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Started: 12/8/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I say can every politician in the federal government. Then take away their pension and all their money. Bunch of lazy good for nothing vermin.
That should be the hardest job in the country but look at how easy they make it on themselves. If it were hard, They'd be unable to stand it more than the time a person spends in college. Lazy vermin; have to take lots of the old geezers out in body bags because they won't retire. Do you know how hard 70 - 80 year olds work? LOL! Not very hard! And lying politicians sitting their fat butt around figuring on how to tell better bs isn't work. They make it so easy on themselves they want to never leave. The fact that they never leave til they're almost dead is proof they are all lazy sacks of XXX.


There are people that issue blanket condemnations, Of the police, Doctors, Lawyers, Jews, Blacks, Women, Southern whites, Gays, Your is just another bigoted prejudice. . Not all politicians are crooked and even if they were try to do without them. . You need police you need doctors and lawyers and politicians despite your baseless claim, If you are to claim that all politicians are crooked you are obligated to prove your claim, Please prove all politicians are corrupt you can't its impossible, Therfore you lose
Debate Round No. 1


In your own debate about Trump, You admit that Trump is not completely honest, And say that Obama is a big liar.
As luanism said in the comments section in our debate, "With great power comes great responsibility. "

WHY ON EARTH do the majority of people have such low standards for the people in power? It's just so simple: do not vote for ANYONE who gets caught being less than completely honest! The worlds leaders should be required to be perfect specimens - like captain Kirk. You know, There are a few people in the country who are super good. Why accept anything less?
I just don't get it. Don't you realize that when leaders are less than the best, TORTURE HAPPENS, That otherwise wouldn't have happened? You must never have experienced torture, Because if you had, You'd know it hurts so bad that you wouldn't be able to stand seeing it happen for nothing.

Yes, I can prove ALL the federal politicians are scum. I don't have all day to waste on this site, But here's enough right here to get the job done: About 16 years ago, One of the federal republicans lied to the rest of them, But the others didn't want to punish him. When John Roberts asked why, One of the senators said these exact words "Because we don't want to start a precedent that it's wrong to lie. " John Roberts reported that on the CBS evening news (with a pissed off look on his face. ) And I'd add, That every politician on Earth had a chance to say he/she saw that on the news and that so and so can speak for himself, Because they don't think such sick garbage. Well, I waited and waited for one of them to do that, But none did. YEAH, Because they ALL think it!

I have time for one more thing: you know what? Those bunch of barf bags don't even make it the law that kids HAVE to get vaccinated against polio, Or any of the other deadly childhood diseases, Because they don't give one tinkers dam about kids being crippled if it might cause a 2 percent lunatic fringe starting riots. Because if that happened, They'd have to actually get off their lazy butts and do their job for once. So just let a few kids be TORTURED their whole life BECAUSE OF THEM! YEAH, It happens to at least a few kids every year! THANKS A LOT LYING BUNCH OF VERMIN POLITICIANS!

I could go on and on with examples. WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE SUCH LOW STANDARDS? Lol, Like I don't know the answer.

It's because they are either too young to know what the hell is going on, Or they are low life scum themselves.


Obama was an honorable man, So was jimmy carter, Most politicians are bastards, You have to be crooked to be a good politician, Its just the nature of the game, If you cut their salary no one would want to be a poltician but rich dudes. . You need to put away the rose coloured glasses and grow up, Its a rotten owrld and to deal with it you need sometimes rotten people
Debate Round No. 2


You do NOT need to be rotten to deal with a rotten world. And you do NOT need to be crooked to be a good politician.
Here is the way it is:
To deal correctly with a rotten world, And to be a good politician, A person needs to HATE EVIL. And I mean HATE! Evil. As an aside, Good hates evil, And evil hates good.
I HATE! Evil. Therefore my way, Is to want to punish the living blithering hell out of evil everywhere I see it. Profoundly punishing evil is not being evil; it's being good. If the voters all wanted things that way, Evil would be snuffed out of existence with a wrath rarely seen in this rotten world. Like in the Dirty Harry movies, Dirty Harry said "Everyone wants results, But nobody wants to do what it takes to get the job done. " Well, If people would all be really good, Thus really hate evil, The job would get DONE! And unlike when a rotten crooked person gets HIS job done, The really good peoples job would yield a world where there is no rottenness nor crookedness. Because evil people would be DEAD! And that's not being evil, Rotten or crooked. It's hating evil, Thus being good.

