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Started: 3/26/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round is acceptance and welcome yourself aboard our train of awesomeness!

Second round we begin,we write about something negative- grief, death or sadness.

Third round, we continue along, in which in which surrealism is our theme.

Then we move on to dealing with something-anything with society.

For the last round, is a farewell,

To all our voters and readers as well.

Remember though, these poems must be yours.

If they aren't original, you'll consider yourself forfetied ... and a lost cause.

Good luck my friend Risha and cheers to the beginning of a fun debate!

May our rounds be awesome and never forfeited or late!

Main rules: No dialect. Must be original pieces.

Please judge on: rhyming, if it makes sense and most importantly- which ever floats your boat!


Upon the train of awesomeness i now am,
On my way to familiar land.
Where poetry encompasses all,
Welcome everyone, one and all.

I must say thank you mate,
For creating this epicly, awesome, majestic debate.
It's almost as awesome as you,
And your poems are truly you.

Here round 1 I'm accepting,
Round 2 may be quite depressing.
Round 3 is surrealism i hear,
Round 4, society beware.
The finale shall be our farewell,
In all i hope this debate goes well.

My pieces they shall be,
Written directly from the heart of me.
No round we shall flee,
Best of luck i wish thee.
Debate Round No. 1


Here's Beep

By me,


The flashes of light

The susurrus and bangs of sound

The gush of a liquid, red, blood.

The blood-curling scream of agony

The smell of rotting death

Echoing throughout, the last, long breath

The grunts of pain

The flickering eyelids

The soft, “I’m sorry. He’s not going to make it.”

The sobbing of parents

Of the long gone

As they lay him down,

Safe and sound,

Under almost everything,

In the ground.

He takes one last look as they leave him,

Alone in his blanket of dirt, asleep.

He holds firmly to Death, not wanting, not able, to weep.

The tears shed, as the lights came back on

The final bows

To deafening applause

A statement to all the people:

“Trying to get over loss

There is no family, where at least one person hasn't’t died
and gone.

“They haven’t left forever

You’ll see them again one day.

Just like he and Death reunited with them all on stage.”

A beginning must always have an end.

And ironically, life always goes on

Even when one has gone.

You can’t prevent it

One day, you’re sure to leave

So fitting then it is to end this poem with “Beeeeep.”

By: Annie

I now hand over to my talented opponent
Who's got a full closet of armour to her aid
I hope I did good, or else my ego might need a band-aid.


First blood my opponent has drawn,
with her tale of grief-filled song.
This round is full of pain,
here's my piece entitled "In Vein".

In Vein

She sits alone, in her room
Curtains pulled, she awaits her doom
Because she realize
It is life she despise

She walks alone through the halls,
Trying to ignore the names she's called.
They're jeering, taunting, laughing-trying,
Do they know, inside she's dying?

Alone to home she strides again,
Wondering when it will finally end.
Praying it would come soon,
She'll cause it, she says, her own doom.

White tiles splattered with crimson stains,
This, her final attempt to dispose of pain.
One more cut, she says, just one more,
Into the darkness she was lured.

Ashes to ashes. dust to dust,
There was no one she could trust.
To carry her burden, share her pain,
Her attempt to live, was all in vain.

By: Risha

I look forward to round 3,
Where surrealism is the theme.
Let your imagination come to life,
For in this my opponent strives.
Debate Round No. 2


Dreams seem by Annie

I close my eyes

And dream away

Mimicking the sighs,

I sway.

Through happy endings

And fields of blue-grey

The princess sings

Happy, joyful and gay

Through smiles and laughter

And colourful dresses

Friendly banters

My heart caresses.

Dinosaurs and unicorns run about

Ready to give anyone a ride

Since it’s fun to be out

Instead of wasting away inside.

Everyone holds hands

And banters together as one

There’s no lying or backbiting

No cruelty or corruption.

And then I yawn

And rise from my sleep

After the break of dawn

Curling me back into reality

I guess it’s true

Everything’s better in a dream

I can now see, can you?

