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Police carrying guns all the time

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Started: 7/28/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hi all. I am arguing for our police force to carry guns all the time instead of all events in the UK. And should our police force be like America's force by doing this


You want the British police force to be more like Americas?
It makes sense for American cops to carry guns because guns are legal in America and the average citizen can carry one with a permit. This means criminals are able to obtain a gun easily which increases gun crime, therefore the police need guns to combat guns. However, guns are illegal in Britain and this means that gun crime is almost non-existent, so British police wouldn't need to combat guns. Despite the fact that some people deserve to be shot, I would argue that using non-lethal methods are better for enforcing justice, it's better for a court room to decide the fate of an Islamic drugged up beer bottle bandit than a potentially racist, self-righteous, crusading police recruit who wants to combat the Muslim species through blood and violence.

In Britain there is an armed response unit, so if a gun man is rampaging, there are guns to combat him. The question is, do we need guns to combat our currant crime? Which mainly involves knife attacks. Do we also want to run the risk of accidental shootings or these guns getting into the hands of criminals through corruption or theft?

For pro to win this they'd need to show that the British police force has a need to carry fire-arms. Pro would also have to show why the current armed response unit is not enough to combat any reasons bought up.
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