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Profanity not as bad as people think

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Started: 11/17/2013 Category: Society
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I think that profanity always existed, and should exist. It doesn't hurt anybody.

Pro(me): Says profanity isn't as bad.
Con: Profanity should be discouraged.

Pro doesn't encourage it, just states its not necessary to discourage it.


Profanity is a bad thing. Children don't need to hear words that express ideas that are not appropriate. For example, if someone says to an 8-year-old, "Your daddy is a son of a b****," that child will be inclined to think that their father has done something terrible, and they won't trust them. It's the same thing with mothers. A child does not simply blow those things off. In another case, curse words are sinful. Even if you aren't Christian, your cussing is offensive. Finally, it's just plain rude. I'm sure you don't like to be called obscenities. It makes no one feel good to get called words like that, and adjectives come in many, many forms. There are other words that are suitable replacements, and words that can sometimes make you sound more sophisticated.
Debate Round No. 1


"Profanity is a bad thing. Children don't need to hear words that express ideas that are not appropriate." Yes, but kids will be exposed to profanity anyway. Kids can learn words from peers, parents, internet, social media, simply everywhere. Does it mean that the kid has to use it? In theory, stopping the use of profanity will be a cause to cease it (it won't but that's another issue). Wouldn't it be a way to stop it by just not using it?

"Your daddy is a son of a b****," that child will be inclined to think that their father has done something terrible, and they won't trust them." Depends on who it comes from. If a random person comes up to you and calls you an a*****e, you won't really care as their opinion doesn't matter. If a guy came up to me and said that my father is stupid, i would be equally shocked and insulted as stupid is as degrading as son of a *****. What it comes down to is not what people say, but who it comes from.

"In another case, curse words are sinful." Please keep this off religion. I am not a theist, but i don't need a God to tell me how to live my life and what to do.

" Even if you aren't Christian, your cussing is offensive. " And it shouldn't be offensive! Why are you offended? Society has grown pretty insecure and over-protective that will get insulted if some criticizes them in a bad way. Because profanity as a means of insult is the same with all words that mean to insult. I would actually be more offended (by a friend, i don't give a damn about random people) if you called me stupid, that i would if you were to call me an a--hole. Because stupid means you are not intelligent, while a--hole means? Yea. Anyone can call you an a--hole. Not anyone can call you stupid without being stupid themselves, because you have to be stupid to be called stupid. You don't have to be anything at all and still be called an a--hole or a son of a -----.

I also think of the profanity as the words of an idiot. As ancient Greeks would say: "Profanity is the weapon of the stupid, that have no words to describe their feelings." In other wrongs, you should feel like a winner if you got into a fight with a person and after an argument he would call you an a--hole. Means that he has nothing else to say, he has ran out of proper words and resorts to profanity to express his feelings.

Now, profanity used when for example someone hits his leg against the wall should not be offensive. He is not talking to you, and if you don't like what i am saying, get out of here. You could have disliked not only the way i talk (and i am free to talk however i want) but you also might be insulted by my clothes, my shoes, my skin color, my eyes, my hair, my tattoos. Should that mean that i have to take off my clothes, change hairstyle, re-paint myself and so on just so that you don't find it offensive? I think you should either be ok with the way people dress and talk, or just gtfo. (You know what i did there). Anyways, i can say what i want. But really, it's people like you that think that the rest of us revolve around you, and life and society is built around you, so if you don't like something, you can come to me and tell me to change. I think that the one that uses profanity (again not as an insult but in innocent means) should not change, but you should be ok.

Thanks for being patient for my response, i apologize. 2 more quick notes: Please don't take anything of this argument personally, i mean no insult, but again if you are insulted, you are the problem really :), and secondly, don't think of me as the guy that says the F word or the B word all the time. I use profanity rarely. But i am just okay with people using it around me.


Well, in order for children to be exposed to profanity in a way that causes them to use it at school, their parents would have to use it or have to allow them to view things that contain cursing. Parents shouldn't do that, or at least should make it clear that it's not okay. Some adults are unclear about the limits they set. There are some parents that would prefer their children not to be exposed to that, and so that's another reason.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent just says here that profanity should be discouraged, but not a reason why it should be.

Profanity is just a way to express your opinion on something fast and casually. It certainly doesn't cause any problems to the kids like learning problems, health problems or anything like that. What does it do so that there are grounds for it to be discouraged.

Freedom of speech it is. And i realize that freedom of speech is a statement that can be debated for hours and from many viewpoints, but it means that i can say what i want, in whatever way i want. I won't call you a S.o.a.B., but i might as well say it if i accidentally hit my leg against the bed. If you as a person is offended by me using a word that is meant to do no harm and is in your own language's dictionary, you must be a sensitive little guy. It's not nice when you hear it from kids, i know. But, isn't it their right to express their opinion, even if we don't like it? That depends on the parents of course, but if you think about it, profanity always existed, from the very ancient times, and it will always be.

And yes, i understand. You sometimes will be offended by profanity, and you should be offended by some things in life. It's completely normal. But you have absolutely no right to tell me to stop it because YOU don't like it. You could come up to me one day and told me that you were offended by my red shirt. That doesn't mean i should take it off because YOU are offended, but you should just walk away. It's that simple and its something that people don't understand.


yodelingiscool forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by AlexThunder 5 years ago
One says it should be discouraged
Other one says it should not be discourage.

I think its pretty clear.
And how can argue if 2 things are the same and not different?
Posted by MysticEgg 5 years ago
We really arguing two different things here. It should be:

Encouraged vs not encouraged.


Isn't as bad vs is as bad.
Posted by AlexThunder 5 years ago
Posted by fuzala 5 years ago
I want to accept this challenge, but I don't know how you would stop it. There's Freedom of Speech. I can argue that profanity should be discouraged though. Can you change it to that?
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