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Started: 5/27/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Ding ding dell,
Little Johnny got stuck in a well,
Fat cat ate a rat,
Little Johnny chased that cat,
and that lil' fat cat tricked lil' Johnny,
and pushed 'em down a well!
So sad and so bad,
For Lil Johnny,
Crying and sobbing
"Where is my mommy?" Cried he

Ding ding dell
Old farmer bob found lil johnny
In that well.
Old farmer Bob said "Hey!"
"What ya doing in dat well, it sure must be like hell!"
Ding ding dell,
Johnny fell in a well.

The fat cat sobbed and said sorry,
because he put a kid in a well,
ding ding dell, Lil johnny in the well.

Fat cat ate a rat,
Little Johnny chased that cat,
and that lil' fat cat tricked lil' Johnny,
and pushed 'em down a well!

Johnnys Mommy said "youre a bad boy!"
Johnny said "Oi oi! Mother mother I dont want a spanking"
Mommy said "Hoy hoy! Little Johnny, no spankies."
But Mommy was crazy,
she took out a shotgun and boom went the cat
the fat cat went boom,
and got turned into a hat,
perfect for those snobby aristocrats!

Ding ding dell
Little Johnny outta the well,
Hes so happy,
and started snapping
and dancing
and ding ding dell
Everyone away from the well!!


I already made this poem for someone else but I'll just put it in here anyways because I like it:
Jesus this, Moses that
Abraham hit me with a whiffle-ball bat
Hibbity Jibbity, bibbity swibbity
this nonsense makes my brain all flippity
I truly believe that all these debates
Are not worth the trouble for all the stress it creates
But I'm stuck in an endless cycle of stupid
and I can't escape; my mind's been polluted
Please save me; I'm in a sea of immature freaks
And I've only been on this site for a couple of weeks...
I've wasted my time, debating 60-year-old children
One of them claiming he's a die-hard Christian

Jesus this, Moses that
Abraham hit me with a wiffle-ball bat
Hibbity jibbity, bibbity swibbity
@FollowerofChrist1955 has no debating ability
Any pinch of peace and any trace of tranquility
Has been destroyed with his lack of civility
Any ounce of sanity or dash of nobility
Has been long gone because of his mental "stability"
Oh, you think I'm done? I'm just getting started
You see, @Follower doesn't have me outsmarted
He's thinks he's so wise, so amazing, so great
We'll see what God thinks when he's at heaven's gate
I'm eager to see his response to this poem; I can't wait!
He'll look ridiculous when his facts aren't straight
In all honesty, these arguments are mentally draining
But @Follower 's response is always entertaining

Jesus this, Moses that
Abraham hit me with a whiffle ball bat
Hibbity jibbity, bibbity swibbity
@Follower has no credibility
He'll respond with anger because of his ego's fragility
But I'm okay with that; it's his disability
Debate Round No. 1



nice poem little 32dopnmoi32nnido32


here I go..........


Looks like 32doni 32dino 32 encountered a die hard chrisitan,
and of course da christian be hissing and hissin'
about da god up in the sky...
some poeople wonder,
where do we go when we die?

Do we go to hell or do we jump in a well?
Thats what happened to lil' johnny,
cried for his mommy in dat well.
Or maybe we go to heaven, and meet
god at heavens gates,
but who knows,
nobody except the man in the sky,
can decide our random fate!

Looks like man called abraham,
whacked ya with a bat.
knocked off your hat, hitting dat fat cat,
and then he pushed you down a well.
cried and cried, thought ya going to die,
until dat die hard christian
starting hissin and hissin and hissin,
screaming in ya face,
yelling "hey! Hey! hey!"
"Pray to the lord!"
"Or die at the edge of my sword!"
"For I am a crusader to obtain the holy grail,"
"And make everyone hail! Hail!"
"Hail to the king you shall"

And with that, the die hard christian,
went hissin and hissin on call of duty,
saying "Hey! I slapped yo muddas booty"
A little immature child,
saying random crap that I dont know...

Immature people on,
nobody can save them except the lord!
These immature children scream and kick,
and hit the elders. Hit Hit Hit!
What shall we do,
when is infested with evil screaming children??
Oh, lord, I do not know,
but please help us!
The kids come quick like rain,
quick to yell out words of pain,
nothing to do except go through it,
because those evil children shall hit! hit! hit!
and yell out words like sh*t! sh*t! sh*t!

