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(Pro) Percy Jackson vs. (Con) Harry Potter

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Started: 4/28/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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The resolution is Percy Jackson vs. Harry Potter, in relation to a battle. There is a fairly comprehensive list of rules which Con has to abide by, or else it will result in a seven point deduction. The rounds will be organised to, for the sake of a good argument.

Round One - Organised Fight
- Morals are on.
- Preparation is on.

- There are two locations, to make this fair, and both must be used. Location one is at Camp Half Blood, location to is at Hogwarts.
- Percy has standard equipment, Harry has his standard equipment.
- There is no help from anyone.
- No animals/ interruptions/ traps

Round Two - Unorganised Fight
- Morals are off.
- Preparation is off.
- The locations are the same. Camp Half Blood and Hogwarts respectively, but you may also here include unspecified locations, e.g. "if they met in a random meadow/beach/prison/brothel", which allows you to show the versatility of your character.
- Percy has standard equipment, Harry has standard equipment.
- You are allowed to have up to two people/creatures who will assist them in anyway or form.

- No animals/ interruptions/ traps

Round Three - Rebuttal

Basically everything is permitted here. You can evaluate above positions, put together new situations and you have the most autonomy here. Rebuttal must be done here in this round and the next and not in the above rounds, but that is the only major restriction. You can have help, but remember that you are debating the person, not the help, so it is up to you here to be intelligent with how you play this card.

Round Three - Rebuttal and Summation

Final round. Final rebuttal can be done here. See above for what you can actually do in the debate. Again, same as before for what you can actually do. Summation is just explaining why you have the stronger case and summarising what you have debated about. Pretty self-explanatory.

With regards to the scenarios, those are the scenarios you must use in your rounds, but you can have an argument outside of them and you aren't confined to them. You are allowed to give examples of how your hero would beat the other one, or a strength he has over him, as long as you also have the scenario in place, then any arguments outside are fine, except rebuttal. That is strictly for round three and four.

Rules should now be clear relating to rounds. No ad hominem, no plagiarism and usual DDO conduct rules apply. By accepting this debate you accept this and failure to comply with any aspect will result in a seven point deduction. Don't worry, I am not that meticulous and will have room for slight deviation, in which voters can judge.

First round is for you is for acceptance, and round order mentioned above applies to round 2-5. If you have any queries whatsoever, the comments will be fine and I will accept any modifications to rules made in the comments as long as I accept them.

I hope for a good debate, and am ready to crush you with the force of Poseidon.


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Premise: Powers, Abilities and Equipment useful in Combat


- Manipulation of water.

- Enhanced abilities in water.
- Mastery over all aquatic creatures.
- Separation of oxygen from water.
- Creation of impenetrable quasi-solid water objects.
- Breathing in water.
- Manipulation of snow and ice.
- Creating water.
- Healing factor (when in water).
- Water immunity.
- Summoning hurricanes and storms.
- Ability to create earthquakes.
- Heat resistance.
- Poison manipulation.
- Lightning summoning (unintentional).
- Supernatural alertness and supernatural senses.
- Supernatural swordfighting abilities.
- Moderate super-strength.
- Moderate superhuman agility.
- Moderate superhuman endurance.
- Moderate superhuman sight.

Abilities and Equipment
- Eye of Horus symbol.
- Anaklusmos.


- Defence against the Dark Arts.

- Duelling.
- Dark Arts.
- Parselmouth.
- Flying (with a broomstick).
- Potions.
- Transfiguration.
- Charms.
- Healing magic.
- Apparition.
- Herbology.

Abilities and Equipment
- Wand.

- Invisibility cloak.
- Godric Gryffindor's sword.
- Firebolt.
- Practical Defensive Magic and Its Use Against the Dark Arts.

- Wand versatility.

(To clarify, this ability list may seem short, but Harry Potter, a lot of items used aren't his or were destroyed/sent back during the series. If there are any items which were his and were his at the end of Deathly Hallows, then say so. I will check.)

As you can see, Percy Jackson has the greater amount collectively and wins physically. But what use are these powers, you may ask? Well, this is what I will evaluate now.

