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Power is everything

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Started: 9/12/2019 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 1 week ago Status: Challenge Declined
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Power is everything considering everything here to mean "most important thing".

First, No good or bad. Only " more valuable or less valuable" depending on the people in question ( be they 1 person or 1 million people)

Behind all we as human beings hold dear, The amount of power we can get from a thing ranks how valuable and hence how "good" it is.
Even love.
I mean, Let's break love down into simple terms :
(An unexplained attachment to a person or thing which yields positive feelings of wanting to improve that person or thing I. E. . Make it more valuable, More important, To the person who loves it" - give it more power so to speak)

Human Love for all it's hype, Keeps the evolutionary game running because it "naturally" yields strong desire to produce children and nurture them (speaking of love between a man and a woman). Other forms of love form scaffolding that protects the first love above.

It's not choice, It's hardwired in our social system. I mean, Artificial intelligence can "see it" and make suitable recommendations using pure mathematics so I don't see where the non-mechanical nature of the whole thing lies.

Determinism and a touch of randomness. Nothing else.

Back to power. . .

I need it. I need more of it. We all do. But not in a monkey type of way. As People, We negotiate, Analyse, Advertise, Cajole, Lie, Smile, Self-help. Whatever.
All for the same goal : hedge our positions on the power ladder, Seek for a little more Power, While using that which we have to keep our agendas running.

End of argument.
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