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Prostitution should be legalized

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Started: 2/27/2019 Category: Society
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For many years people believed prostitution to be too taboo to talk about but as of late many countries have actually been making moves to legalize prostitution and some have even completely decriminalized it.

Many people are quick to talk about how dangerous of a job prostitution is and that keeping it illegal keeps people from wanting anything to do with prostitution but should it be legalized then sex workers will become much less vulnerable as the field will be more exposed to the public and regulated by the government. Also in countries that have already decriminalized prostitution many of them claim that there has been little to no increase in sex trafficking only an increase in the protection of sex workers.

While the field of work involving any form of sex is not a very popular choice for those who choose to work in it those who take advantage of it or even just society looking upon it but if you really think about it prostitutes are just ever day people just trying to make a living doing something that they may or may not like and who are we to judge that.

Since the job of a prostitute is such a dangerous one and is illegal at that when a prostitute winds up with a dangerous or violent customer she can't call the police and say "Hey this guy is attacking me please help" because the police will show up and realize okay there's prostitution going on here you're going to jail so prostitutes can't rely on the protection of the police.


Legalizing prostitution would actually be harmful to women. If we completely legalize prostitution, Then pimps and brothels will appear. They will hire women for small amounts of money and take all the profit, Meaning that prostitutes will always be very poor. A lot of poor women would just become prostitutes like in 19th century Britain, Instead of trying to get an education and a good job. This will be very bad for women who work for pimps, Since police often ignore poor regions of cities.
Legalizing prostitution would be bad for the economy. More women becoming prostitutes would mean that less women get good education and good jobs. Prostitution is a service, Which means it doesn't produce anything for the economy. A baker makes cakes, A miner mines coal, A banker gives out loans. A prostitute only has sex, Which doesn't help the economy at all because it doesn't produce goods.
Legalizing prostitution is morally wrong. One of the worst things a woman can do is sell her body for money. Nobody wants to be a prostitute, Because the job is disgusting. Nobody likes having sex with people you don't know and don't like for small amounts of money. Most prostitutes are poor and do not get paid a lot, So it's not a good job.
Debate Round No. 1


So most of your rebuttal here is about how legalizing prostitution would be dangerous for women because pimps and brothels will appear because first of all those totally don't already exist and if you actually read my argument you would have realized that should prostitution become legal the prostitutes will have someone to rely on they will finally be able to call the cops if they've been abused.

You also said that prostitutes make bad money? Have you looked at the numbers, In low end brothels prostitutes make upwards of 300 dollars a day? Some prostitutes even charge upwards of 1000 dollars for a customer for an hour or more.

Finally you said that NO ONE wants to be a prostitute. . . . So you can speak for the world? No one wants to be a porn star?


I never said that pimps and brothels don't exist, No need for the sarcasm. However, Legalizing prostitution would lead to MORE pimps and brothels. Just like with murder: making murder illegal doesn't stop all murder, But if we made murder legal the murder rates would increase a lot. Maybe we should instead have more police and better laws so we can decrease the amount of pimps and brothels?
Of course, Abuse of prostitutes is a problem. But what makes you think that legalizing prostitution would make the problem go away? In 19th century London, There were thousands of poor prostitutes who worked in brothels. They were abused, Murdered, And raped at a time when prostitution was completely legal. Most prostitutes now are poor as well. You said that they make hundreds of dollars a day, But that money goes away to pimps. Like I said before, Being a high-end prostitute is very hard (you need to be very fit, Very beautiful, Etc) and only a tiny amount of prostitutes are high-end. Usually, Most prostitutes are poor because people don't want to be prostitutes, So wealthy people choose other jobs.
Being a pornstar is different from being a prostitute. Porn stars don't always have to have sex, If they do they have it with very attractive people, Porn stars are very famous and make lots of money. Prostitutes are poor and abused by pimps and clients. Nobody wants to be a prostitute. I don't have to do worldwide polls to prove that.
Debate Round No. 2


I never said that legalizing prostitution would make the problem go away I was simply saying that it would give them more support the cops could be called and they wouldn't be arrested for prostitution their abuser would be or their rapist would be not them.

