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Poetry Debate

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Started: 3/19/2014 Category: Arts
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Ok what this debate is about; Well you ( the opponent) will write a piece of poetry on whatever your heart desires, then in the other rounds both the aff and neg will critique each others poetry. YOU CANNOT FORFEIT IN ANY WAY!! This will be five rounds long so the first round will be just about acceptance. So I hope that someone will accept this debate, And just to be clear I will not go easy. But Good luck. And let the 1st annual Historydude15 Poetry Debate begin. And by any topic I mean any topic, this does not have to be a certain topic.


Okay I guess what my poem is about is up for interpretation here goes my poem is called Tick,Tick,Tick:
People hate it
People blame it

"We need more time"
They pray
"Too much time"
They say

Goes too fast
It'll never last

Maybe we should enjoy it, it won't last long
Time, time, blink and it is gone

I know it's not the best poem but comment, see what you think!
Debate Round No. 1


This is a poem I wrote titled " Her"

For a long time
I thought I would never know love
until I found her,
And my heart became like a dove.

Her hair, oh her hair
Is a beautiful brownish blonde
With it this angel
Just pulls me along

Her eyes, oh her eyes.
A beautiful color Brown
Every time I look into them
They spin me around and around.

Her face, oh her face
As pale as the moon
Every time I see them
It makes me want to swoon.

Her lips, oh her lips
A magnificent red
When I see them
I have happy thoughts in my head

I wish I could tell her
I wish I could
But I am afraid
of the Rejection I can get from her.

I still have hope
With a strong feeling thats for sure.
No matter what,
I love her.


So I am meant to say what's wrong with this? Okay, but before I start I say if this poem is about a real person, then go for it, give her the poem or if you're too scared slip it into her locker or something I know if a guy gave me this I would love it! Take no offence by this criticism, the poem is really good!
1. This poem does not have a strict rhyme scheme- it rhymes in some places but doesn't in other's.
2. How can you compare your heart to a dove? To me, that does not make sense.
3. Comparing her to an angel can be seen as blasphemous to religious people.
4. Why does "brown" and "rejection" have capitals?

That's all for now, your turn!
Debate Round No. 2


First off; Yes it is about a real person, and Yes I am scared to tell her. Because I have tried to get a girlfriend with many girls and they all said " No" Anyway I wrote this poem with this kind of rhyme scheme, because I felt that the first and the last sentence of each stanza should rhyme. Well I compare my heart to a dove because A dove represents peace, and so My heart is at peace when I think of her. Well When I call her an angel that means to me she is beautiful as an angel, I don't mean it to be blasphemous, and if people are offended by that, I am sorry, but this is just to compare with her, because Angels are said to be beautiful so that is why I am comparing her to an angel. And for brown and rejection having capitals I think that was an accident. I will have to change that later. Any way for you poem.

First of all your rhyme scheme is good, Until the final stanza.
2nd what was your inspiration, because every poem has to have an inspiration.
3rd. of all I don't see why you added the Tick...tick...tick in there.

It is your turn for this debate


Who cares if you get rejected, everyone does! What if she is the one and you never will know will you?
Anyway for the response to my poem:
1. The point in the final stanza is it is not meant to rhyme, so it stands out to the reader as an important point.
2. My inspiration for this poem is that I am fed up with people blaming time for all their problems and, ultimately, that is what the poem is about.
3. It repetitive so the reader can know that there isn't much time left, I don't want to sound cliche but we're only on this Earth once and we need to enjoy as much of it as we can, not wasting time complaining about how there isn't enough time.

What now? Do I still criticize your poem???
Debate Round No. 3


First off. Yes you do still criticize my poem. Second off thank you for that advice, but I want to wait a little bit just to know her better. now back to your poem and the defences you made.

1. Could you please tell me why the final stanza is meant to stand out?
2nd off. Why would anyone blame time. Could you give me a ratio of how many people blame time.
3rd. What you said for your 3rd point you could of just easily say YOLO. Anyway, You are not sounding cliche, but you could of have added another stanza saying how we do not have much time left.

So your turn. And anyway like I said You still criticize my poem like it was a debate round.


So first answers to my poem:
1. The first thing you picked out that the final stanza does not rhyme, I think that stood out to you unless I am mistaken? The final stanza makes the point that it isn't time's fault and we could be the problem wasting time complaining about it.
2. Are you telling me that you never heard a person say "I want more time"? I would say 20 out of 30 children in my class have said that before.
3. That was the whole point of the poem plus I din't have enough time to complete the poem, do you see what I'm trying to say?
And you're poem:
1. This might be personal but how old are you? I doubt you would have had much experience with love.
2. have you ever seen an angel before? I didn't think so, so how could you compare her to one?
3. I still don't understand the rhyme scheme you said you wanted the first and last sentence of each stanza to rhyme but they don't..
Debate Round No. 4


Ok first off your poem

Time is something that always changes ( I.E. Daylight savings time) , so people are bound to complain about it.
I have heard people say that, and I hear some people warning me that time will go by fast. And people are bound to use their own opinion so if they blame time then let them. That is their problem.

Next off I dont see what you are trying to say. sorry.

Then my poem
2nd. I have not seen an angel but with what I gather. Angels are beautiful so That is why I am comparing her to an angel
Well the rhyme scheme is the one thing that sometimes people see confusing because poets have their own taste in rhyme schemes so we might not be able to interpret each others rhyme scheme.

So I cant wait to see what you put for the final round. And good job in this debate


So answers to my poem:
1. Exactly, what my poem is about is that I am tired of people blaming time for their problems and that they should just enjoy it while it lasts. Maybe they don't realize how much time they waste but when they read my poem. they will.
2. Basically the whole poem is about how time is running out and there isn't enough time so the poem is shortened this is also why the final stanza ha three line unlike the others which have four.

Now your poem:
1. It is true that poems have different rhyme schemes but isn't the whole point of a poem to be able to interpret it?
2. How are you so sure angles are beautiful? Also you are only 15, slightly older than Romeo was at the time of finding his "true love" Juliet and what happened to him? In my opinion, you are much too young to know the definition of love, let alone be in it.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Historydude15 7 years ago
The winner is decided based on
The attacks
If the person your voting is true to their attacks
If a person drops anything or forfeits then they lose unless if it is round one.
Any other questions I will be happy to answer them
Posted by Pfalcon1318 7 years ago
I'm trying to figure out how voters will determine the winner.... It can't be based on which poem is "better" because the word "better" implies subjectivity....

Even the word "critique" leaves room for interpretation... How would you determine a winner.
Posted by oculus_de_logica 7 years ago
you're going to have to be a lot more specific than that.
Posted by oculus_de_logica 7 years ago
you're going to have to be a lot more specific than that.
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Vote Placed by Geogeer 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: This is subjective and will be based only on the poems and not on the following commentary and critique. The meter and rhyme of Con's poem was excellent and I could actually hear it in my head. Pro's was less refined and did not flow as well. Good luck with the girl.

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