in a LED screen lasts around 100,000 hours as opposed two the plasma's 60,000 that is almost twice the amount of lifespan a plasma. also, plasma's break easily. by simply tipping a plasma TV on its side, it brakes, LED will not break over something so small.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent makes a great point about the fact the the LED has less energy use, but that is all I might add.
My opponent seems to think that my statements were used as a defensive maneuver for the case of the Plasma TV, but let me say this as clearly as possible. The Plasma TV has far great colors than that of the LED BECAUSE of the amazing blacks that the TV can produce. And in accordance to your statement about the LED being able to activate individual segments of the back-lit LED screen; this is a plus for the LED TV alone, this does no good when comparing the two TVs to show which is better based off of features that both TVs have. I have stated all things that both TVs come equipped with, but that the Plasma TVs have the better equipment of the two. So in the case of the Plasma with the infinite black, that just means both TVs can produce great blacks, yet that of the Plasma's are better, more true blacks, therefore all the colors themselves will show up to be vivid, and true to life.

And to your statement about the Plasma TV having only 60,000 hours compared to the LED having 100,000 hours; this is a false statement, because all the TVs whether it be Plasma or LED both have an estimated 100,000 hour lifespan. This is a fact tested by Panasonic and Samsung Plasma TV makers. And Samsung who makes both excellent Plasmas and LEDs have given the TVs EQUAL lifespans of 100,000 hours. As well as Panasonic who so happens to make the TOP Plasma on the market.

I would like to thank my opponent for the great debate and hope that you people will see the true specifications of the Plasma TV versus the LED.


First of all allow me to restate my quote "The latest LED backlight technology allows the television to individually control backlight segments. This technology allows for contrast ratios similar to those produced by plasma television panels" my opponent states that this does not compare the two however it does by saying "This technology allows for contrast ratios similar to those produced by plasma television panels". my opponent is saying how this is not an argument on his infinite black technology, however it is because he is talking about blacker black makes all the other collars more visible, this is contrast he is talking about. the definition of contrast is: the ratio of the lightest to the darkest part of the television screen image. (definition from there for his only offensive argument for the plasma screen falls because in my quote said contrast ratios are the similar for both televisions. my opponent seems to think that I said his statements were a defense maneuver, I was not I said they were defensive arguments and to win a debate you need offensive arguments.
let me tell you what I mean
defensive argument: argument disproving a offensive point showing that your side is the same as the other side
offensive argument: a argument proving that your side is better than the other side. these are needed to win.
my opponent acknowledges my first point of energy efficiency, said it is great, and no longer mentions anything about it so it still stands.
my opponent doubts the facts I bring up about lifespan of the two TVs, my source ( is reliable therefore my second point on lifespan stands.

You should vote for me in this debate because on my opponents only offensive argument I proved color contrast is equivalent in both TV's out of my two offensive arguments one stands untouched and the other was attacked only on a doubt of evidence witched I showed, was reliable. therefore, because I am the only one to prove a way that my side is better than the other side and not equal to it you should vote for me.

I thank my opponent for this great debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Manjaro 7 years ago
Yeah how nonprofessional... :)
Posted by mcgrif15 7 years ago
my apologies for misspelling words such as honored
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