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Plastic surgery is not worth it

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Started: 4/14/2017 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Why is plastic surgery necessary? And I'm not talking about the most extreme of cases where the face is melting off. I'm talking about a person with decent looks that wants to make their nose smaller or eyes bigger or chin sharper. There is no benefit to plastic surgery and will only create more problems in the future


I do believe plastic surgery is worth it. Saying that, there a a large amount of variables that present itself when asking this question, making the answer different, relative to the person you are asking, and as well as the person getting the plastic surgery.

If you where to buy a bike for a couple grand, and you don't even ride bikes, it was would not be worth it. For me, said bike would be, since I would use it frequently and would've benefit from the higher quality of the bike. Same way of thinking can be applied to the question you are asking. From person to person, a certain thing they buy is worth it or not worth it. For plastic surgery, maybe you think it is a waste of money, others might not. For people who want to improve their looks, or sexual organs and are willing to spend money on doing such things, it might be worth it.

I will refute your other claims later on, for I don't want to spend all my Ammo in one argument.
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Posted by AutisticSquirrel 3 years ago
One reason plastic surgery can be worth it is in cases where facial deformities can make things like breathing and speech difficult
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