C1: Hydrokineses

Percy Jackson can create tsunami like waves and jets of water at that speed. Tsunami's can reach speeds of 223 m/s[4]. If I underestimate greatly, and say that Percy only picks up the amount of water in a swimming pool, which is 550,000 imperial gallons[5], or around 2,500,000 kilograms. Force is mass x acceleration, so Percy can give out 557,500,000 N of force. This is about 56,849,178kg. A cubic inch of bone needs 8,626 kg to break[6]. Simply put, if Harry is hit with a jet of water fast enough, which Percy can do without an issue, he would be crushed. A minute amount of effort is needed for Percy to throw this amount, considering the amount of times he has used a whole river or sea, and lifted up a river in retaliation to Thalia Grace. The message here is that is Percy gets to use any water on Harry, Harry is gone.

Hydrokinesis also provides him a variety of other nifty abilities. Percy can actually create water[1]. It takes a lot of his energy, but he used it once at Mount St Helens. The creation of water means that Percy does not even need water around him to deal enough damage to obliterate Harry. Also, let us not forget Percy's ability to create quasi-solids with water. At any size,and with the aforesaid speeds, I do not need to re-iterate how Percy Jackson could kill Harry Potter instantaneously. A needle could weigh a few grams. about 100 N of force, condensed into a square millimetre is enough to pierce any human, enough to pierce any vital organ and enough to kill Harry, and Percy can generate this.

C2: Aerokinesis

Let us take a hurricane, which has before reached 253 mph before[9]. Now, I could include debris which at that speed would kill Harry irrefutably, and I could even add lightning generated from those storms. Although unintentional, Percy can do that, and I do not think Harry could survive 30,000,000 volts with 100,000 amps[8]. But, leave that aside you now have a furious wind. Firebolt, one of the fastest broomsticks in the Harry Potter Universe can reach 150mph in ten seconds[10]. Harry simply put, will not be able to escape via broomstick. The instant those kinds of speed are produced, the damage from debris, lightning and the wind itself would not only blow Harry away, but will instantly kill Harry. Harry would also be incapacitated for a variety of reasons. His lungs and organs would collapse at that speed. He would be blown and also there is no way he could exert enough force to talk or even think. By the time Percy had summoned the Hurricane, Harry Potter's death is practically inevitable.

C3: All Physical Aspects

It goes without saying, Percy Jackson is physically superhuman. Events in the books mean that Percy Jackson has a variety of superhuman feats.

I. Reflexes
II. Speed
III. Strength
IV. Stamina
V. Endurance
VI. Skin
VII. Muscles and bodily resistance
IIX. Sight
IX. Agility
X. Fighting ability

Percy Jackson has the physical edge. He is likely to dodge blast attacks. Likely to hit Harry more is they get close. Likely to see and react to Harry's abilities and predict strategies. In fact[1]. demigods all have this ability. They can see what their opponent is doing before they've done it. Percy has the ability to see where they tense their muscles to attack. he has the speed and the stamina to keep it going. You could make the claim that Harry could launch a spontaneous spell, but Percy would have predicted it, as he has done before and is hard-wired to do. Harry would have to outsmart Percy, and hit him quickly. But Percy is coded to fight. All physical odds are in his favour.

C4: Other

Percy has a variety of edges over Harry. Percy first of all has heat resistance and the ability to control water based poisons[1]. He survived being engulfed in lava and controlled toxins in Tartarus respectively. Heat based attacks will not work. Also, pain attacks will not work too. Percy has a high pain resistance. The Crucio curse from Harry Potter, or physical pain abilities are not a problem. Percy after all, has survived thrashings from gods, titans, giants alike and lifted up the Heavens. The job which the titan Atlas barely managed to do. Harry Potter can resist the most powerful of mind control spells, the Imperio curse. Thus, Percy can as well. Shown to resist fear and Tartarus itself. Fear is something Percy on multiple occasions has conquered and this would not be a problem. Also, he has a healing factor. If he generates water, Percy can heal himself.

