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Prostitution ought to be Legalized

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Started: 4/13/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I'll be arguing that prostitution should be legalized.

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Don't accept this debate if you have no desire to finish this up to the end. Idiotic brain-dead neanderthals are prohibited in taking up this generic debate. Go eat some rocks or whatever it is stupid people like to chomp on.


I will take this challenge.
Debate Round No. 1


Society has labeled prostitution as dirty, loose-moraled, and outright wrong. This view, personally, has caught me my attention and has allowed me to ponder on the subject, which led me to the conclusion that contradicts the stigma. Prostitution is a job, and it is for a person if they wish to uphold that career for them. This is not a monolithic issue that should be debated all throughout, but a matter that can be easily resolved by acceptance and logic. Prostitution should be accepted and purged from its notoriety.

I. Individual Autonomy
Under the principle of individual autonomy, a person has the right to determine his actions upon himself, his thoughts over his actions, and his actions abiding his thoughts. No one shall proclaim a restriction or utter a coercion upon an individual who is rightfully exercising his right to bodily autonomy. It is then established that a person may do whatever he intends to do with his own body, whether or not there are, and he is aware of, potential harms attached to its action's consequences. Since he has consented himself to do so, he will automatically be holding the burden of responsibility of whatever harms he might face. If a person eats 200 cupcakes a day, no one shall take his freedom and happiness to do so; he may hold the burden of having diabetes after a year but the mere fact that he is considered as a consensual self deliberately negates any negative remarks on this matter. If a woman wishes to be a prostitute, she may do so. It is her right to her own body and nobody shall take that away from her. If somehow prostitution led to the transmission of more STDs, that would be up to the individual's decision.

Nothing is entirely safe. And, they hold ultimate responsibility keeping that in mind and engaging it with their bodies, that is simply the matter's beauty and beast.

II. Violation of Human Rights
The duty of the government is to cater to the necessities of its people. One of the innumerable needs would be the protection of each and every individual's fundamental human rights. Imposing a massive restriction such as criminalizing prostitution is a testament of violation, an infringement to an essential tenet of human law and nature---the freedom of choice. Freedom and choice are two inseparable aspects of society. As justice, freedom, choice, protection, and speech are virtually imperative values that hold equally indistinguishable importance, it is the duty of the government to abide by the laws of man and nature and ultimately subject itself to catering to human rights protection.

III. Morality
Society's opinion against prostitution only holds for society's conservatives, not society as a whole. Libertarians may have different views far from conservatives, and that is the essence of morality. Its subjective nature allows us to characterize ourselves accordingly and allows us to deeply understand how morality should be accepted as. Moreover, there had been countless diversified opinions about prostitution throughout history, changing itself in people's eyes more often than it should, and that is the reality. So, in saying prostitutes are dirty is worse than assuming that the profession is. There is no such thing as absolute morality. It is subjective and always will be.

IV. Jobless
Rather than imposing restrictions, the government should improve the context of contractual agreements done between the customer and the brothels along with the prostitutes. If prostitution was criminalized, a massive shutdown of prostitution-driven businesses will take effect, uprooting several brothels with nothing, greatly rendering every prostitute as jobless.

V. Taxes and Workload
Rather than shutting down prostitution, the government could profit from maintaning and establishing legality of prostitution. While prostitutes practice their profession and rake in money, the government in support of this activity could generate revenue from collecting taxes. A positive-sum game takes place in this strategic arrangement. Also, rather than chasing down prostitutes and their workplaces, which is very tiring and awfully frivolous to do, the government can safeguard and ensure the protection of these individuals and organizations. There will be less workload for police and judicial systems, and more time, energy, and space for other notorious and havoc-wreaking crimes.

I strongly stand for the legalization of prostitution. Under my arguments, prostitutes will be free to exercise their rights, can be protected by the state, shall be deemed as moral, and will not lose their jobs.

Your turn.
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