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Poetry battle: Truth_seeker vs. LogicalLunatic

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Started: 8/8/2014 Category: Arts
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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bring in your best poetry that's already been written

first round acceptance


I accept. Post your first poem, Truth Seeker.
Debate Round No. 1


First one is called "cry of the righteous "

"Why are my people grieving as if they are stuck in a strange land, as with no Temple?
"Why are my people waiting in isolation where these magnificent buildings proudly stand?
Where are the consecrated Temple walls and halls of sacred beauty?
We are being struck down, as the grip of Hellenization grows ever stronger
Our brothers and sisters suffer under the weight of carrying the name of our God
in their hearts in the face of a superior civilization

We fight to preserve the Word of the Lord, wage a war as we ride against tyranny
where the idols of self-ambitious men strongly stand to consume the world in Greek philosophy
But, our will to fight for our God is ever stronger for it is empowered by his Spirit
How much more must our prophets be put in shackles?
How much more shall we allow ourselves to be mocked as our pastors are bribed by silver and gold?

I will lift up my eyes to the hills of Zion, where my king of kings dwells among the nations
In the face of adversity and blasphemy
I will raise my sword in battle to wage war just as Israel did in the ancient of days
against those who seek to devour my soul in an all-consuming darkness
The Temple of Jerusalem lays in ruins as mockers say "Where is your God?"
"Where is the greatness, the monuments of your people?"
The heathen turn and forget God, Their ears become deaf and dumb,
their mouths become void of fruitfulness and full of deceit
agony, arrogance, slandering the name of the almighty

I long to see Babylon, the treacherous, the abominable, and detestable
The harlot who had defiled the world in her iniquities and crimes against humanity
I am ever so more eager to once more dwell in the heavenly realms where Jerusalem is restored
Where my soul finally lays down in rest beneath the glory of the holy one of Israel "


The secondary black gold, with a lustrous shine
The Satanical influence which looks oh so fine
Coffee leaves you devastated with every sip
Every limb of yours will be torn off rip by rip
It drags you to the pit of Hell and doesn't let go
It shows you every single thing that Hell has to show
It makes you it's slave and your bondage is complete
It strips away each last ounce of your humanity
It leaves behind a wasteland where life was once lush
Your hair it will fall out and your brain will be mush
Your thoughts will dwell only upon a frappucino
And over time your utter addiction will only grow
First you'll drink a "harmless" one cup a day
My friend, I guarantee you it will not stay that way
Soon you will be drinking three cups to stay awake
But your appetite no quantity will ever slake
A dead man walking's what you are when you are enslaved
You'll think no good, only evil 'cause you're so depraved
The ultimate price is what you'll one day pay
So take my advice and from coffee stay away
Debate Round No. 2


"God made man from the dust of the ground, formed him into the image of his son
A physical being with a spirit, a soul, newness of life breathed forth into being
Light flowing from the essence of the father and his son into a man he called his son
As the father and son dwelled together in the house before creation
Flourishing, still flourishing, creation continues it's existence

A commandment given to keep with the hearts of man to establish God's paradise
A simple decision to receive life through the eternal tree in the midst would suffice
Although man had failed in his mission to cultivate his beauty in this blessed life
The father still ever so kindly, graciously hands down his destiny of redemption
A life of prosperity and eternal reward through the seed of the woman to come
Who would crush the head of the serpent, be exalted, and receive the crowns of glory
He would breath into the lungs of man

So let us forgive others our sins as Jesus forgave us of our own
A high priest grieved, carrying the weight of our deathly sting, took it upon himself
Being carried away as a lamb to the altar to be slaughtered in obedience to God's will
The image of God, destroying all other false idols, the only one, the king of Israel
The one who would breathe into the nostrils of fallen ones new life

Lay down vain sacrifices, put away the knife, the sword, let all tears be wiped away
Put on joy, shouts of joy, smiles of peace, let us be washed clean with Jesus blood
As his glory will one day overflow this desolated world

Father to his son, mother to her daughter, husbands to their wives, speak truth and life into existence
Let the news that Jesus is alive forevermore to restore us into the paradise
One day, God will rebirth the world as all death, sickness, and imperfections will be wiped
As his glory comes down and his son becomes the only light when the stars, sun, and moon fade
When the New Jerusalem descends and God makes his habitation with men

There will no longer be any struggles with each other, no more rich or poor, strong or weak
as we will all be the same under one God.."


