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Progressivism is a Hitlerian Nazi concept & movement

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Started: 3/19/2018 Category: Politics
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Progressivism is a Hitlerian Nazi ideology designed to take down the West from the inside.


Hello. I am from China so I have first hand account with Progressivism. I say it is a communist Idea used to take down the west from the inside.

I accept your debate.
Debate Round No. 1


"Progressivism became highly significant during the Age of Enlightenment in Europe, out of the belief that Europe was demonstrating that societies could progress in civility from uncivilized conditions to civilization through strengthening the basis ofempirical knowledge as the foundation of society. Figures of the Enlightenment believed that progress had universal application to all societies and that these ideas would spread across the world from Europe."

German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was influential in promoting the Idea of Progress in European philosophy by emphasizing a linear-progressive conception of history and rejecting a cyclical conception of history. Karl Marx applied to his writings the Hegelianconception of linear-progressive history, the modernization of the economy through industrialization, and criticisms of the social class structure of industrial capitalist societies. As industrialization grew, concerns over its effects grew beyond Marxists and other radical critiques and became mainstream.

Early progressivism was also tied to eugenics and the temperance movement.

The Enlightenment (also known as the Age of Enlightenment or the Age of Reason; in German: Aufklärung, "Enlightenment") was an intellectual and philosophical movement that dominated the world of ideas in Europe during the 18th century, "The Century of Philosophy".

1)Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were big fans of eugenics.

"Eugenics research in Germany before and during the Nazi period was similar to that in the United States (particularly California), by which it had been partly inspired. However, its prominence rose sharply under Adolf Hitler's leadership when wealthy Nazi supporters started heavily investing in it."

2)Hitler and the Nazis were very anti-Capitalism.

Notice that Progressives are anti-Capitalism.

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were pro-Palestinian and anti-semite. The Grand Mufti joined forces with Hitler and the SS. Notice that progressives of today are pro-Palestinian in the Israel/Palestinian conflict always. They also politically support Islam, which is far right, and anti-semitic in teaching per the Quran.

Now. Progressives will point out what they call right wing components of Nazism like being anti-Communist and nationalist.

But the fact is most all nations were nationalistic, and the West wasn't any giant multicultural Liberal Mecca yet. His anti-Communist position was mostly due to his opposition in the world militarily were Communist. In other words, it's a false dichotomy. Hitler had no non-nationalist group to invoke. He had no Communists to invoke to his syncretic plan of conquest and domination.

So who did he invoke? His anti-capitalist, pro Palestinian, anti-semitic, anti free speech, brainwashed Hitler Youth... and foreigners. Those who had been brainwashed to think like him from youth, mixed with foreign radicals from Japan, Italy, and the Muslim world.

You can call them Nationalists (a semantical word) all you want. But their tactics and beliefs were Progressive tactics by today's standards.

Even Progressives of today, oddly, invoke nationalism. They even call it "Liberal Nationalism" aka "Civic Nationalism". It invokes the same idea, only the identity isn't race, but belief.

And scholars often compare the ideologies of Stalin (Communist) & Hitler as being almost the same. Was Stalin any less Communist because of his Russian Nationalism? No. Was Hitler any less Progressive because of his Nationalism? No...

Think about it. If someone came today as a leader and said we stand behind our united belief. We must oppose the Jews and Zionism. We must support the Palestinians. We must oppose Capitalism. We are socialists! We will spread our ideology all across Europe!...would it be liberals or conservatives following him down the path of hell?


In a twist of fate, the Italian screenwriter, Ennio Flaiano is quoted as having warned us.

"There are two types of fascists in Italy, fascists and anti-fascists."

Ironically, the far left Progressive movement who opposes Conservatism in the West, using masks, weapons, violence and intimidation to anyone who opposes its ideology, literally calls itself ANTIFA, short for "antifascism".


And Hitler himself was the biggest warner of all...

"The leader of genius must have the ability to make different opponents appear as if they belonged to one category."
-Adolf Hitler

"The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one."
-Adolf Hitler

"The great strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it to imitate it."
-Adolf Hitler

"The victor will never be asked if he told the truth."
-Adolf Hitler

"The day of individual happiness has passed."
-Adolf Hitler

"He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future."
-Adolf Hitler

"The art of leadership... consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention."
-Adolf Hitler

"You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump's supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.(Laughter/applause) Right?(Laughter/applause) They’re racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic — Islamophobic — you name it."
-Hillary Clinton

"I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few."
-Adolf Hitler

Liberalism is based on emotion rather than logic.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it."
-Adolf Hitler

The leader of the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville had said he voted for Obama in past interviews.

"Any alliance whose purpose is not the intention to wage war is senseless and useless."
-Adolf Hitler

Islamo-Leftism is a term applied to the political alliance between leftists and Islamists.

"The very first essential for success is a perpetually constant and regular employment of violence."
-Adolf Hitler

"All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach."
-Adolf Hitler

"Islam is a religion of peace, charity, and justice."
-Barack Obama

"Islam was never a religion of peace. Islam is the religion of war..."As quoted in "Islamic State releases 'al-Baghdadi message'", BBC (14 May 2015)
-Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS

"By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise."
-Adolf Hitler

Trust in the media is at the lowest point in history.



