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Pokemon vs. Digimon, what's better?

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Started: 5/20/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Personally I think Pok"mon is better than digimon, I've played pokemon since the day I could walk, and I have some backup to all you digimon fanboys...

People say Pokemon's anime has no morals, if you've seen the movies, The Return of Mewtwo is about Eqality, and Arceus and The Jewel of Life is about forgiveness and how the harshest rage can be soothed by forgiveness.

Next point: The logic. If pokemon was to become real, it would be more realistic than digimon, because e.g. Charmander is a fire lizard, it's evolution, Carmeleon, is also a fire lizard, and have really creative names too! Cuz of char (as in fire) and Mander (as in Salamander). So point proven, pokemon themselves are way cooler, like, who COULDN'T LOVE MEGA CHARIZARD!? Plus, in Digimon, how can a fluffy ball evolve or 'Digimorph' into a fire lizard? Face the logic

Next Topic: Pok"mon vs. Digimon. If te world's strongest pokemon (Arceus) and the world's strongest digimon (Chronomon (I think)) were to battle, Arceus can change its type to deflect attacks and hs Judgemet attack can rain death upon all Digimon. HE CREATED THE F**KING WORLD FOR PETE'S SAKE! And Dialga & Palkia, the protectors of time and space, How awesome!

Next Topic: DIGIMON IS DEAD! Digimon's story has ended. But pokemon still lives with new stories and problems all over the different regions, and Nintendo are one of the most popular companies in gaming in the WORLD!! More than double the number of Digimon's fans LOVE NINTENDO, if you agree, leave a comment


Let me just say that I personally prefer pokemon to digimon, but I am debating this nonetheless.

So first, my rebuttals.

1) Morals in Pokemon

My opponent has not proven that pokemon is better than digimon with this point, but has refuted a point I have not given. However, a point that can possibly be inferred is that pokemon has morals, and is therefore better than digimon. I shall not address the movies, as they are the minority, and also involve legnedary pokemon, extempt from rules regarding normal pokemon. Pokemon's main premise is on capturing living beings into tiny balls, and making them fight other living beings. One episode of Pokemon has the trainers feel the pain the pokemon feel.* To my knowledge, it is not made clear how they are captured, as there are many theories. My own would be the transmission of the pokemon into data as we know from the PCs, making pokeballs round thumbdrives. Back on topic, however, the digimon catching in the games involves scanning them for their data. A living being is never hurt, and it is even possible to flee after scanning a digimon. This is in contrast to the treatment of Pokemon.

Pokemon are forced into aforementioned balls against their will, seeing as Pikachu is likely a rare exception to the rule. Often, they are trapped inside computers as data. The condition of the pokemon within the balls and the computer is unknown, but each possible scenario is even worse. We know there is limited space within the PC, so it the cheery environmental images could be a facade, and the pokemon are trapped in small cages. Seeing as the background can be changed at will, this cannot be too far off the mark. Or they could be simply suspended in time, and snap back to reality once released. I would describe this as cruel treatment for sure. These pokemon who could be living free in the wild are instead trapped forever, to either wait out their eternal lives as data, or to compete in painful dogfights.
*Source :

My opponent says that the evolution of pokemon is more logical. However, I would like to bring up several other cases. For one, ghost type pokemon are illogical. However, since some people do believe in ghosts, I will move on to other cases.

Kadabra's description in Pokemon Emerald and FireRed says that a boy had transformed into this pokemon. Notably in Emerald, it says that he turned into Kadabra within the span of a night.** This also melds into my first rebuttal. Kadabra, a pokemon which was once a human, is used in these battles. The knowledge of Kadabra's origins is easily accessible by the trainer, which leads me to two conclusions. The first states that people know, but willingly ignore it, unwilling to research a cure, or to even take pity on the poor creatures. The second would be that this "extrasensory research" was conducted by the very professor who gave you the Pokedex, and he only gives it to a few people, hoping they will not notice. So deep is his crime, that he even tells the professors in other that it simply happened at night. Note that if they treated Kadabras nicely, he could be a better Bill, using their either 5000 IQ points as Alakazam, or a still enormous number as Kadabra to create amazing machines. Instead, the race is so scared that they train their Abras to teleport away at first sight of a trainer. To repeat, you corner the young of a previously ostracized and tortured boy, prevent him from escaping, and then commit those atrocities I have stated in point 1.

However, some cases of these evolution make are not cruel, but simply illogical. I bring up Vanillite***. While evolution helps animals to become better at survival, Vanillite becomes more delicious as it evolves, and providing more ice cream for others simply makes it more worth the effort to chase down. It is like the consumption of slowpoke tails, but less ethical as it involves more death. Animals may involve to provide things for another species, but usually, like in the case of house animals, it does not involve their own death.

While there are other examples, I feel I am drifting away from the main topic, so I shall state why digimon is more logical. Digimon are all comprised of data alone. While tampering with the pokemon may well be dangerous, the digimon can transform easily, given that their personality and intelligence can be extracted. Thus, data transforming from one form to another, then given physical shape, is more logical.

2.5)Coolness and creativity
These are sub-points my opponent brought up which are un-related to the originally stated point. He argues firstly that pokemon are more cool. I dismiss this point, seeing it as subjective, given that both franchises have changes in colour schemes, such as Chronomon's destroyer and holy modes, as well as the nature of high level creatures to have to look cool.

For creativity, I argue that all pokemon were made as portmanteaus of two other words, which does not require much creativity. Digimon may reference its own title with every sentence, but pokemon cannot come up with things for pokemon to say beyond their own name, or segments thereof. (I will admit that the Squirtle Squad excels in both these categories, but are rarely seen, and not enough evidence for this debate)

With this topic, I am going to adopt another, slightly more unorthodox argument. Arceus is capable of many things, but is incapable of preventing his capture by mankind's invention, the Master Ball. All digimon were created by mankind, so they can be excused, but if any god came to Earth, and could not break handcuffs, I'd be... less than impressed.

4)Digimon is not running
I would argue that digimon no longer running is better for it in the long run. Pokemon constantly moves the same character to different locales, bringing in new characters (so many girls) at their whim. All the pokemon he caught in his time were likely stored in the PC to rot. Nintendo's new games have been met with some raised brows, and overall, I think this is one horse it's time to stop whipping.

With that, I end my opening argument.
Debate Round No. 1


Pokemon_Fanboy47 forfeited this round.


Since my opponent has forfeited, I cannot respond.
Debate Round No. 2


Pokemon_Fanboy47 forfeited this round.


See above.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Blade-of-Truth 7 years ago
Pokemon all dayyyyy
Posted by Teemo 7 years ago
digimon is still running, however the have to keep discontinuing the series and making a new one because the anime is so bad that they get no ratings at all. The pokemon anime sucks to, but it's still better which explain why it's been going for decades, because people still love it. Digimon is lame.
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct - Pro. Con forfeited R 2 & 3. This is rarely acceptable in any debate setting. Con loses conduct points because of this. S & G - Pro. In R1 con made several mistakes in both improper capitalization and punctuation. Due to this, Con loses S & G. Arguments - Pro. Upheld his BOP as Pro. Provided rebuttals to all of the points raised by Con in the first round as well as presented his own arguments which remained standing unchallenged. Due to this, Pro is awarded arg. points. Sources - Pro. He was the only one to utilize sourcing his information for further validation.

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