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Pro Abortion Vs Against Abortion

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Started: 2/15/2019 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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1. Rape is not an excuse if you really got raped. If you got raped, And got pregnant. . . You can definitely got an abortion, No one can denied that.
pregnant cause of rape is definitely unintentionally so yes, If you choose to give up you can have an abortion.
If you want to give the child you just give birth to the adoption center cause you know you can't take care of em' that's fine.

but before you give birth, There is this 9 months that only mother know how it feel. Are these women that got raped ready to get back pain for several week because how big the belly is? Are these women ready to be nauseous from time to time? Are these women ready to gamble her life for another life that she is not planned on making it? Are these women able to do this without hating the child in her womb knowing that is a child of a person that RAPED her?

If she is ready. . . . Then good news, You're free of choosing to abort the child.
If you are not, Then let me tell you. . . I would tell her to abort the child, Rather than have her giving birth to a child she hate knowing that it has been giving her pain for 9 months and knowing that its a child that she didn't planned to have. . . . A child of rape. And for the child, Either they become aborted. . . . Or knowing that the mother hate em' the moment the kid was born. Or not because the people working at the adoption center don't tell em the truth, And living his/her filled with lies.

2. If you intended to have s*x, And then you got pregnant. . . . You must have the responsibility to take care the child.

how about if you just wanted the good in s*x? Not really wanting to make a children?
look, The problem is on the s*x it self. . . If you want to have a good time just jerk of, Or jerk each other off.
s*x is mainly to make children, Pen*s inside a vagina. . . Pen*s release the sperm. . . The sperm search for the egg, Baam child have been made. . .
so yeah no matter what what everyone says, S*x is equal to making children.

but how about if your man already used a condom, Or you're in the "safe day"? Try to prevent making child but can still have the good time you want?
s*x is making child. Period. No matter what you do, If you intentionally have s*x. . You must have the responsibility for what happen next.

Condom breaks, Pills some time won't works, "safe day"? Miracle could happen. . . . Your man says gonna c*m outside? Lies, Or if he does tell the truth pre-sperm is actually good enough to make a women pregnant. So yeah.

don't want child? The best way you can do is stay away form s*x really.


so what exactly are we debating? Why we should or should not have abortion legal? Or what?
Debate Round No. 1


I actually just want to tell people that there should be an exception for a girl that got raped and want to get an abortion.

I definitely hate abortion because its definitely killing a life form, But lets just say a 16 years old girl that got raped and pregnant is not ready to go through the 9 month pregnancy stages, And wanting to do abortion. . . . I'll say lets just make an exception for this kind of girl only.

I just want to say that abortion is wrong, But there should be an exception for this situation.

for the Pro Abortion that say abortion is a not an act of murderer, That's definitely wrong.
and for the Pro Life to say no matter what, Abortion is killing. . . I just want to say that there should be an exception for rape victim.

The title probably is misleading, Sorry for that.
I just want to see if people would answer me, Whether its a Pro Life or Pro Choice. . .
Would they reply to me "yes there should", "No, All abortion is an act of murderer", Or "No, All abortion is a choice of the women that is pregnant"


Ok then thanks for clearing that up :)
I and Pro life and definitely HATE abortion.
As for an exception, I think that, Sure it is very sad that they got raped and yes I feel sorry for them but i think that they still should not have an abortion because it is still killing. No matter what. They might have a hard time of it and all but they have family and support centers to help them. If they really can't support a child then put the child up for adoption. Yes they might have nausea and back pain and yes labor is extremely painful, But if you have an abortion then you are taking away that unborn child's chance at life. It takes away their chance at having joy and having their own children and family.
Debate Round No. 2


It's hard, Seriously. . .
I mean you're correct about the child, About how the child could live happily if she didn't have an abortion.

But I just imagine if it's my daughter, Only 16 and still learning about how this world works suddenly need to take care of a child while being a student.
even if she gave the child to the adoption center, There is a time when she needs to take days or probably weeks off cause' she was pregnant.

I mean I'm sorry for you pro-life, But if it's my daughter, And she asks for my help while crying at the same time, I need to say do the abortion. And for the sin of killing the child, I will pray to god to make it my sin.

And probably I will do another sin, Cause' I'm gonna find the man that raped my daughter, And kill em'.


I can see how it would be a very hard if it was someone in your family, But still no matter why you do it it is still killing a child with a life ahead of them.
It WOULD be hard but i hope that if ever you had to make the choice for someone or help someone make the choice that you would see that she should go through with the pregnancy.
As for having to take off of school, Perhaps she could have friends help her at home or set up an Ipad to skype with her classes so she can still go on.
Debate Round No. 3


No, I just can't.
If my daughter says that she is ready to be pregnant, Then I let her be.
But if she says that she is not ready, I'm gonna let her get an abortion.

It's not like she had sex with her boyfriend in the first place.
It's because she got raped. . . And if she already got an unfair treatment by the one who raped her. . .
I'm not gonna force her to be pregnant.

She was forced to have sex and now people want to force her to just be pregnant?
I'm gonna let you down, But I will stick with my daughter. . .
I am a male, I will not get pregnant and never will.
I will never know the pains of a mother burden while being pregnant.
If she already FORCED to have the sex she didn't want to, I'm not gonna FORCE her to be pregnant if she says she is not ready.

It's not fair for the baby yes. That's why we must choose fast before it's too late. . . Before the baby can feel pain.
I'm not gonna let her change her mind when she already 15 to 20 weeks pregnant, The baby already developed and probably feel pain.
but if its like 9 weeks or before, It's still killing but the baby doesn't feel pain yet. . . So we get at least that.

