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Poem Debate

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Started: 1/14/2016 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I know poetry is key,
for others besides me,
Like a fire it does burn,
In hearts who wish to learn.

I usually have rules,
So all the ignorant fools,
Will not make stupid claims,
There are quite a list of names.

So I am open to discuss,
Anything to cause a fuss,
In this debate I wish to see,
Someone as good as me.


I am excited to do a poem debate,
Pro claims be in the poem king state.
I'll happily challenge this master
I hope to him lay down, like wall plaster.
Debate Round No. 1


The first round wasn't acceptance,
If you noticed that wasn't stated,
Now you need a repentance,
For now I have you checkmated.

But I will let this slide,
For you I can see inside,
Like a snake you are a liar,
Your rhymes don't light the fire.

I wish that you really knew,
Wish that you could see,
But thoughts you have so few,
You don't hold a candle to me.

I Know I'm very old school,
You seem to be the fool,
Tripping on rocks and stool,
While coming from your mouth is drool.

Please don't take this as the whole truth,
I know not from this world everything,
Know that I am just still in my youth,
But still some truth I still do bring.

If you notice I have a rhyme scheme,
It shoots through the dark like a beam,
If you try to copy I'll know,
You are not worthy to be called my foe.

You think you know better,
So you dare challenged me, the best,
I'm dashing as an Irish Setter,
You are just a little pest.

Let's see if you can beat this friend,
Oh wait you dislike when I send,
Friend requests without good reason,
I won't honor that, it's treason.

You really made a mistake,
The image you made is fake,
Be careful with the choices you make,
In my fire I'll see that you bake.


Well, to start, I'm sorry,
about my mistake
But you also made one,
assuming you're so great.

Insulting me right and left,
even in the middle.
It's like I'm Sleeping Beauty,
and you're stabbing me with your spindle.

I guess it a good thing,
Because your failing really stings
You claimed to be the king
But I don't see any bling.

So, I'm a snake, you say?
Well I'll bite you till May.
My poisons words will be in your veins
My choice of words are your bane.

Old education, it must've seen from the South
'Cause I didn't realize back then, they such a dirty mouth.
They made their remarks: intelligent, keen, witty
But your jokes are nothing but corny.

Now you've been a bad boy,
So come here to learn your lesson.
You need to learn to be coy
For your skills have been lessen.

Time for some for schooling,
Because no one you're fooling
You need to know right from wrong
Sadly, this will long.

Being polite is so easy
that teaching them is cheesy.
Like cover your mouth when your sneezy
Go to the toilet when your queasy.

Say please and thank you, don't be lazy.
If you are it'll drive crazy.
The choice is clear not hazy
Not like your rhyme, which are mazey.

We're done for today
Keep your homework at bay
Study before down you lay
This is good advice, I say.

Now I hand the debate mike back to Pro
What he'll rhyme, only he knows.
Debate Round No. 2


Well what do you know?
Replied did my foe,
A mistake he made so,
To come back at me bro.

Hello it is I,
The monster inside,
Everybody's dreams,
And delicious ice-creams,

I never go down,
Unless it's downtown,
Where your mother does lay,
where I make her my bae.

Yes insult you I do,
What I say it is true,
You do it too,
Don't say you never knew.

It's hard to remember a time when I actually failed,
Except to save Jesus from the cross when he was nailed,
Or the time when I should have shot that bloody assassin,
When at JFK a bullet went blastin,

No I can't say that I never did fail,
But when it comes to rhyming I always prevail.
You will eventually be seeing my bling,
Just remember you don't really own anything.

Yes a snake is what you are,
And in actuality, May isn't too far,
You really should now learn to spell,
Because your grammar is now down in hel.

No actually my education is in Canada,
The land of the free for my ma and my pa,
A child of the warriors is who I am,
All that you know is how to cook Spam.

If your word choice made sense,
It would help a whole bunch,
I mean some offense,
They are just "out to lunch".

My skills are all better,
I told you already,
I'm the Irish Setter,
Your like bad spaghetti.

If anyone needs some schooling it is you,
You don't even know which side of a cow goes "moo!"
You think it's the back
This makes sense to me,
Because out of 'your' mouth only comes crap and pee.

Yes polite is very easy,
Too easy for me,
I'd rather tell the truth,
I don't try to sooth.

Like, "blow your nose somewhere away!"
"Don't touch your food before we pray!"
"Elbows off the table right now!"
Chew with your mouth closed, don't eat like a cow!"

Done we are far from it,
I have done more,
You've done jack,,,
That's from what your mouth does pour.

Study ya right,
You can if you's like,
For your in a plight,
Like sand to a bike.

Yes I am a pro,
Thank you a lot,
There's something you know,
Unlike this plot.

SO in conclusion,
To my turn in this round,
Cons reply is an illusion,
I'll knock it to the ground.


Honor, have you heard of the word?
It why I don't like to surrender.
From challenge, I don't fly away like a bird.
Of this crime, you are not a first offender.

You are becoming nonsensical
In debates, it's not ethical.
Your sanity, I'm skeptical.
Your food contains what chemicals?

Wow, now you're getting dirty.
What's next? You'll give me the birdie?
You raised the rating to PG-13
Close your mouth now before it's NC-17.

My problem is that you're not clever
The insults are just spewed out.
It's as if you have a insult lever.
Insults, insults, that's all you ever shout.

I don't own anything? Sounds like a hippie.
Do you go "Peace out, homies?" In Mississippi?
Your bling I eagerly wait to see
'Cause I think it's about as true as what you said about me!

Tell, Officer, where did I err?
It's you, in fact, who spells like a bear.
Snakes are sly, so I now a trick or two.
What' that behind you?