And now we come to his abilities. Percy Jackson has Anaklusmos. The sword which always comes back to him, and can slice through titans. In Son of Sobek, he was also given the Eye of Horus on his palms, in which he can summon Carter Kane. This counts as help however. Percy Jackson also has Blackjack for escape and if they are in water, Percy can just take away his oxygen. I think I have been through enough, I will now enter the scenario.

C5: The Scenario

Morals and preparation are on for this round, and it is a duel type battle in their respective compounds. This does not make a difference for Percy. With preparation, Percy Jackson can plan a string of abilities and have contact with water before. There is not much he even needs to do. Harry will also now want to kill as well as Percy due to morals being on.

I. Scenario One

They are facing each other. Harry could either launch an attack, but Percy would have seen it via his eyes and the tensing of his muscles. He dodges it and creates a hurricane. From this point onwards, battle won.

II. Scenario Two

Harry and Percy are against each other. Harry launches an attack and Percy dodges/blocks and creates a high pressure jet of water. He wins.

III. Scenario Three

Harry and Percy are against each other. Harry attacks, and Percy dodges/blocks and dashes towards Harry in blazing speed for a parry. Harry cannot react in time and will be struck down.

IV. Scenario Four

Harry and Percy are facing each other. Instantly Percy gathers water from everywhere and floods the area. Harry attacks but Percy solidifies the water blocking his attacks and Harry is then blasted/drowned.

V. Scenario Five

Percy and Harry are against each other. Then when the battle commences, Percy slams Riptide down and creates an Earthquake. Harry is incapacitated. Percy at this point has Harry under his will.

VI. Scenario Six

Harry gets an attack on Percy, but it is a blast. Percy resists it and dodges the next one, and now has the temporary advantage. At this point, he wins.

VII. Scenario Seven

Harry uses Sectumsempra instantly. Percy is severely cut, but gathers water to heal himself, whilst now dodging Harry's Sectumsempra. After a very successful dodge, Percy once again has the temporary advantage.

IIX. Scenario Eight

Percy at the start creates a gust of wind to throw him into the air. The wind speed puts Harry off so he cannot fly, and prepares a curse or a spell. Percy is generating water whilst this is happening and has the advantage.

IX. Scenario Nine

As they face each other, Percy Jackson feels for water. As the battle commences, he pushes all water in. He does not dodge, but any blast or attack Harry does is negated by healing, and the arena is flooded. In water, Percy might as well be Poseidon.

X. Scenario Ten

Percy at battle creates a brutal storm. With hurricanes and floods synchronously, both getting and creating water for an ultimate attack. Harry lands whatever attack he does on Percy, but it is too late as now he is being bombarded with water and struck by lightning.


The point about Percy Jackson is that he is more powerful ballistically and in relation to pure damage. If Percy has any advantage or lands an attack, Harry is dead. But Percy's superhuman agility and skill, allow this to happen easily. It allows his to dodge and predict at ease. Percy will get the opportunity, and thus will win