Hitler's Fascism and Stalin's Communism are actually pretty close on a political compass, mostly leaning towards the Left, making Hitler a socialist (NATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY)

Stalin obviously supported progressivism as he has his 5 year plan (which progresses the country forward)

And my favorite was Mao's great leap forward, which screams progressivism, I am in full support of this, it brought china out of a grave yard thanks to Japan.
Debate Round No. 2



-----"Hitler's Fascism and Stalin's Communism are actually pretty close on a political compass, mostly leaning towards the Left, making Hitler a socialist (NATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY)

Stalin obviously supported progressivism as he has his 5 year plan (which progresses the country forward)"-----



In the book "Liberal Fascism", Jonah Goldberg argues that both modern liberalism and fascism descended from progressivism, and that before World War II, "fascism was widely viewed as a progressive social movement with many liberal and left-wing adherents in Europe and the United States". Goldberg writes that there was more to fascism than bigotry and genocide, and argues that those characteristics were not so much a feature of Italian fascism, but rather of German Nazism, which was allegedly forced upon the Italian fascists "after the Nazis had invaded northern Italy and created a puppet government in Salo."

He argues that over time, the term fascismhas lost its original meaning and has descended to the level of being "a modern word for 'heretic', branding an individual worthy of excommunication from the body politic", noting that in 1946, the socialist anti-fascist writer George Orwell described the word as no longer having any meaning except to signify "something not desirable".

George Orwell's "1984" was written during this time period as a warning of a future dystopia.

Does this sound like the Progressives of today? You decide.


--There were Two-Minute Hate" sessions, where party members screamed at a giant telescreen filled with the face of Emmanuel Goldstein, one of Big Brother's objective enemies.

Progressives are known for meltdowns and fits over Donald Trump.


--"Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them."

Progressives: "Religion is evil and poisons everything. Islam is peace."

--"He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past."

Most students in college, according to polls, now believe 9/11 was not pulled off by Muslim extremists. 12/13 Of college professors self identify as Liberal.

--"We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship."

Progressives are known for violent protests and "revolutionary acts" such as ANTIFA, BAMN, & BLM.

--"Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing."

Many ex college students testify to progressive brainwashing of the students. Suddenly kids believe in safe spaces, new gender pronouns, that anyone and everyone is a racist, and that anyone who disagrees is evil.

--"Big Brother is Watching You."

Edward Snowden, formerly of the NSA, testified that the Obama's administration was watching American citizens through tvs and phones, and was examining peoples' facebook and social media posts. He testified that his home was bugged and watched by the NSA. Progressives never seemed concerned.

--"Orthodoxy means not thinking--not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness."

Nancy Pelosi was quoted as saying, "We need to pass the bill so you can see what is in it."

--"Confession is not betrayal. What you say or do doesn't matter; only feelings matter."

Progressives are known for taking positions based on emotions rather than logic.

--"To die hating them, that was freedom."

Hillary Clinton was quoted as saying half of Trump supporters were a "basket of deplorables".





If you agree, then progressivism is a Hitlerian Nazi concept at all and is more widely diverse among the authoritarian perspective.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Tambythegiant 3 years ago
Reporting this debate for botted cheating.
Posted by Tambythegiant 3 years ago
Ming obviously cheated somehow. The obvious winner is JameTook
Posted by whiteflame 3 years ago
>Reported vote: Wizofoz// Mod action: Removed<

3 points to Con (Arguments). Reasons for voting decision: Pro was just an argument from verbosity. Nothing she cited actually linked the premise the A=B.

[*Reason removal*] Arguments are insufficiently explained. The voter is required to either place the BoP on Pro and explain why he didn"t achieve it, or assess specific arguments presented by both sides. Generalizing about Pro"s "verbosity" and failure to link 2 concepts is not sufficient.
Posted by Mingodalia 3 years ago
I don't know how to change text yet. I'll try to figure it out.
Posted by Mingodalia 3 years ago
I don't know how to change text yet. I'll try to figure it out.
Posted by JamesTook 3 years ago
Im dying from trying to read. my china man's eyes are too squinty
Posted by Tambythegiant 3 years ago
I can't read Mingodalia's posts. Try not using an invisible font next time?
Posted by JamesTook 3 years ago
The great leap forward being a communist idea.
Posted by JamesTook 3 years ago
How dare you compare Progressivism to Nazism. It most clearly identifies with Mao tze Tong's Great leap forward. You are indoctrinated by western colleges.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro was typically broad and put together different ideas based on superficial similarities. However, Pro's arguments also contained some interesting points and were much more elaborated and thought out than Con's short responses. Also, Con did not seem to be presenting a coherent opposition to the conclusion, since he says that he thinks progressivism is communist, then says that Hitler's fascism was close to communism, which implies that he somewhat agrees with the conclusion he's supposed to be refuting. Overall, Con does not supply enough arguments for the debate to really get off the ground. Conduct goes to Mingodalia because Con did not properly address the topic. Convincing arguments to Mingodalia, even though I still do not find the conclusion persuasive. Sources also to Mingodalia because she cited evidence for her conclusion unlike Con.

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