He's your next door neighbor who sometimes treats you to dinner
He's the nice guy who makes every kid feel like a winner
He's the one who drives your son's school bus every day
He's the one who invites you to barbecues in May
On the surface this guy's nicer than a teddy bear
He seems to have a moral sense these days quite rare
But he's got a secret which he keeps till he dies
His lifelong facade is just a pocket full of lies
Tommy is a pedophile just ask the girls and boys
Their innocence is something which he targets and destroys
He's in the minority which he keeps under wrap
He's got a secret basement which is not on a map
Tommy is a pedophile that he can't deny
Tommy's mere presence makes the little boys and girls cry
His laptop's got some photos that would make you quake with rage
More illicit than Mary Jane, pure evil with every image
But this "little" secret you don't know because Tommy's so kind
Surely such a gentle guy could never have such a sick mind...
Debate Round No. 3


This one is called "Demoralization obliterated"

"I'm a being, festering beneath a world I've engineered with my own mind
The mechanical organism I've created within carnality has birthed a rebirth of corruption
The regurgitation of human wickedness forever manifesting itself once more
I am a being without a need for food or water
but a drive to survive, to thrive, to find my perfection with absolute divinity

Have i become a man or the sum of what you feared me to be?
Have you become the savior of humanity or just a figment created by me?

I stand sinking within a nirvana of insensibility, emotions wearing thin
I'm surging inside an inner-struggle..the forces birthed from the origin of the cosmos
There seems to be no way to escape the illusion of the contorted self
Humanity has become the product of it's own devices as it seeks to be God
I am a being who has yet to fall into the flesh-consuming process of the ever-evolving machine
Confusion stirs my mind, vanity runs through my veins, my soul has become numb
This demoralization has too found it's way within the seat of consciousness
An infusion of self-will and that prototype that we all seem to know as man

Still decaying into a state of the unknown
My body has finally met it's realization of mortality
it's hunger for the new artificial and inhuman metamorphosis
My soul has at last met found the truth to break away from this reincarnation
As this demoralization of good and evil seems to heal

I am a being who has been made the predestined pure whole

I am a being, i am one..."


Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
Tommy's house was raided in the middle of the night!
Extra! Extra! Shout it! Shout it!
He's in the County Courthouse 'cause his secret saw the light!
Oh the horror, what a shocker!
The kids they talked and none were shy!
News that'll knock you off your rocker!
Those anatomically correct dolls don't lie!
Oh this court is now in session!
Tommy's in hot water and there's no escape this time!
The prosecutor names each transgression!
Thirty nine counts of child rape, crime after crime after crime after crime!
But oh Tommy's got one crafty lawyer.
He's got a case that might keep his client's head above.
Bit more clever than Tom Sawyer.
Appealing to the Fundamental Right to Love.
"My client's got an interesting orientation."
"It's in his nature to be attracted to prepubescents."
And so he says in his altercation.
"So what if they're not quite adolescents?"
"The straights get to love so why are you hating?"
"Fair is fair, love is love, let him know bliss."
The judge was dismayed at this berating.
He asked the opposition why such a thing shouldn't be dismissed.
Pastor Bartlet stood right then and talked into the mike.
"Such an appeal, first so harmless, is used to justify deviance."
"But love's not an entitlement, that's the defendant's first strike."
"It's a privilege that you mustn't abuse, not some kind of convenience."
"Let's take driving for example; there's no right to drive a car!"
"It's a privilege which can be given or revoked."
"It is very possible to take freedom too far."
"In which case such a 'right' to drive a car can't be evoked."
And guilty was the judge's ruling.
Now Tommy's serving time and being raped.
Tolerance of deviance must never be a 'cool' thing.
Decisions like these are how our nation's future's shaped.
Debate Round No. 4
8 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 8 records.
Posted by LogicalLunatic 7 years ago
If I knew that one was allowed to use THAT free verse, then I would've had an easier time.
Posted by Truth_seeker 7 years ago
lol ok
Posted by LogicalLunatic 7 years ago
I've written 1 out of 3 poems. I'll probably complete all three before the challenge expires.
Posted by Truth_seeker 7 years ago
Posted by LogicalLunatic 7 years ago
How does that sound?
Posted by LogicalLunatic 7 years ago
I don't have all that many pre-prepared poems at all. But I'll tell you what: I'll go think of some poems and then I'll accept your debate.
Posted by Truth_seeker 7 years ago
Posted by LogicalLunatic 7 years ago
"poetry that's already been written". Does that mean it has to have been written before the beginning of this debate?
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