Defence against the Dark Arts/Dark Arts Itself:
These are by far the most powerful strengths at Harry"s advantage. The strongest curses, known as Avada Kedavra[1], Imperio[1], and Crucio [1] are incredibly strong and if successfully landing a hit on Percy, would win him the fight. Obviously, this won"t happen as Percy Jackson"s reflexes are through the roof. The next curse I would like to introduce is the Blasting Curse[2], or Confringo, where anything that comes in contact with it will explode and demolish the hit. This can easily cause a lot of damage itself, creating an uneven playing field and other makeshift cover from incoming attacks. Next is the Disintegration curse [2], which will disintegrate anything hit. This could possibly include incoming projectiles. Obviously the scale of this attack is not known. The Expulso Curse[2] is also a more "lightweight" version of Confringo, where there is no visible explosion yet still causes the effect of Confringo.
However, the biggest and possibly strongest curse in Harry"s arsenal is the Floating Eye[2] curse. Only able to be destroyed by a knockback jinx, it creates an impassable barrier and deals damage to anyone who goes near its red aura. With Percy not being able to affect it without learning to cast a jinx, this could easily stop ANYTHING from passing, including hurricanes or water streams.
Fiendfyre[2] is a spell that causes a bewitched flame infused with dark magic, taking the form of an animal and able to chase it"s target at speeds as fast as an average broom stick. Also, it is not possible to extinguish it without knowing the correct spell, as water will do nothing to it. Furthermore, the ash of the fires can create Ashwinders, magical serpents that are extremely flammable and presumed to be the same size as an average serpent, and is pale-grey with perfect camouflage.
The Ghostly Head curse[2] can manifest itself as a ghostly green head that can knock out an opponent and follow them. This curse is also wandless, meaning there can virtually be infinite ghost heads.
A somewhat dodgy curse to be used on himself, if Harry uses a Lycacomia Curse[2], he could potentially become a werewolf and use this to his advantage in a fight. Obviously this could be a last resort. Another "Explosion" curse, the Reductor Curse[2] can turn objects or obstacles into pieces or dust. This could possibly be used on actual beings, as seen at the end of Deathly Hallows Part 2.
A curse that could potentially be used against Percy in an unblockable attack is Sectumsempra[2], an invisible sword that follows the movement of a wand, causing deep wounds. The only way to block this to use a shield charm, of which Percy has no defence.
Next I will talk about Hexes. There are only 3 hexes, as most of them are more prank-like or punishments than serious attacks. The first hex is Engorgio Skullus[3], which swells the skull and surrounding tissue of the victim, which is incredibly dangerous and also makes the hitbox for Percy larger, as well as off-balancing him, or potentially killing him. The Stickfast Hex[3] sticks the shoes or feet of the target to the ground. Obviously this is unlikely to hit, but if on a basis that Percy IS hit, then he will be out of the game. This in conjunction with a lot of fast-moving spells that cause Percy to dodge would be able to catch him out as his body. Possibly. The last hex is Entomorphis, which induces insect-like qualities onto the target. Again, this relies on luck or overriding Percy"s reflex.
The next and last category in the section of dark arts are Jinxes. The Cascading Jinx[4] creates a misty explosion at where the wand is aimed at, damaging and hitting everything within range of the explosion. The Impediment Jinx[4] can slow, stop, levitate or throw a target backward if hit. The Knockback Jinx[4] is a jinx that can physically repel an opponent or blast apart fragile objects. It can also be charged to create a "wall" that knocks back opponents. This can fill up rooms. Levicorpus[4] can make anyone pointed at their general direction be hoisted by their ankle, unable to move. They will stay in this position until Liberacorpus is used.
The Oppugno Jinx[4] can direct an object or an individual to attack the victim. This can be anything, including dust, ash, conjured beings or even allies of Percy himself. The Orbis Jinx [4] can suck the target into the ground and bury him underneath the ground. The Revulsion Jinx [4] can be used to force the target to release its grip on anything its holding. The Trip Jinx[4] can be used to trip over an opponent, just by pointing at the target, similar to Levicorpus. Last but not least, the Ventus Jinx[4] can be used to shoot a strong gust of wind.
This covers the Dark Arts, which consists mainly of Harry"s Arsenal. However, there is the defensive charm, known as Protego[5], which can survive a lot of pressure and can somewhat block nearly everything. This, combined with Protego Duo[6], which protects from both physical and magical, and Protego Maximus[7], which is an extremely tough spell that is nearly impregnable when combined with Fianto Duri[7] and Repello Inimicum[7].

Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for your argument. You were supposed to state what would happen in that scenario, but seeing as this your first time I'll give you leeway and would ask voters to not take this into account. Next round, please however explain what would happen in both scenarios.

This round is and the next round is not rebuttal. It is one more round to clarify why your person would win. You have the advantage of being able to explain both scenarios, so please refrain from directly refuting any of my points. I will proceed however to explain in detail the second scenario.

C1: Beginning

"Round Two - Unorganised Fight
- Morals are off.
- Preparation is off.
- The locations are the same. Camp Half Blood and Hogwarts respectively, but you may also here include unspecified locations, e.g. "if they met in a random meadow/beach/prison/brothel", which allows you to show the versatility of your character.
- Percy has standard equipment, Harry has standard equipment.
- You are allowed to have up to two people/creatures who will assist them in anyway or form.