It's all just a matter of a persons goodness level.

Now take Castro. He had solid control over the people of his little country. He could have whipped it into the best country in the world. But instead he just let the people be a bunch of rejects. And the reason is because he was evil. The reason he got control of the country was because he had more firepower than everyone else. That"s about as evil as someone can get. That"s how unelected leaders always get power.
Now take Hitler. He was elected with 90 percent of the popular vote, Even though all of Germany knew he"d been in prison for attempting a military overthrow of a previous government. They must have known there"d be a new war if he were elected but they did it anyways. That"s because 90 percent of the human race is evil enough to vote for an obvious mad man instead of someone good. And that"s why democracy isn"t all THAT much better than systems without elections.

The meek inherit the Earth. Hmmm where have I heard that before. Here"s my idea. Label the most meek 1 percent of kindergarteners voters. That would still be millions of voters. Dictionary def of meek - quiet, Gentle, And easily imposed on; submissive. It"s as easy as pie to determine who"s meek when dealing with 4 year olds " just tell them to go jump in a lake or whatever, And the meek ones will do it and the rest won"t. And there"s nothing on Earth one person on Earth can do, To keep a 4 year old from showing their true colors for an entire year. I don"t even believe in the bible, But I know the meek inheriting Earth idea is a good one. Better than total democracy.

Ok, Enough of this, I"ve got better things to do with my time. I know nothing will ever change. Because evil people, The majority of people, Will always deny and sabotage good ideas and everything else good. And if denying and sabotage doesn"t work they"ll CHEAT. And if that doesn"t work they"ll lie steal and kill. All just so they don"t have to behave right and so they can grab whatever they FEEL like no matter what the consequences. Most people wouldn"t be able to STAND behaving really good all the time.
As Einstein said "I can"t believe I belong to such an idiotic rotten species. "

What a waste of time telling the obvious. Probably a bunch of jerks will just deny that good people knew not to vote for Hitler. Then they"ll be able to deny that 90 percent of the human race is scum, And make themselves feel comfortable that they"re good people. Lol, It"s amazing how many people believe in the bible, Yet say no way do they have to follow the commandments all the time, Because it"s not "practical" or whatever loony excuse. Commandment means command, Not when YOU think it"s right. What a sickening joke most humans are. Or, They"ll deny that it"s possible to know what"s good and what"s bad, Even though evil initiates pain every time, And good never ever initiates pain. Or, They"ll deny something. It"s unending what a person can do with denial.

By the way regarding the vaccination thing, Here"s what a pediatrician in Maine has seen with her own eyes: Children continue to die from vaccine-preventable diseases. We can. . .
https://www. Theguardian. Com/. . . /children-die-vaccine-preventable-diseases-we-can-sto. . .

The majority of humans make me SICK! Therefore politicians make me SICK!
Maybe Stephen Hawking was right and the human race will exterminate itself.

So, As I started out saying, Can all the federal politicians, And make them pay. Then no evil scum out there will think about pushing the envelope and testing the waters. Then elect great great people.

P. S I"m sick of wasting my time telling the obvious.


yes you do, Its a rotten world and to survive in it sometimes you need to be just as rotten or at least hire someone who is. . . And pray you can trust them not to kill you and take all your stuff
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by hsteacher 3 years ago
OR, You could just hire Dirty Harry types [for politicians] like I said, Who'd blow all the rotten peoples heads clean off best of anyone, And Dirty Harry wouldn't steal your stuff.
I see that you billsands, Like to just go around wasting peoples time. If you read what all I wrote, You know what I'd have waiting for you. Try being like this to me in person, And see what happens " weak rotten coward.
Posted by luanism 3 years ago
I completely agree with you. It's quite unfortunate that the ones with power to change the world would rather choose the easy path. There's an epic quote that applies to this. . .

With great power comes great responsibility - Uncle Ben
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