Oh no, what to do, except crawl in a well,
and cry and cry, hoping for the evil immature children of hell,
to pass by.


Also subsrcibe to my youtbue channedl for giveaway of dat fre vbux

and troblox givecards.


Little 5'4 dopnmoi will be ready to give poems at any time. He's actually my imaginary twin who's the exact same height as me but just has a different name.

This little doni argued with a Christian
This little doni has won
This little doni gave precision
*The smaller opponent gave none

Though I am a Christian, through and through
The 60-year-old child still decided to argue
I have no time for such a waste of space
So hopefully someone would take my place
Wouldn't it be nice if someone did that?
But, then again, who would want to argue with such a dirty rat?
@Follower is complete entertainment
Who really needs to be put into social containment
For the sake of my poor brain, my logic, my sanity
Someone needs to save me from this ignorant man"s vanity
I swear, I"m going to simply go crazy
Because my opponents arguments are just so lazy

I gave it my best; I gave it my all
But it only turned into a huge verbal brawl
In the Bible, he"s exactly Saul
Except without change, ego infinitely tall

I gave it my all; I gave it my best
But it seems that this is just a useless quest
The 60-year-old child is making me stressed
Almost as if he"s some anger-management test

In conclusion I have a question for you:
Which one of us is the worse of the two?
(Between me and @FollowerofChrist1955)

*Whenever I say "opponent" I mean @FollowerofChrist1955 , not the one I am currently debating
Debate Round No. 2


Oh My, Oh my,
Sorry for such the late poem reply!

Oh my, oh my,
still arguing with the die hard christian!
Stop arguing!! You might die...
This lil christian keeps hissin and hissin,
there is no point to argue with a little kid
because his only mission,
is to keep hissin and hissin,
but he still keeps missin and missin...

But anyway, enough of religion,
lets move on to pooping pigeons.
hahahah, yes, very funny.
lets eat that fluffy bunny.
Help me, help me,
I think im going cray-zee!



Arguing isn't my occupation
But I wonder why I've been giving so much dedication
I give people facts, but they use no information
And only argue about God and creation
This guy is a disease to our nation
Born from science; a complete mutation
He has completely ruined all my concentration
With all his babbling about humans and the "lost" population

Though I countered with sass
He's still a complete pain in the a$$
All of his arguments are one huge wreck
His only purpose being a pain in the neck
I don't know why I'm still writing about him
But I guess it's simply based on your argument's whim
I don't know what to do other than write
about @FollowerofChrist1955 and all of his spite

Ready for round four?
It'll be a mild verbal war
An absolute bore
But I have ideas in store

I don't know how to end this
But @Follower 's arguments I dismiss
My poems have been absolute piss
Of my attempts to give a halfway-decent "diss"

Sorry it's almost 1 a.m. and I'm tired as heck
I also apologize for my bad language; I'll keep that in check
Debate Round No. 3


Hello, hello!
I am back, after such a long hiatus indeed.
A poem you likely need,
for this is a poem battle!

My poems seem to be getting shorter and shorter,
maybe because I am getting bored and bored...

Why, oh why!
Can't I just go home,
because just wow, I'm getting tired of these poems.
But no, I cannot.
For I agreed to do this poem,
and I must stay in this boring old room,
a dark room indeed,
and write, write, write,
and type, type, type,
until I die, die, die.

Now now, dont fret!
No, no, I wont drop dead.
I will keep writing and typing,
'till I get of old age,
and hopefully this poem battle
shall be done,
and I, yes I!
shall be the one, who has won!

In my room I shall be,
drinking heaps and heaps of coffee,
tossing papers into the trash,
since my poems aren't the best!
Stay awake I shall,
even if it feels like hell...

and Good luck!
For my poem,
is finally done...
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 4
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 5
4 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 4 records.
Posted by noobdebatr123 3 years ago
Eh, it"s fine.
Posted by 32doni32nido32 3 years ago
Hey sorry about forfeiting round #4! I was camping and the place had no wifi and no cell phone service (I couldn't set up a personal hot spot on my computer). I will be doing the last round, though!
Posted by noobdebatr123 3 years ago
ayyyyyyyy lmao look it da raciset boiiiiiiiiiii
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
This is riduculous
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