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Prostitution should be legalised, change my mind.

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Started: 5/7/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe that Prostitution should be legal, I challenge anyone to change my mind, or give me a new perspective on the subject.

I strongly believe that anyone, should be able to trade anything with anyone as long as everyone involved has given consent.


1. Not a viable choice

The "Trading" pro claims occurs a lot of times fails to be fair. It seems like a good deal: you give sexual favors, you gain money. However, "Eighty-five percent of prostitutes surveyed in Minnesota had been raped, according to a 1994 study of violence and prostitution." [1] Similar studies show in Turkey and Zambia, 75% are physically assaulted, 62% had been raped. When it comes to physical, it is extremely difficult for people to retain control. "I paid for sex, why shouldn't I rough her up, slap her some, relieve my stress on her", that is what I believe people think, that is the logic behind why people pay for the prostitutes but the "trading" is often very unfair. The people who buy prostitution are not very reasonable, a lot of prostitutes who are unwilling to go very far have violence executed against them. [3]

2. Human trafficking

Unfortunately, 82% of trafficking cases involved sex trafficking, especially underage women. [2] When Sweden criminalized prostitution, trafficking was severely reduced. This makes sense; criminals get easier access to these women; if you could easily meet up with them with pretense of paying money for sex it is far easier to kidnap them for human trafficking. There is essentially no other job where trafficking is made easier, because other salary wage jobs protect you with contracts and company power. However, even if prostitution was made into a company, it would still be very tricky to control the amount of violence executed by people. Even in locations where prostituion has been decriminalized, violence is still present. [4]

There are many personal testimonies to women who worry about human trafficking, who feel they are victimized by the pimps and the buyers. 88% of prostitutes interviewed in a study essentially say that they only use the job as a last resort. [5] The idea of trading favors makes sense to begin with, but women are hardly respected when they present themselves as sexual objects.

Debate Round No. 1


85% of prostitutes had been raped
I wont deny that this is a very high number, but there is also no denial that the rapists will most likely rape prostitutes than non-sexworkers. To make a fair determination of what link prostitution have with rape, we need to research all rape, before and after the legalisation. A few years ago, researchers at UCLA and Baylor university made a not so stunning find: When the Rhode Island legislature inadvertently decriminalized indoor prostitution for a number of years, that state saw a 31 percent decline in reported rapes and a similar decline in cases of gonorrhea. While it is true that most prostitutes have been sexually assaulted, it is also true that all sexual assault is declining when prostitution is legalised. This means that your rape argument was really just taking a small group of people and proving that that very specific group is more likely to get raped, while everyone together have a 31% less chance of getting raped.

it is hard for people to retain control
I definitely see this problem, but this is only a problem if it is illegal. If this scenario would take place where prostitution is criminalized, the prostitute would not be able to report it. If it would be legal however, the company/prostitutes could either be regulated in such a way to prevent this, or the company/prostitute could have its own rules that the buyer have to follow. If those regulations/rules are broken, then they can be reported.

The Swedish example, trafficking were reduced after the criminalization. But those two incidents are not connected. If we look at the worst and the best countries in human trafficking, there is no connection between the legalisation and trafficking. For example: Russia and China are 2 of the worst countries when it comes to trafficking. But both countries have totally criminalized prostitution. Take Germany where prostitution is legal, they don't have any problems at all with human trafficking. The only way to stop this trafficking in and profiting from the use of women's bodies is for prostitution to be legalized. Legalization will open it up to regulation; and regulation in this case means safety.

There are many good aspects of legalising prostitution as well. Such as: Safer conditions for the worker, less unemployment rates, rapes and sexual assaults will actually get reported and so on. If we think that the government should have the right to tell us what we can and cant do with our bodies, who we can and cant have sex with, we are essentially implying that the government own our bodies...


1. Rhody Island legislature
The study did find 31% decrease in rape, however, even the researcher admits it may be limited to Rhode Island. "Technically, our study has internal validity but not necessarily external validity,” Shah said. “What this means is that while we can speak to the effect of decriminalization of prostitution in Rhode Island, we cannot take this and speak out of sample to some other policy environment." This is similar to the argument about any other policy, some states may be able to control their criminals well while others are more rampant with crime, causing severe difference in ability to execute legalized prostitution. My studies on the other hand range worldwide, from Minnesota to Turkey and Zambia. Unless my opponent can assert that this rape will also go down across the board for a variety of different type of countries, it is difficult to say for sure his refutal is sound.

