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Prisons Should Segregate by Race

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Started: 4/12/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that prisons should segregate by race.

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racist mofo
Debate Round No. 1


hope for a civil debate.

Now what is the main idea of this debate? This is whether we should have segregated prisons based on race.

Now the segregation is not based on race but more of gang violence. Look at the Aryan Brotherhood. Being the nations first major white supremacist prison gang. I am not assuming there white supremacist ideology." It's criminal organization. We need to be clear on that. Is there racism? You bet there is racism. Is it dominant? No."Ex-AB leader Michael Thompson.
Following from this quote a former Aryan Brotherhood leader admitted the Aryan Brotherhood being a white supremacist and criminal organization.

Now how is this relevant?
The Segregation prison will reduce race wars. Gang violence will reduce since they have less gangs to attack. Look at what happened. There has been multiple times where a northern Mexican meets a southern Mexican in the mess hall. Let's say things were unpleasant. This is less about race and more of gang violence and racism. A inmate is more likely to share his cell with a person with the same race and ethnic group than there is with one without it.
"In instances where the matter was pushed by staff, they would have to physically force the inmates into the cells. This resulted in a massive administrative hassle as the situation is considered to be a "calculated use of force." This required notifications to people in high places who didn"t want to be irritated, a video record of the incident, sometimes delays in count and significant impact to prison operations, including overtime costs." says by Bob Walsh.

It's pretty clear. The segregation of races and ethnic groups is less about race and more about the safety of the guards,inmates,and race relations.
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