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Prostitution Should Be Legal

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Started: 2/17/2017 Category: Society
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A short debate.

Not to be confused with the unrelated debate on the morality of prostitution, the debate here is concerned with whether or not Prostitution should be legal.

To briefly state my case:

Prostitution, whether it is prohibited by law or not, will always exist in Society. There will always be a Demand for sex, and likewise there will always be a Supply of it. Many of the woes that people claim come with legalized prostitution (pimping, child trafficking, forced prostitution) would actually be solved by legalizing prostitution as that the legal stigma would vanish. Both prostitutes and "johns" would have nothing to fear in approaching the police regarding potential crimes. However, those same crimes listed above are made worse when prostitution is illegal, both because of underworld economics and because prostitutes are less likely to go to police when they fear being arrested (as do their customers).


Legalization of prostitution would open the doors for much more negativity than you may expect. When looking at the legality of prostitution in the United States, you cannot completely disregard the morality that comes with it. This idea makes STD/HPV viruses much more prone to happen. In fact, evidence from "" located underneath sex crimes, states that well over 50% of prostitutes have contracted a sexually transmitted disease, while simultaneously having unprotected sex over 300 times every single year. Not only will this be harmful to the prostitutes and the clients, but also anyone who also comes in contact with the said people.

The idea of "it is prohibited by law and will always exist in society" is the same excuse as making methamphetamines legal because it always exists. When the law is broken and disrespected, there will be consequential time spent. We, as a human race all have the same opportunity to do whatever we want; be it legal or not. But when one decides to go against the law of the land, there will be negative repercussions. Making it legal because it already exists is ignorant and is almost a form of our government giving up.

Furthermore, if the government were to endorse the sale of mostly women, and sometimes even men, they would be going on a downhill slope of regression.

Decriminalizing prostitution and calling it safe is a mere illusion for women who endure physical and psychological trauma. In fact, all brothels do is move this abuse inside to mask the horror involved in being a prostitute. The public would be blinded by the systemic issues involved in this act.

How could you endorse the spread of HPV, violence, abuse, and exploitation of these victims? How could you say that regulating prostitution would solve "forced prostitution and child trafficking"? Regardless, violence will take place in or out of a brothel and STD's will still swarm the area. If the prostitution industry is grossing over 52 billion dollars a year illegally (, just imagine what would happen if it were to be legalized? Generally, the idea of a hypothetical argument must go dismissed, but the numbers have spoken, and they have continued to repeat themselves.

And finally, to assume that making prostitution legal would make it easier for women to report rape and sexual injustices, is absolute ignorance and disrespect to those who have fallen victim of sexual violence. The idea of reporting these cases is not easy, and regardless of the legality factor, most acts go unreported because they fear not of going to jail, but of their overall safety.

Endorsing prostitution either means you support sexual violence and the spread of STD's or you are just unaware of the horrid activities contained within a brothel. You are blinded that making it legal, automatically makes it safe, but you ignore and disregard the fact that prostitution will never be safe. Thus, it should be illegal.
Debate Round No. 1


Sorry for the late reply. Got caught up IRL.

With regards to the spreading of disease by prostitutes, the solution is simple. The Beatles song, Ticket to Ride, is about a document required of all prostitutes working legally in Hamburg according to John Lennon[1]. A similar regulation would prevent the spread of disease by prostitutes. In addition, a prostitute would be wholly within his/her rights to demand a clean bill of health from a potential customer. By Con's logic regarding the spread of disease, we should also illegalize dating apps[2], promiscuity, or just plain Millenials having sex[3].

Equating prostitution to using methamphetamines is quite a stretch, although I can see the logic. However, those hiring a prostitute do so for the purposes of sexual intercourse, which is natural and normal. The effects caused by meth use (particularly crystal meth) tend to put the user in a state of hyperwakefulness. Some using meth may to react violently and there are those who use it solely to prep before committing a violent crime.[4] It is not the drug itself that makes it illegal, but the criminal activity that tends to accompany its use. Beyond the current prohibition on prostitution, there is no criminal activity that goes beyond sex. And if one were to argue that somehow sex is criminal, one would have to admit that one's own existence is the result of criminal behavior. You also say something of a slippery slope, and that is the same kind of argument that was offered by the Religious Right about homosexuality.

To argue against my point on the legalization of prostitution as a way to prevent violence against prostitutes, you say "all brothels do is move this abuse inside to mask the horror involved in being a prostitute". However, the victim would merely have to go to a police station (or reach out to some emotionally attached "john") in order to file a legitimate complaint. If my manager strikes me at work, he has not only committed a crime, but handed me the ability to sue the company. The same would go for the prostitute. In addition, due to legalization, there would no law against prostitutes merely employing themselves, thus doing away with pimps altogether.

You make the unsupported assertion (granted, in response to my unsupported assertion) that legalizing prostitution would greatly reduce child trafficking. Of course it would! Under the current prohibition, pimps are safer exploiting children because this implicates any customers in the act as well. However, with legalized prostitution, "johns" would have no need to visit shady underworld pimps or brothels, as that there would be ones with women of legal age (which I think should be at least 21) to be a prostitute. Any suspicion of child trafficking could be immediately reported by a john or a fellow prostitute without any fear of incarceration for themselves.

I do like the non-sequitur of associating prostitution with rape. Prostitution is the act of selling sex to a client. Rape is forcing some to have sexual relations. The two are not related. And again, prostitutes who are raped would be entitled to equal protection under the law by police.

You say "Endorsing prostitution either means you support sexual violence and the spread of STD's or you are just unaware of the horrid activities contained within a brothel." Well, if we are to prevent these things from ever happening, we should prohibit relations between men and women altogher. Maybe just have matchmakers pick out husbands and wives who can only meet under strict circumstances. I've only offered a way to reduce the threat to prostitutes and clients, who already exist and will continue to exist. As for your the final line, "ignore and disregard the fact that prostitution will never be safe. Thus, it should be illegal.", we should merely examine its logic. If we illegalize all professions which are not safe, than we should illegalize the military, the police, the firefighters, the sewage workers, the electricians, and on and on the list goes.

I am merely pointing at a way for men and women who already work as prostitutes to either seek help from police to escape pimps or take control of their own professions. And to others who are either completely without talents or just enjoy sex alot and wish to capitalize on it, I say "why not?"


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