That nothing is ever as it seems…


DauntlessWarrior is an awesome poet,

I honestly don’t know how she does that.

Her work is just so great

It had me working on this night and day…



I'm not to familiar with surrealism .. but I tried anyway.

Impending Danger

The branches dance to a mysterious tune,
Canopies of leaves foretell impending doom.
The wind's tune continues to play,
It's the countdown, day by day.
The surrender of leaves keep count,
The voice of the stems whispers, no doubt

Suddenly, they bow down to the master,
It is here the impended danger.
The lonely one strolls down the path,
The trunks whisper as he pass.
Gossip about his great wrath,
How long would HE last?

He then approaches and all are free,
All his subjects bow down to thee.
His mighty hand raises-he is great,
All is quiet, they await their fate.
He is the Immortelle tree,
Standing there majestically.
He rustles, "Prepare for the enemy,
for they bring great misery.

It is the carnival of misery,
the festival of foes.
They will come,
and they will go.

Who can survive this catastrophe?
Can he?
The the mighty, majestic,
Immortelle tree?

by: Risha

Surrealism has come to an end,
Did u comprehend ?
Next we deal with society,
This may benefit both you and me.
To my opponent I wish the best,
In this time of duress.

BOO! XD hi Annie
Debate Round No. 3


First time trying this rhyming scheme

So please try to bear with me…


People are everywhere,
Happy, lost, sad and even scared,
Scavenging the earth,
Wanting the truth to be un-earthed.

Some people are Barbies and dolls,
Wanting to perfect their outer walls.

They don a mask to hide their true side

Living under their reality, a lie.

Some people are gazelles and deer,

Just wondering here and there,

With innocent doe eyes

And genuine laughs and smiles.

Some people are foxes and vixens

Hungry to take what they can;

Slashing apart the naïve and innocent

For they are repelled by their ignorance.

Some people are lizards,

Crawling the wards,

Flies on the walls,

Ready to report to anyone

People hide behind masks

Instead of bask-ing

In their identity

With glory

People follow whatever others do

To be part of a crew

Indoctrinating themselves in convention

Instead of recognizing they’re one in a million

People are strange

And do crazy things

At the end of the day,

Who are you in society’s plague?

Are you, you?

Or are you, me?

Am I you?

Or am I, who I am and want to be?


On to our last round,

So sad...

A farewell was bound

To come though it makes us feel bad...


Here we discuss society,
Influential it is to you and me,
Ignite your spark
Here is "Mark"

Today it seems to me,
Society isn't what it's supposed to be;
Letting one express himself freely,
Instead it discriminates brutally.

If original expression, out is slipped,
It's soon clasped in society's firm, iron grip.
Because whenever there's a spark,
It's soon diminished by society's bloody mark.

Trying to be yourself is long gone,
In society's game, one is just a pawn.
Waiting to be played, in society's next move,
Conformation to this must be proved.

Alienation results as failure to comply,
And they wonder why at night we cry ?
Bringing us down in every way,
Of course! someone must pay.

Don't listen to this, don't be fooled,
Or this may just be your doom.
Fail to comply,
You will soar, you shall fly.

False expressions, let them be flipped,
Break free from society's grip.
It's not strong, you are ample,
By society, you shan't to be trampled.

Be the one with that spark,
Refuse to be stained with its bloody mark.
Only you can free yourself from this prison,
Many have tried, they have risen.

Make society what its supposed to be,
Not what others think and see.
Use your spark,
Upon society, make your mark.

sorry, it's kinda long.
Debate Round No. 4



The tears well in my eyes

This is what I despise

I hate to say goodbye.

I look at you this last time

I feel like my blood’s become lime.

You’ve committed the perfect crime:

You stole my heart.

It’s lodged in my throat

I feel like I am going to choke.

My eyes burn and suddenly

I can’t breathe,

Much less see.

I can’t control it now

I want to stop but don’t know how.

How? Please help me. How?

