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Private Schools have better extra-curricular opportunities than Public Schools

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Started: 4/22/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The topic we are debating is "Private Schools have better extra-curricular opportunities than Public Schools". This resolution must, most definitely stand.

The definition of the word "extra-curricular" in this debate is an non-mandatory activity such as field trips. Lunchtime and after-school clubs count as "extra-curricular". School Dances or Parties do not count as "extra-curricular".

In the first round, neither of us can bring up points, we can only define the resolution. In the second round each of us can bring up a maximum of three points as well as sharing sources. In the third round, we cannot bring up any new points; We can only summarize and refute.

I hope you agree to this resolution and good luck.
Debate Round No. 1



Before I make my three point, I want to make two things clear. First, the resolution "Private Schools have better extra-curricular opportunities than Public Schools" must, most definitely stand. Second, a Private School is a school that you pay to attend and a Public School is a school that is funded by taxes. Here a the reasons why Private Schools have better extra-curricular opportunities than Public Schools.

1. Funding

Both Field Trips and School Clubs cost money. When a class wants to go on a field trip, the place they are going needs to be paid money. For teachers to take time away from their lunch or after school to run a club, they are usually paid more money. Schools only have a certain amount of money, limiting what they can offer. Public Schools are run by school boards, and in each school board their a many schools. This means that the school board's money has to be split into dozens of parts instead of a Private School's money all going to that school. Because Private Schools have more money, they can fund more activities.

2. No School Board Watching Over Them

In Public Schools, the school board needs to make sure that all elementary schools have the same opportunities, all middle schools have the same opportunities as the other middle schools etc. Because Private Schools run themselves and have no other schools to make sure they are equal to, they can do more things. I used to go to a Private School and we got to do Roller-blading, have a Yoga Trainer come in, go on two Ski days throughout the school year, go curling, spend a week at the zoo and every class got to go on a minimum of 7 field trips a year.

Conclusion: Private Schools have better extra-curricular opportunities than Public Schools because and they have more focused and greater funding and no school board watching over them.


1. My Personal Experience
2. School Boards: What They Do. (2012). Book.




You only posted two points? (but nonetheless easy to refute) Sigh.....
I will only post two then....

Argument One: Sports
In a private school, your school is either in a small school board or just by itself. So, if your school basketball or soccer team wants to play another school, and usually you play in your own school board, there would be far less games against other teams, probably making the season shorter and less fun. But when there is a public school with a team, there are way more opponents because of the bigger size school board.

Argument Two: Funding
In a public school, you have more funding, because you are with a public board of education, not just by yourself. This funding is mostly used by schools for two things: Technology and Field Trips. The funding going into technology helps create the right tech for clubs such as robotics and design. Field trips need a lot of money, and public schools are able to get this funding in more plentiful amounts.
Now, before MIKSTERBOSS says "Private schools have a lot of funding too!", hear this: They do have funding, but not nearly as much as a public school that is funded by the public Board of Education they are in. MIKSTERBOSS might also say: "Still, Private schools have more field trips". But seriously, think about it. Less money + more field trips = BIG debt.

Thank you for debating,

Vote Con!!!!!
Debate Round No. 2


MIKSTERBOSS forfeited this round.


Gonna forfeit the BEST ROUND OF THE DEBATING? My points too good to refute? Bad move......


My opponent stated that "Public Schools are run by school boards, and in each school board their a many schools." He goes on to say how public school boards give less to each school because of the more schools they have to fund. However, who says private schools are not run by a private school board too? Also, usually school boards get a LOT of money so that they CAN give a ton of money to each school. One more thing: Donations/Fundraisers. I have had experience with a public elementary school that had a great amount of money BECAUSE students and parents create fund raising things that give the school money!

"No School Board Watching Over Them"

My opponent states that "the school board needs to make sure that all elementary schools have the same opportunities, all middle schools have the same opportunities as the other middle schools etc..." But hear this: The school board gives them money, but not specifically for anything. So, if a public school wants to spend there money for seven field trips, they will!

Thank you for reading this wonderful debate,


Vote Con!
Debate Round No. 3
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