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President Trump's decision to defund Planned Parenthood.

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Started: 1/3/2018 Category: Politics
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I am against this decision to defund Planned Parenthood for many reason's. Planned Parenthood offers affordable contraceptive choice which prevents conception and abortion, and consensual sterilixstion referals. If my doctor would have said no, I would have gotten my tubes removed from one of their doctors and saved money in the long rub. Also, safe sex education, std testing and treatment, the hpv vaccine, cancer screenings for men and women, advocacy, and more. Abortion is only 3% of their services, and which the other services offered, abortion rates are much lower for now. Think about it.


I support the decision because it is not somebody's job to fund someone else's reproductive health. Every service PP provides can be found elsewhere (birth control can be found at a pharmacy; sex ed can be taught in schools; STD tests, cancer screenings, and vaccines can come from a primary care provider, I'm pretty sure). Funding PP with tax dollars is basically putting a gun to someone's head and saying "pay for this woman's health."
Debate Round No. 1


How wrong you are. Healthcare is a right. This is my body, I have the right to choose whether I'm sick or injured, or whether I conceive a child. I had a tubal ligation, and that was my right to choose what I do with my body.


I understand that, but that doesn't mean you can force somebody to give you money. Other people have property rights, remember.
Debate Round No. 2


No you don't understand. This is MY BODY. I have the RIGHT to not be sick or injured. If you don't like healthcare, be sick, but you don't have the right to force that on me. My body, my mother ****ing choice. PEACE!


Technically you don't have a right to healthcare because it is a service and you don't have a right to somebody else's services.
Debate Round No. 3


My body is a country, and I am the president of my body. Trump has no say, and progressives will fight back. I'm arguing for healthcare, contraception, and education, not abortion. All conservatives care about is their ****ing money.


Well money is important. Peace.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Gaston_Barrio 3 years ago
I think it's not as simple as Pro or Con, on the topic of abortion and Planned Parenthood, there are a variety of mitigating circumstances.
Posted by KJVPrewrather 3 years ago
Congrats to my opponent.
Posted by PhilosophyandReligion 3 years ago
Healthcare is not a right.

You don't get to choose to kill a child because it's your body.

You don't have the right to make people pay for your health.

Getting your rubes tied, and contraception are contradictory of your bodies biological purpose to reproduce.

Abortion is murder plain and simple.

If you want to sleep around be my guest, but don't go tempting life and taking it away, and don't contradict your bodies sexual purpose.

Sexuall intercourse is not just recreation. Nor is it just reproduction. It's a combination of the two.
Posted by Minddagger 3 years ago
wow, pro is so triggered, and your baby is not an organ, its their own human being, i am neutrul when it comes to pro-life/pro-choice but people like you make me have second thoughts on that
Posted by Coolguy11 3 years ago
@buildingapologetics It's all good.
Posted by buildingapologetics 3 years ago
@Coolguy11 I would love to, but the thing won't let me get verified.
Posted by Coolguy11 3 years ago
@buildingapologetics you should vote.
Posted by buildingapologetics 3 years ago
@KJVPrewrather healthcare is most certainly not a right. Rights are things given to us by God that the government has the duty to protect. Therefore only God, not government has the ability to give you rights. Since God didn't create us in the beginning with healthcare plans, we do not have a right to healthcare. Since the government is incapable of creating rights, it cannot give you the right to healthcare. You do not have the right to anyone's services under any circumstances. You do not have the right to force a doctor to help you.

You also do not have the right to steal my money and give it to an organization that commits genocide. While they provide other good things like contraception, you still do not have the right to use my money to pay for your contraception.

"This is MY BODY. I have the RIGHT to not be sick or injured."
But it is the doctor's service, and he has the right not to treat you. Also, no you don't have the right to good health, you have the right to pursue good health.

"All conservatives care about is their ****ing money."
Right, so quit stealing it to pay for your own body. You have the right to your own body, but you don't have the right to my money, only I do.
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