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Prophecies or prediction?

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Started: 4/13/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Islam taking over the world, and the end of days, Prophecies in divine holy books or man made predictions?

Islam is not a religion, like eating food dosnt make one religious, yet we need food to survive. The belief that islam is a religion is like a trojan horse blinding us, cuz christianity and islam were created for the same purpose, they are pieces of the same puzzle, islam taking over the world, cuz as we all know, religion supports "religion".

Christianity is our grave, and islam will put us in it, unless we all come to our senses, and ban islam. luckily due to the nature of islam it can not exist as a religion, therfore if the people submitted to islam are granted a safe option to leave, islam will be destroyed.

Its time to make up our minds, the muslim population on earth is growing everyday without possibility of decrease in number, so whats it going to be, muslims are prepared for war, are you?

islam=is i am(not religion, not immoral)
muslim=must limp(forced)
allah=fear of muslims


Although I am not a Muslim, I am a Christian, I will however engage this discussion. I will start off by asking what exactly is the issue being debated? My opponent did not provide a clear issue being debated. Instead my opponent has made some very general statements about religion in general. Let us look at some of those claims.

"Islam is not a religion."

This is simply not true, as Islam is a religion. Even if one argues that Islam has many political tendencies, there still exist theocracies, and therefore that does not exclude Islam from still being a religion.

"Religion support religions"

Since Christianity and Islam have remained at odds with each other for 1,400 years, I can hardly see how this is valid.

"Christianity was created for the same reason as Islam, they are same pieces of the puzzle."

What those reasons are and what this puzzle is was not stated.

My opponent has not provided a clear or logical reason as to why Islam should be banned, either on a global scale or local scale, and worse, my opponent has not demonstrated a connection between Christianity and Islam being used for the same purposes, or somehow being used as part of a plot for world domination.
Debate Round No. 1


Religion is unnecessary, muslims need to follow islam or they are to be killed, its necessary for them to follow islam like its necessary for us to eat food, or have a job to be able to pay for food, but there is no money religion or food religion, only if you eat to much food or need money to much is it religion

So christians would stand for the ban of islam disguised as a religion? i think not, this is also what you hear from christians

The puzzle pieces put togeathers show islam is suppose to take over the world, abd christianity is like a booster rocket for islam to do that

As always christians make baseless claims, and i dont even think this guy read my round 1 post

Islam means submission, ban it, so they have a safe option to deconvert or possible unsubmit
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Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
Media is covering every track of what islam does.. and if you dont like the facts that do come out hey, you can always hang yourself
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
Islam is not a religion, and figuring these things out they kind of just fall in my lap because its such a simple system, there is hardly anything left to figure out it just gives itself

Islam is peace to no one
Posted by thetruthwillout 3 years ago
Firstly, I have read over your argument and most of it is based on assumption. It is in human nature to accept preconceived ideas and assumptions about certain things, people, cultures and religions, however it is important to re-evaluate these assumptions to make sure everything you accept/have views on are based on facts/truth and not assumptions/widespread opinions and views. Kindly take the time to research further on Islam, which is a religion of peace. Islam is not as alien as the media makes it seem. Muslims believe in one God, as well as all the prophets He sent, including Jesus, who we call Eesa (A.S). We believe in the spreading of peace, not war. There are many who call themselves muslim, yet their actions are against the very teachings of Islam. An example of this is ISIS and other groups, who unfortunately proclaim to follow Islam. Kindly take the time to view this link, as well as do more in-depth research if you are interested.
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
Not banning islam leads to war, and banning islam is for freedom of choice
Posted by DeepInThought 3 years ago
Is the challenge that we should ban Islam, whether or not Islam is a religion, or are you saying that we should go to war against all Muslims? Please verify what exactly the challenge is.
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