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Started: 4/9/2014 Category: Arts
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Ok. this is the 2nd annual poem debate. For this My opponent and I will make poems for the 3 topics



And Love.

Now the first round is acceptance. So I hope you accept my debate DauntlessWarrior


i accept your debate.
thank you for this opportunity and i look forward to this debate with you
Debate Round No. 1



Pain has ruled my life
Telling me what to do
Turning my world to a blight

Until I saw her face
Her beautiful face
She was like an angel
Who gave me grace

My hope has been like a flower
Every day, every month
It has been gaining power

She made my hope soar
She made it fly like an eagle
and she gave me my roar

But when I see her smile
my heart beats fast
And then like a bullet.
I felt no more vile

So like the feet of an antelope
Thanks to her,
her eyes, her hair, her smile.
She gives me hope


Looks like i have to take note,
from my opponent's piece on hope,
Now i present my piece , if i might.
Here is, entitled , "Fight".


Left, right. Left, right,
I am going to fight.
I am gonna make it out alive,
And win this war tonight.

The voices in my head,
You don't know what they've said.
Break me down, tear me apart,
Then just leave me in the dark.

Tonight i will, tonight i'm sure ,
When they enter through the door,
I'll be ready to fight ,
I will win this fight tonight

I won that fight,
The one last night.
In time i shall win the war,
A hole in my hope, no one shall bore.

By: Risha
Debate Round No. 2


Now time for despair. Here is my poem BLOOD IS MY TEARS

Pain is my sadness, rage, and fears,
But despite all of that
Blood is my Tears.

It"s like a parasite that comes from below,
Though, people can"t see it
It"s there I know.

I want to scream, I want to rant,
I just want to,
But I just can"t

I Sometimes I think of the worse,
that if not contained
could become a hell on earth

I feel really alone in the dark
So shivering cold
So dark and so deaf
That I can"t hear my own thoughts

It comes in many forms, death and despair,
it will play tricks on the mind,
It will pretend to be your friend
But it will harm you like a bear

So I said it once as I fear
But just remember this
Forevermore, until the end of time, end of life
No matter what happens,
Blood is my Tears.


Here's "Too Late"

Too Late

Yet again, another time,
She fakes a smile, says "I'm fine".
Trying to hide,
The demons inside.

They've broken her down, torn her apart,
Her marks are a new kind of art.
How long again? she doesn't know,
She puts on a smile for the show.

To be fine to everyone, she pretends.
But her razor is her best friend.
Always there when in need,
It sets her free, makes her bleed.

Her life is full of darkness and despair,
It is not the end she fears.
She wants to escape her life,
As it's full of darkness, despair and lies.

She tries so hard, yes she does.
To ignore all the buzz.
People talking about her,
When will it go away?, this stormy weather.

One day, she says, one day for sure,
When they walk through that door.
She'll be done, she'll be finished,
Cause her life, its then diminished.

Ashes to dust, dust to ashes,
Maybe now they'd notice her wet eyelashes.
They now wish they could change her fate,
But now , i afraid, it's far too late

Debate Round No. 3



By Brian Nagle

For a long time

I thought I would never know love

until I found her,

And my heart became like a dove.

Her hair, oh her hair

Is a beautiful brownish blonde

With it this angel

Just pulls me along

Her eyes, oh her eyes.

A beautiful color Brown

Every time I look into them

They spin me around and around.

Her face, oh her face

As pale as the moon

Every time I see them

It makes me want to swoon.

Her lips, oh her lips

A magnificent red

When I see them

I have happy thoughts in my head

I wish I could tell her

I wish I could

But I am afraid

of the Rejection I can get from her.

I still have hope

With a strong feeling thats for sure.

No matter what,

I love her.


Upon my face there is a frown,
Because this is our last round.

Here is, "Maybe"

I'm supposed to full this page with love,
With words so pure as though from a dove.
But how can I write something,
That i've never been in ?

I do not know if love is real,
But I do know how i feel.
When I look into his eyes of gray,
I seem to forget the rainy days.

His smile is warm like a summer's day,
When he speaks, he takes my breath away.
The words dance off his tongue,
Fills the spaces between us among.

Soft as silk looks his hair,
Any other color I can not bare.
He is tall, that's the best,
So I can rest my head of his chest.

One day i'll approach him, but not today,
Now i'll stand my distance and i will pray.
That one day if I persist,
Maybe he'll know that i exist.

Debate Round No. 4
5 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 5 records.
Posted by DauntlessWarrior 7 years ago
im not to sure how my poems on love and hope will come out though
Posted by Historydude15 7 years ago
your welcome
Posted by DauntlessWarrior 7 years ago
okay, thanks
Posted by Historydude15 7 years ago
Just post poems about your feelings, of hope, despair, and love.
Posted by DauntlessWarrior 7 years ago
can you give me the guidelines and tell me what exactly would we be doing ?
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