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Prostitution should be legalized and regulated

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Started: 12/22/2013 Category: Politics
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I sort of disagreed with the stance you posted on your profile regarding prostitution, so I wanted to discuss this with you. Yes, a discussion. Let's have the goal of this be not to win, but to come to a mutual understanding.

My belief is that prostitution can be legalized as long as it is kept safe and regulated--not that it currently is. Sex work ought to be solely work--again, not that it currently is. There are problems with the seedy underground sex trade, yes, but the exploitation and unsafety parts are the issue, not the sex part. If the prostitution industry were legal, where it could be federally regulated by an authority, and if safety measures were taken, then there would be no issue with legalized prostitution. That's my opinion.

Why do you have yours? What puts you off about the idea of a legalized sex trade? I'd love to hear.


Hello! I will now tell you why I think legalized prostitution would be bad.

Case 1: Sexually Transmitted Diseases

It has been proved that 50% of prostitutes have contracted the HIV virus. For all of you who do not know, HIV is a virus where all your T-cells get destroyed. This causes low immunity to diseases that even gives you the ability to catch cat diseases! There is no cure for HIV, but there is costly medicine you may also take to make your immunity higher, that many prostitutes can not afford! (This link will also be used to back up m other information)

As you can see from the link, it is confirmed that 50% in the and 6-8% in the United States!of prostitutes contracted HIV, imagine how many people would receive and transmit it! In the link, it shows that prostitutes have unprotected sex 300 times a YEAR! It also show 1 in 10 men purchase a prostitute. We might face an HIV epidemic because many women either don't that a man has been with a prostitute, or if her PARTNER is seeing a prostitute. Thus, making totally innocent people who don't have intercourse with a prostitute contract the disease! If prostitution is legalized, we would likely have an epidemic of AIDS or any other sexually transmitted disease!

Case 2: The Government Could Not Control It!

If the government even tried to control it, many prostitutes would not go to the screening as say they are not a prostitute. There are many pimps that would remain private and under the radar, which would mean that the sexual diseases are still not taken care of.

Case 3: Barley Any Benefit To Our Economy!

In prostitution, prostitutes are controlled by pimps. Prostitution is a private business with many pimps, so even if the government wanted to, they could not tax much of it! There would be so many pimps, and all of their prostitutes, they could not trace every prostitute. Therefore it would not be much of a benefit to our economy.

Case 4: Morally Wrong!

Sex and Virginity is sacred and should be saved for your spouse or someone you really care about. Not a random girl accepting money to take it away! Sex is shown as a symbol of reproduction and passion. Do you love the prostitute? Do you want to have their baby? That is what people need to be asking themselves when they want to have sex with a prostitute!

That is why I think legal prostitution would do more harm than good. Thank you!
Debate Round No. 1


Case 1: The part about "regulation" and "safety" would include STI and HIV screenings. If legalized prostitution were to be kept safe, infected prostitutes would not be allowed to work. If anything, this is an argument in favor of safety in the industry rather than criminalizing it.

Case 2: As for being under the radar, that's going to happen whether it's legal or not. In fact, since prostitution is currently illegal, ALL pimps are under the radar. But if a majority are controlled by the government, considerably fewer would be able to escape the screening. And what makes you think they would want to, anyway?

Case 3: I'm not claiming legalized prostitution will be good. I'm simply saying it's not inherently bad. By that logic, all private business fields should be illegal because they're not providing much of a benefit.

Case 4: That's solely an opinionated argument that not everyone agrees on. You may personally hold that sex-negative viewpoint, but it's merely a personal belief. Clearly not everyone sees sex as a special sign of reproduction--your logic makes as much sense as disallowing libraries to include computers because they were originally meant for books.

Thanks for accepting the debate!


Thank you for challenging me to this debate. However, you failed to refute these:

1.You failed to refute prostitutes and pimps would go under the radar.
2. You failed to prove any of my sources false.
3.You failed to refute prostitution would be bad for the country.

Case 1 Rebuttal:
HIV and STI screenings as I stated before, only a certain number would take them. Women who had the virus and knew it would not go to the screenings, basically exposing people still, but with a larger number of people being exposed. If prostitution would be legal, more people would do it thinking it would be safe, but people can easily forge documents, or just say they did the screening. If anything, there most likely would be an increase in STD's in the world.

Case 2 Rebuttal:

As I stated before, women who had diseases would still be under the radar, and some pimps would probably want to have privacy, so he would either forge documents or prohibit them from going. Also, girls in between screenings might contract an STD, and give it to multiple men. Also, not all pimps would be registered as pimps. Same with prostitutes. The women would want to stay away because the embarrassment of many people calling her names or she has an illness.

Case 3 Rebuttal:

My opponent could not refute any of my case three, but instead made an assumption that I am against private business. This is not true. Private businesses may be selling cars that you fix up your self. But there is no risk of getting an STD while fixing a car! My main point was that legalizing prostitution would have little benefits in our economy, and it would cost more to hold the disease screenings.

Case 4 Rebuttal:

This is my opponent's most solid ground, but many people think the way I described in my case.

Overall, legalized prostitution would be no benefit or a lose of profit from legal prostitution and it would not be worth the risk of getting an STD. I have also proved that prostitutes and pimps can easily slip through the cracks and not go to the screenings. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 2
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Reasons for voting decision: This debate barely scratched the surface of the topic. The topic is much more difficult to approach and you must discard your opinions before you try to create a solution because it will happen.
Vote Placed by jamccartney 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: For conduct and spelling & grammar, it is tied. They both has good conduct and they both used good writing. Con did make more convincing arguments because he wrote more than Pro. Con also cited a source, which Pro neglected to do.
Vote Placed by dtaylor971 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct goes to pro because con did, in fact, falsely accuse pro of not arguing against two of the three things con said that pro did not do. S&G was tied. Con did have better arguments, but pro had better rebuttals. I give a slight edge to con there. As for sources, I checked con's link, and saw that his stats only were for streetwalkers, and as the link says, a very low type of prostitute. After reviewing this, I am going to tie up the convincing arguments, because the main factor that had me convinced to vote for con on this was because of that statistic. This also proves his economy argument less relevant. So to wrap up, this debate would've been tied if con did not falsely accuse pro of not doing those things. Good job to both debaters.