- No animals/ interruptions/ traps"

For two people to help me, I will pick Nico de Angelo and Jason Grace. Let me evaluate this now.

Morals are off and preparation is off. Percy, already now has the advantage. Firstly, Percy is more likely to see Harry as a treat. Percy's aforesaid ability to analyse the person, watch them carefully and basically know what they are going to do before they do means that Percy's reflexes, which you have conceded as being great, will help him firstly either launch a first attack, or dodge/block a first attack. Morals being off, means that the power of Percy's abilities are as brutal as I mentioned before. Any first attack on Harry will instantly kill him.

Morals being off also means he does not have to hold back, but it means that Harry is a threat. If Harry is now willing to kill, and he is with Nico de Angelo and Jason Grace, Harry is a threat to them, and his fatal flaw will now kick in. His fatal flaw is excessive loyalty. This triggers him to no matter what, ensure the safety of his friends. Expect a boost in his physical abilities, as shown when he lifted up the heavens for Annabeth.

To sum up, Percy is now even more overpowered than he was before, and everything I said stands + more. With Nico de Angelo, the two main features he can help with is shadow travel and minions. Nico de Angelo can shadow travel Percy pretty much anywhere across the globe, and cannot be targeted whilst doing so. So, a shadow travel to Tartarus, a short swim in the river Styx, and Percy is completely invulnerable everywhere other than a point in his neck/back. With minions, they are a distraction for this to take place. Jason Grace is extra firepower. With the ability to create storms and fly, and control lightning, tied with Percy, they are invincible.

So...this is how this battle will fare:

Percy, Nico and Jason are against Harry, X and Y. (You choose). They firstly shadow travel to Tartarus, and get some of that invincibility. Shadow travel back. Win. Percy and Jason have abilities as I have proved which could kill any mortal. Right now, there is not much I need to say. This scenario, you can take away the help and have a 1v1, and Percy could block all projectiles with quasi-solid water.

As I cannot refute your arguments, the message of this story is that Percy Jackson > Harry. He is faster, stronger and more reflexive. If he gets the opportunity, he will kill Harry. He will always get the opportunity due to his speed and agility, and skill. With help, that is just an instant win. I urge the floor to side with the side that has the stronger points. Thank you.


As Before.


krayfuse forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I withhold my argument until a response from Con.


krayfuse forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Vote Pro.


krayfuse forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
hmm...interesting. Could I debate this with you in the summer?
except, harry gets two wands.
Or would that be overpowered?
Posted by CJKAllstar 7 years ago
Well, firstly there is the conditional of Harry being able to hit it without successfully being blocked or dodged, which Percy can do fairly easily, and has the advantage. However, even if it does think, one can still think so nothing is stopping Percy from wiping out Harry with a jet of water, or a hurricane.
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
what about harry's petrifus totalus? Nobody mentioned that....
Posted by CJKAllstar 7 years ago
By the way, krayfuse, we will be looking at current forms. For Percy, that is at House of Hades. And the end of Deathly Hallows for Harry.
Posted by DeletedUser 7 years ago
Percy creams Harry in a fight
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Vote Placed by lannan13 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:-Vote Checkmark-0 points
Agreed with after the debate:-Vote Checkmark-0 points
Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:Vote Checkmark--2 points
Total points awarded:60 
Reasons for voting decision: I would have loved to see this debate go on, but unforunately Con Forfeited and thus automatically giving the debate to Pro. I would love to see Pro do another debate similiar to this again.
Vote Placed by Romanii 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:Vote Checkmark--0 points
Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:50 
Reasons for voting decision: FF by Con so conduct to Pro. Con's formatting was very hard to read, so S&G to Pro. Arguments to Pro because he gave an extremely extensive opening argument, doing a detailed analysis of all the characters' respective powers and every plausible battle scenario that could possibly happen; Con did a pretty good job rebutting the part about their powers, but Pro rebutted it by use of scenario, and Con FFed all the rounds after that. Nice debate!

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