My vision is blurred

My shoulders rack with sobs

But I want to see you for the last time so I want it to

I hear a whimper

And know you’re a goner

I squeeze my eyes shut not wanting this to be how we remember.

You hold me closer to your warm chest

And leave me there for a while to rest

But everything has an end- the worst things and the best.

You pull away and I shake my head

But no! You go ahead

Trying to get away from me after all we’ve said.

Our eyes meet and I can see the despair

You don’t want to leave! I try to convince myself it’s fear

But your blank eyes tell me you’re not here; don’t care.

Our fingers slip apart

And I feel you move away

I start to scream and bang my hands against everywhere again
and again.

Don’t leave me. Don’t go please.

How I love you so,

My Evangeline…

Wait for me.

It’s only goodbye for now

Our love will remain with each other strong.

One day we’ll prove everyone wrong

But before they can say goodbye or apologize,

We’ll both be gone.


Farewell DW and voters

I hope you enjoyed our poems.

This was indeed cool and fun.

It’s unfortunate it is almost done.

I hand over the floor to Risha

Who’ll now leave you speechless.

Thanks to everyone for your support and advice.

I hope my last poem was better and nice.



The great finale, the final farewell
It is here, i can tell
This debate was awesome, i shan't lie
Here's my final piece entitled "Goodbye?"


We've been through so much together,
But not everything lasts forever.
Conquering stormy weather we've done,
But now our faith, it is gone.

Because every beginning has an end,
Everyone has once lost a friend.
Through these times we tend to fear,
As our thoughts, our minds become impaired.

We keep the ones who are dear,
Close to us when dark times are near.
But what can we do ?
When the choice is a double lose.

My dear one has come to say goodbye,
But without I can no longer fly.
I see you stride through the door,
No, without you, i can not soar.

As the words leave your mouth,
I want to scream, I want to shout.
We need each other, no doubt,
I need to know what you're thinking about.

You begin to leave, you turn to stride,
Unconsciously I am t your side.
Waterfalls stream down my face,
I explain, with this choice, neither can win this race.

As we embrace, the future we seek,
Then you, yourself begin to speak;
We've gone through so much together,
We shall conquer this stormy weather.

They say every beginning has an end,
But to prevent it, one must fend.
I have fended, now i can fly,
Because i refused to say goodbye.



The end is here,
This is what i feared.
However i must say,
This was an awesome debate.

I'd like to thank Annie for creating this,
Not a detail did she miss.
She tried so hard, she did her best,
This was no easy contest.

Round 1 we accepted and started the race,
Round 2 sorrow was in play.
Round 3 was surrealism, i feared,
Round 4 upon society was glared.
Round 5 was the curtain call,
I'd like to thank Annie, the readers and all.
For this debate was one of the best,
I'm sure no other can contest.

thank you
Debate Round No. 5
8 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 8 records.
Posted by Krieg01 7 years ago
Sorry for the mistake on my vote!
Posted by ESocialBookworm 7 years ago
Grabs you and breaks down too... Oh wait! I can't because i am not going to see you until a month from now! *slams head repeatedly into anything nearby while crying and throwing things around the room.
Posted by DauntlessWarrior 7 years ago
*breaks down into uncontrollable sobs *
Posted by ESocialBookworm 7 years ago
Beautiful Risha!
Posted by DauntlessWarrior 7 years ago
.. i don't like goodbyes... :'( already had goodbyes yesterday :*(
Posted by BlackSpartan16 7 years ago
This is quite an interesting battle
The significance makes my mind rattle.
The instigator may seem to be confuse,
But surely the contender will not lose.
Posted by ESocialBookworm 7 years ago
Posted by DauntlessWarrior 7 years ago
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Vote Placed by wildcat101 7 years ago
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Agreed with after the debate:-Vote Checkmark-0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: DauntlessWarrior wins this hands down. Sorry Pro, but your opponent got some hot rhymes
Vote Placed by Krieg01 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: I loved the Poetry both sides put forward but I believe that DauntlessWarrior made better poems but nonetheless bothe sides did very well.

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