No. I just can't.
Force people that already forced to do something before, Like sex. . . Especially if it's my daughter. . .
No, I'm not gonna stand on that.


I guess it really comes down to your morals. I just don't understand how you can in one statement say that yes it is killing a child and that you don't like it at all, But you are also saying that you are ok with it in one situation.
I just couldn't say yes to a abortion at any time.
I am a female and someday I hope to find a man to marry and have children. In your first argument, You say "And for the child, Either they become aborted. . . . Or know that the mother hate them from the moment that they were born" If I had been raped, I would not want an abortion and I also would not hate the child. I would love them as my much as children from my own husband, I would not resent them, I would perhaps resent the person who had raped me.
Debate Round No. 4


But where is the justice for my daughter?
why after being raped, She also suddenly need to take care of the baby inside of her stomach?

Abortion or Anti-Abortion talking about whether pregnant women are able to do abortion, Or not. . .
But how about what's right for the women?
killing a child is real, But mental breakdown is also real. . .
I don't want to say that fetus is a clump of cells. . . But there is a stage for a fetus before becoming baby.
there is this stage where the fetus doesn't feel any pain, So at least the humane thing we could do is do abortion before the fetus can feel pain, And for the rape victim only.

and I didn't say it's "OK" to do abortion.
I'm saying that a RAPED victim can choose between killing a child, Or not.
first, We need to give at least this for the women who need an abortion.
and from that, The thing we need to do is to demolish all rapist.
and from that, There will be no need for abortion cause there will be no more rape victim.

so yeah, It's been fun knowing what other people think about my thought.
Abortion is wrong because taking a life is wrong.
but between the life of a baby I never meet, And my baby that I have been raised for the past 16 years and have a chance of mental breakdown because being force by people. . . I stand with my daughter.

thank you.


For the justice I have to say this: Either way, She is going to be raped and that is the injustice. There is no way for that injustice to be erased just because you killed the child No matter what, She is going to have been raped and you can't change that.

You said that mental breakdown is real. But this study (https://www. Cbsnews. Com/news/abortion-tied-to-sharp-decline-in-womens-mental-health/) shows that out of 164, 000 women that had abortions, They were
34% more likely to develop an anxiety disorder
37% more likely to experience depression
110% more likely to abuse alcohol
155% more likely to commit suicide
220% more likely to use marijuana

So take that into consideration when you say she might have a mental breakdown from pregnancy.
And as for when the fetus becomes a baby, I believe that it should be called a baby from conception because it is from the moment of conception in fact a living being.

This has been fun for me as well and I hope that people can learn from this.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by omar2345 3 years ago

In a debate you have a certain amount of Round to post arguments. Round 1 should have been acceptance Round or the start whichever both of them decide then she would need to give argument in Round 2 for his/her side. She/he did give arguments but then provided evidence for those claims in the last Round. Meaning from Round 2 to Round 4 were claims until 5 which was evidence. It gave you no chance to reply. You can say you wanted a response but in a debate I would like people for everyone claim try to provide evidence and explanation. If you can't do both just explain the point.

"I choose to kill a baby. Some times I think I need to be a monster"
That is one way of looking at it. Another way is giving the mother the choice what she can do with her body.

"to choose for a baby life or to wait for the woman recovery of the trauma she just had"
Wait for the trauma to recover. The woman can reproduce again while a baby has to wait a certain before it can.
Posted by Asehowl 3 years ago
to omar: no no no. . . . It's actually okay, If I wanted to answer her last response I could just post it here.

it's just that I already heard what I need to hear so. . . Yep.
to choose for a baby life or to wait for the woman recovery of the trauma she just had. . .
I choose to kill a baby. Some times I think I need to be a monster. . . . Idk.
Posted by omar2345 3 years ago

Yes but he should have made that clear and it wasn't specific enough. Both sides only provided claims without evidence or explanation. This was more of a discussion than a debate. Yes Con did give numbers and you did two but what I found bad conduct was that you introduced facts in the last Round where Con could agree or disagree. You provided evidence in your last Round giving Con no chance to reply while also leaving it that the last Round is mostly used as a conclusion not reinforcing your claims with new arguments because that is not fair on Con.
Posted by DebateIsFun13 3 years ago
Omar2345: we both agreed that the idea of abortion is bad but we disagreed on a finer point and that's what we were debating. There are some different debates on abortion that are about the basic idea though, You could check that out.
Posted by omar2345 3 years ago

Sorry about that. It was really constructive. Both you and Con could have done a better job. What would I like was an actual debate on abortion instead of "tell people that there should be an exception for a girl that got raped and want to get an abortion. "
Not really a debate. Should be on the forum page.
Posted by DebateIsFun13 3 years ago
Politicsfortherun: Ok thanks :)

Omar: I don't mind at all
Posted by omar2345 3 years ago
Does anyone mind that I don't vote on this debate?
Posted by politicsfortherun 3 years ago
@DebateIsFun13 You
Posted by DebateIsFun13 3 years ago
For politicsfortherun: who were you agreeing with?
Posted by politicsfortherun 3 years ago
I completely agree with your standpoint. You worded it weirdly but I agree. Your literally killin a baby. I told my friend that once, And she said "your not pregnant with a baby" like what the heck. Yes you are. Once you pick up that test, And it says your pregnant, From THAT moment on, Their is a baby developmening inside you. I took a class, I know all about how the baby develops. People should be more careful honestly. Just don"t have sex, Then you won"t have to kill a baby.
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