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Poem about rape victims

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Started: 7/30/2018 Category: Economics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Poem about rape victims

You complain about how your life was hard
How you were f*ucked in the a*ss by your dad
You don't ask whether I care or not
when I say I don't, You call me crazy,

I am not crazy
My mother had me tested
I am glad you were molested
I don't care about the pain you felt,
Because greater pain is being in jail,
You don't care about your dad,
So why would I care about you.

You didn't feel pain when your dad was arrested
So I am glad you were molested
You deserved it, You gave permit
You were a bad girl and you knew it

You say you were innocent
And your innocence was taken from you
But I say it was never there
You loved to share
You were a whore from the start
And your father just took advantage of that
because he was smart


Honestly, What is a poet doing on a website like this. Actually, I'm not even sure these things you've been posting can be considered as poems.

So do us all a favor, Big huge one. If you have all the energy in the world to criticize rape victims and molest little children, Surely you must have sufficient energy to get some help.
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Posted by Jhhillman 3 years ago
Jesus that is horrible. Pedophile, Leave. Now.
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