Liar, liar, pants on fire.
Canadians can't be so impolite.
No spam in the fridge is what they consider dire.
They can't be a fighting knight.

Enough of this Irish claim
Have you even stepped on Irish dirt grain?
I've been there, driven down their lane
You for their legacy is one big stain.

You need Soap in the mouth to make it clean.
You have to stop talking about the spleen.
No more 'If you know what I mean
Listen to what I said, don't be a drama queen.
Remember, make your insults keen.
Debate Round No. 3


Love for your neighbor is like a fresh cut rose,
It won't last long unless it's enclosed,
Embraced is better word for it,
I know you won't embrace, so I do what I see fit.

So I'l keep up the assault,
You know your at fault,
For starting with "Like wall plaster"
Making me feel like less a master.

I feel like throwing punches,
A little rambunctious,
After a bite and some munches,
At some delicious lunches....

Ok now I'm ready,
Let's keep this up steady,
I'll throw you out of the ring,
Then you'll see the bling.

A flower,
Has more power,
But you are kinda sour,
So I'll give you an hour.

Before you get KO'd,
Return to you abode,
For worthy you are not,
You amount to snot.

You tell me to stop,
I heard this last round,
But then you go over the top,
Try to make a big sound,

Then you tell me keep it up,
After acting like a pup,
Tiny and afraid,
Is this a mistake that you made?

So okay I did return,
There's some things you need to learn,
Point's for me to earn,
but first I should discern,

What exactly are you saying?
With spell like a bear?
I think word you are just sprayin,
With hardly any care.

Canadian yes I'm sorry...jk
Because what I say is truth ,eh?
Spam I know nothing about,
Politeness I can't be without.

But I say what I say,
Know what I know,
Pay what I pay,
Go where I go.

I believe Irish spring brought your last topic,
But like I always say and you cannot stop it,
I'm the one to get her,
I said this already,
I'm the Irish setter...
Your like bad spaghetti.

In conclusion, is what I usually say,
Cause I know this is where more attention will pay,
I would stop the insults but you said you want more,
Let's see what you say in the following round four.


Rami forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


I dislike severely when someone forfeits without stating,
Because I expect my opponents to always be debating,
Although most of us have busy lives,
We all need to realize,
We have to set some time aside.

So I extend my arguments until a later date,
Against my better judgment I choose to wait.
I also wish to see why you broke your stride,
So let's see what you say in the following round five.


To start, please forgive my passive action.
I simply forgot, vacation was a distraction.
I'll finish up this debate, oh man, it was tough.
All these rhymes have made the debate stuffed.

Embrace? Do you mean hug?
I don't want to squash a bug.
There's no desire that gives such a tug
At least I could cover your body with a rug.

Wow, so that was a hit to your ego?
You have just reached a new low.
Ill admit, I'm not perfect either.
But at least I'm not a greedy miser.

Whoa, we got a cannibal here!
He's drinking blood like it's beer!
Then he talks about bling outside the ring
That makes as much sense as a string tied to nothing!

A flower versus you, that isn't a fair fight.
I don't want you to get bruised.
I hope you later see the light.
For right now, you're confused.

The loudest sound I'm making is typing,
The supposed noise I'm making, about which you're griping.
If I were you, I wouldn't be proud.

I made a mistake? Where?
Too late, this is that last debate.
You should've pointed it out over there.
Now that point is in an invalid state.

Here is your list of mistakes in the part.
It's not 'with', pluralize 'words'
The 'spraying' needs an apostrophe, you fart.
I wish you could redo, but it's gone like a bird.

Insult after insult, lie after lie.
With so many sins, you don't want to die.
When you say you're polite, I want to cry.
That's a loose end, you forgot to tie.

Wait, Irish setter is a dog?
My bad, I feel like I fell of a log.
But your sources are memes, so they aren't credible.
It sounds as true as a computer that's edible.

Some sources I need, without one I'll sin.
So I'll be a little sly with the interpretation.
In voting, more reliable sources win.
It doesn't say it has to be relevant, that's my evil creation.

I now end this debate;
this is the last rhyme.
My opponent I don't hate.
But I want to win this time.
Debate Round No. 5
29 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Briannj17 2 years ago
Never mind I'm back in the mood,
For making these rhymes are my favorite food,
And I'll eat until I bust,
Realize you must,
That this is a part of me,
You will not always see.
Posted by Briannj17 2 years ago
Yes. Post your concluding argument for round five. But I do not want to have another poem debate. I'm Just not in the mood anymore.
Posted by Rami 2 years ago
Would you like to continue this?
Posted by Rami 2 years ago
Sorry for the forfeit. I had winter vacation on Thursday.
Posted by OnlineMissionary197 2 years ago
Intense this is,
I might say
But the winner
is not today.

I follow through with all the do's
to see the jokes and insults, of them who knew
The battle continues ,to wait and see
the hero with villain at bending knee...
Posted by Rami 2 years ago
I cannot do contractions. Autocorrect always has a say in what I actually meant.
Posted by Briannj17 2 years ago
Lol I like that line where you say I spell like a bear and yet you spelled two words wrong in that line.
Posted by Briannj17 2 years ago
I mean it could be viewed as both. Rap or poetry. I don't rap to music. I only say it like a speech. I
Posted by Rami 2 years ago
Well, I've felt that there is a thin line between rapping and poems.
Posted by Briannj17 2 years ago
Except on your door. ;-p
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Vote Placed by FlammableX 2 years ago
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Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:00 
Reasons for voting decision: All rhymes were of excellent quality from both sides. Although con forfeited, he still apologized with very intricate lyrics. Therefore, the whole debate is tied.