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Poem about abortion

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Started: 7/30/2018 Category: Economics
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Poem about abortion

I broke up with my girlfriend
Because she had an abortion
I was only with her so I could fu. Ck the baby
But now the baby is killed before it was alive
And I am not even allowed to fu. Ck it
She is allowed to kill it
but I am not allowed to fu. Ck it
I may be a pedophile
But you are the monsters

You killed a perfectly fine baby
The baby I could have fu. Cked
Is now gone forever
That baby will never taste a penis
That baby will never have orgasm
And it's all because of you

I get hard when thinking about the baby
The baby that I would have fu. Cked
If you didn't decide to kill it
You killed it and stopped me
From fu. Cking the baby
But the loser is still you
I will find another baby to fu. Ck
And this time, You will not stop me


Abortion is legal.
Abortion should be legal, Thank god it is.
When a female is raped, Or protection doesn't work, She may have a baby.
Lets say that female is poor and homeless. How would she care for her baby? In america, Healthcare costs money. How would she pay to have the baby in a hospital, Treat the baby if the baby has a serious condition. If abortion wasn't legal, This mother would have to suffer and the baby could die in pain and so could the mother. But, If the mother found an abortion clinic, She could get rid of the baby in her womb, And the baby wouldn't die in pain. The baby doesn't have nerves yet when you abort, So when a mother gets an abortion, The baby can't feel anything. And the mother could survive, Find food, Without having to deal with the problems in pregnancy.
I've seen your account. You are disgusting.
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