Yes you've got me there the porn industry and prostitution are two very different things but legalizing prostitution would close the gap between the two a little bit more, Now I'm not saying that prostitution would magically just not be taboo anymore, However I am saying that less people would look at it as shameful and more people would invest, And you said porn stars don't always have to have sex, But neither do prostitutes some are paid for less than sex and not ALL of their money goes away to pimps.


Legalizing prostitution isn't going to solve anything. More prostitutes is absolutely not a goal which we should pursue, Since it's bad for the economy and bad for women. You say "legalizing prostitution would close the gap between the two a little bit more" like it's a good thing. No, It's not a good thing! There is a huge difference between being naked/having sex with attractive people on camera versus being paid to have sex with people you don't know. And that gap shouldn't be shrunk!
We shouldn't try to grow the prostitution industry, We should try to eliminate it completely. Legalizing prostitution would only increase the amount of prostitutes.
Debate Round No. 3


So legalizing prostitution will bring more prostitutes? But I thought no one wanted to be a prostitute, If that is the case then that means that there are people who want to be prostitutes you're kind of undermining your entire argument here.


I am not undermining my argument. You just can't see the connection. Let's use an analogy: nobody wants to get raped. If we legalize rape, More people will get raped. Does that mean that people want to get raped? Same thing with prostitution. If someone was offered to either be a prostitute or a normal job that pays the same, Everybody would choose a normal job that pays the same. Women become prostitutes not because they want to, But because they are poor and uneducated. Most prostitutes aren't hot ladies who make thousands of dollars, They are unattractive poor uneducated women who want to make money quickly. Just like some women are cleaning ladies, But does anyone truly want to be a cleaning lady for their whole life?
Debate Round No. 4


DDTcls forfeited this round.


OK, The debate is over.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Bob16 2 years ago
you can only regulate it better if prostitutes are willing to register, Which is not the case from the 400 000 prostitutes only 44 registered in Germany.
Meanwhile the increased demand creates a very profitable business for criminals to traffick sex slaves from abroad.
In short, Regulation would be the best theoratically, But the methods and resources are lacking and will be always lacking in practice. So the best we can do is to punish the buyers to decrease the demand and thus decrease the number of victims, Meanwhile decriminalize prostitutes to help them exit the business, Shortly, Weaken the powerful and strengthen the weak.
Posted by BiggsBoonj 3 years ago

I actually kind of agree that prostitution should be legalized (as I am a libertarian), But the Pro's arguments were really bad and weak. Most of them could be refuted.
Posted by Alcar 3 years ago
Cannot vote, But it could have been a good debate but the arguments were weak. Biggsboonj managed better the debate.

When you legalize an activity or a product, You can improve the control through regulations and licensing. The only criteria to not legalize a product/activity is when any form of this product/activity is problematic (rape and murder is always problematic). When it is illegal, You can only play with the punishments (jail, Fine, . . . ). When it is legal, You can play with the licensing system, Taxes, Regular control to check if everything is ok, And so on (+ the punishments if the rules are not followed). So, It really allows for better control. In case of prostitution, Prostitute can call the police if there is an issue with the employer/customer without getting herself in jail.

The argument is bad for the economy? If you regulate it sufficiently, It can definitely be good for the economy. At the end, Prostitute gains money and use this money to buy stuff and pay taxes. The service sector is definitely beneficial for the economy. Doctor doesn't produce any goods but they are quite helpful for the economy, Right? Entertainer/animator too. They make people more happy and happy people are more productive in general.

For the moral argument, Well, For some people, Having sex in exchange for money isn't morally problematic if it's done in a respectful way.

A bit of reading:
https://www. Quora. Com/What-is-it-like-to-be-a-prostitute-4
Posted by WrickItRalph 3 years ago
In concur
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro forfeited their last statement so con won conduct. Con also successfully made me question my own opinion on the topic so I gave him points for the arguments. However, at the start it was a very good, close debate.

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