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Prostitution Should Be Legalized.

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Started: 3/25/2014 Category: People
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Round Layout
1- Acceptance, No arguments
2- Opening statement, No rebuttals
3- Rebuttals
4- Rebuttals
5- Conclusion, No new arguments

Prostitution- The practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.

I propose that prostitution sould not be legalized while my opponent will argue the opposite.


I accept.

I will debating in favor of the Legalization of Prostitution (and i am lead to believe CON and myself will be sharing Burden of Proof).

I thank my opponent for offering this topic, and look forward to CON's opening statements.

My thanks to the audience for reading and voting on this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Legalizing prostitution will lead to spread of STDS [1].
"In 1986, the Victorian Labour government [Victoria, Australia] legalized brothels, claiming crime would be eliminated, prostitutes' lives would be made safer, and there would be fewer health risks. None of this happened.

...Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and AIDS increased. This was due to the fact that medical authorities examined only one of the partners in the sex act, which was self-defeating. Also, favourable medical results provided a false sense of security to clients, prostitutes and controllers. Medical examinations also provoked hostility and decreased cooperation from prostitutes who moved around too often to be monitored. If one did become infected with a sexually transmitted disease, another prostitute would replace her for the medical check up, using the infected woman's medical card."
This quote shows that an attempt to legalize brothels and prostitution in hopes of eliminating crime, making prostitutes' lives better and lowering health risks failed. It shows that the medical authorities only checked one partner for an STD and that person, often the prostitute, was replaced with another girl while the infected girl kept with her business.

Prostitution degrades women.
Selling their bodies and sexual favors, prostitutions are undoubtedly degraded. Even strippers, who offer near as much but not as much as prostitutes, feel degraded and sometimes hide the fact that they are strippers to avoid harsh judgement put on them by society. With this, it is obvious there is a worse effect for prostitutes.




I thank my opponent for the arguments that have been presented.

I will based my argument on the following three premises:

  1. 1. Legalizing prostitution will not increase risk of disease.
  2. 2. Legalizing prostitution will lead to more available jobs.
  3. 3. Legalizing prostitution will decrease crimes committed against prostitutes.

These premises will build upon one another to bring me to my conclusion. I will likely be adding more arguments later on, but these are the basic three that I will be building from.b

Premise 1

One of the major issues that has been presented by those who wish to keep prostitution illegal is that it will increase the risk of disease. However, I do not see how legalizing prostitution will lead to increased risk of disease. That would be like saying premarital sex leads to disease. The sole difference between prostitution and sex is the exchange of money or goods, so if it is being argued that prostitution leads to higher risk of disease, it must also be argued that allowing premarital sex to stay legal leads to higher risk of disease.

I would argue, however, that legalizing prostitution would DECREASE the risk of disease. In modern America, there are a heap of regulations placed on certain things. These things include cigarette purchases, alcohol purchases, and business practices, among other things. If prostitution were legalized, it would become a valid job. As such, any prostitute who does not maintain his/her health will be at risk of losing their job. Considering the power of the government, it is possible (though not entirely necessary) to require the purchase of an I.D. card that would allow an individual to pursue a career in prostitution. The procedure would be similar to the procedure of certain houses in Nevada that allow payment for sex. There would be requirements for regular check-ups to verify the health of the prostitute. Indeed, the incentives that would exist (from steady income, to better life circumstances) would mean that a prostitute would have to be willing to ensure her own health. Barring the fact that, again, prostitution is no different that premarital intercourse.

Premise 2

There a very few instances where it is possible to be a sole proprietor and not have some form of registration. Generally speaking, to be considered a valid business, there are forms that must be completed and licenses that must be granted. Prostitution would be no exception. This ties into the I.D. card concept previously mentioned. It is not necessarily a regulation, though it does create a better outcome for the prostitute and her/his client. With this in mind, it becomes relatively easy to see how the legalization of prostitution will play out.

A person wishing to sell sex services would obtain a license, and begin her/his own business, or join another person in the establishment of a business. This is similar to the process with barbershops and hair salons, where one person owns the building, but everyone working rents a chair, and supplies their own materials, in order to have the job. So the legalization of prostitution would create a new market for a service that few can argue is in high demand.

Premise 3

If prostitution is legalized, it would become a valid job. I will concede that there are those who will not follow typical business practices, and pursue licensing, but that is a problem within all business arenas, and is dealt with when consumers and employers become aware of the lack of licensure.

Moving forward. One key issue that lies within prostitution in its current iteration is that of violence; physical violence as in assault and murder, and sexual violence, as in rape and forced prostitution.

The issue of forced prostitution, and that of child prostitution, is one that is not alleviated easily, I will admit. It is feasible that with the legalization of prostitution, there will be more of both. However, one thing to note within this issue is the fact that it can be easily eliminated with regular check-ins of registrations, by the conscientious consumer and law enforcement; though these are not necessary, it would help to alleviate the issue. Furthermore, it would become much easier for children and unwilling prostitutes to illicit assistance. There are those who will not care, but again, the conscientious consumer (a major proportion of society) would ensure the persons safety somehow. The children would be in much more danger, though this would require certain aspects of physical violence.

One other major issue that is present within modern-day prostitution is the existence of “pimps”. These individuals offer protection, clientele, and sometimes, housing. This is primarily due the illegality of prostitution, and the general position of those that choose to be prostitutes. “Pimps” are more likely to be the cause of HARM than the means of protection. Even if a “pimp” is protecting his “charge”, violence can still ensue. A major remedy to this is the implementation of standard business measures. Receipts, card readers, customer registries, time sheets, etc, would all allow a much safer environment. It is possible that a “pimp” would simply become official, and continue in the old ways of “pimping”, but this would be where the law would step in, and the “pimp” would lose his business, provided the employees reported the behavior.

Given these premises, I believe I have begun making a strong case in favor of the legalization of prostitution.

I look forward to my opponents rebuttals.
Debate Round No. 2


JacobAnderson forfeited this round.


I extend my arguments from the previous round.
Debate Round No. 3


JacobAnderson forfeited this round.


Pfalcon1318 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


JacobAnderson forfeited this round.


Pfalcon1318 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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