2. Human Trafficking
My opponent fails to cite any sources for Germany having little human trafficking -- this site contradicts his claim []. My opponent also cites China and Russia as examples where prostitution was illegal yet trafficking was bad; however, Russia's criminalization is terribly enforced as the examples on the page give [], while in China, the vast population combined with statistics of child labor, extraction of organs, and surrogacy to inflate the number. My opponent also states legalization leads to regulation, however, there is no support that the government can enforce this regulation. Extra rules can be more of a hastle than a help as well. A sex worker has stated that "many countries that legalize prostitution leave sex workers tangled up in a mess of burdensome regulations." []

Keep in mind, I do not need to win the position, "prostitution should be criminalized", I merely need to win the position, "there is something better than legalization"-- the definition which is "regulation of prostitution with laws regarding where, when, and how prostitution could take place. Decriminalization eliminates all laws and prohibits the state and law-enforcement officials from intervening in any prostitution-related activities or transactions, unless other laws apply."

In conclusion: If my opponent was attempting "prostitution should be decrmininalized", maybe my opponent would have a legitimate point. However, he states that it should be legal-- there ought to be regulations in order to enforce prostitution.
Debate Round No. 2


First of all, I never stated that I did not want any regulations on prostitution. I'm arguing for the legalisation of prostitution only. The definition of legal is "of or relating to law" ( Just because something is legal, does not mean that it cant be regulated. There are plenty of things that are legal but regulated. The definition of prostitution is "The practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment" ( and I want to legalise that. I don't want to legalise beating prostitutes for example, quite the opposite.

Your study had a wider range worldwide yes, but your study only proved that 75% of all prostitutes have been physically assaulted at some point in their lives. This is not really proving much of what the legalisation will do to rape overall. My opponent also stated that "even the researcher admits it may be limited to Rhode Island". This research only show the exact statistics of Rhode Island because it was made in Rhode Island. What they are really saying is that there is no "proof" of it being the same outside of Rhode Island. But if this were a real argument, then your Swedish argument is also invalid because it might only be limited to Sweden. But to prove that prostitution actually decrease rape worldwide I will give you some other studies that show the same
I cant show any more studies showing the same result because I'm running out of characters. But do some research, all studies show the same. The decrease of rape when prostitution is legalised ranges from 30-50%. There is no doubt, there is a decrease in rape.

I did not fail at all to cite sources for Germany having little human trafficking. The third link in my argument proves it. The site that my opponent gave me only states that " Exploitation and human trafficking remain significant problems". The site does not tell us how big of a problem it is, and not compared to other countries. Even if it were a big problem the site stated: remain as a problem. This means that the legalisation did not affect human trafficking. It stayed the same. Again my site shows how Germany is doing on a worldwide scale, and its better than most countries (

( This study shows that when prostitution was legalised in Germany 2002, sex trafficking started to decline. From 159 convictions a year, to 110 convictions a year.

"Sex work is work" This simple yet powerful statement frames sex workers not as criminals, victims, vectors of disease, or sinners but as workers.

I suggest you vote Pro. Thank you.


I will keep this short.

My opponent says something can be legal and regulated, but does not talk about if legalization is directly superior to decriminalization. I directly stated that there may be too many regulations in place with legalization vs decriminalization. It would cost a lot to enforce these laws rather than just decriminalizing them.

As for decrease in rape in general, my opponent has inferred over the course of debate that it is worth the sacrifice to the general public to let the prostitutes suffer instead. I will let voters decide whether my opponent has fulfilled his burden of proof. Finally, for German's human trafficking, a problem is a problem regardless of how you compare it. Just because a country only has 1,000 murders per year and another country has 10,000 murders does not mean the first country doesn't have a problem.

Overall my opponent has done a good job in this debate, but his crucial central belief is "trading anything with anyone as long as consent is given". However, the crux of his argument is undone with decriminalization providing more benefits than legalization. Vote for con.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by mosc 3 years ago
A Goy denies the holocaust or declares that Jews control governments and the banks - that's classic Alt Reich. An uneducated Goy who assumes that White people have high IQs - that's Alt Reich. A Psycho who fears for white survival and hates all religions other than Xtianity -- that's Alt Reich.

White supremacists have a victimhood psychosis - that's Alt Reich. Males who despise the equality of women - that's Alt Reich. White male dominated folks who hold prejudicial feelings and see the world as a conflict of races - that's Alt Reich.

This pathetic group of arrogant buffoons favor violence and view other "inferior races" as lower on the evolutionary scale. Supremacists hate groups - that's Alt Reich.
Posted by TheoEkman 3 years ago
Prostitutes have a choice of becoming prostitutes. By becoming a prostitute, they accept the risk of becoming pregnant. Im against abortion.
Posted by asta 3 years ago
What if the prostitute gets pregnant? She unfortunately might commit abortion which infringes on the rights of a fetus.
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Vote Placed by dsjpk5 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Vote Placed by ConserativeDemocrat 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: My vote comes down to the final round. Con drops all of Pro's arguments, and instead decides to argue that prostitution should be decriminalized instead of legalized. This makes me vote Pro for two reasons: 1) This means Con accepts Pro's arguments via not rebutting them. 2) Introducing a new argument in the last round gives Pro no way to respond, which is deeply unfair to Pro. I vote Pro.

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