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Poem about a 10 year-old girlfriend

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Started: 7/30/2018 Category: Economics
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Poem about a girlfriend

If I had a 10 year-old girlfriend
I would never let her go
I would keep her in the basement
Like a dirty little hoe
I would teach her to suck a dick
Like the little slut she is
I would have sex with her every day
I would have sex with her every night
She would be my girlfriend
and I would own her
I wouldn't let other men have her
I would be inside her, Inside my girlfriend
I know I am a selfish demon, A fiend
But that's just who I am
And even if what I do is wrong
It will not stop me, I will not stop
Because I always believe that
What I do is right, I am always right
Even when I am wrong, I am right
That is because I like to have fun


I would argue that you don't have the balls to do that, Because statistically, The vast majority of provocative posts like this are trolls.
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