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Prostitution should not be legalized

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Started: 5/11/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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prostitution is a gift to pimps, traffickers and the sex industry.

prostitution and the sex industry promotes sex trafficking.

prostitution does not control the sex industry. It expands it.

prostitution increases clandestine,hidden, illegal and street prostitution.

prostitution does not protect the women in prostitution.

It boosts the motivation of men to buy women for sex in a much wider and more permissible range of socially acceptable settings


All the problems you brought up are cause by the fact that prostitution is illegal. Legalizing prostitution would solve those problems. I will present my arguments in the next round,
Debate Round No. 1



Prostitution as work doesn"t dignify women or human , its not a professionalism or dignify work.
Legalized prostitution encouraging the society to create a legitimate sex entrepreneurs or third party businessmen in sex industry. its trading human for profit,

No woman should be punished for her own exploitation.
Prostitution industries are one of the root causes of human trafficking

the International Organization of Migration (IOM) has estimated that 500,000 women and children are trafficked in Europe annually . In contrast, it has been estimated that 45,000-50,000 women and children are trafficked annually into the United States

One goals of legalized prostitution was to move prostituted women indoors into brothels and clubs where they would be allegedly less vulnerable than in street prostitution. However, many women are in
street prostitution because they want to avoid being controlled and exploited by pimps (transformed in legalized
systems into sex businessmen). Other women do not want to register or submit to health checks, as required by law in
some countries where prostitution is legalized. legalized will create a society view of prostitution is acceptable, it also encourages men to buy women for sex . men who would not
formerly consider buying a woman in prostitution think, "Well, if it"s legal, if it"s
decriminalized, now it must be O.K."

Most women in prostitution did not make a rational choice to enter prostitution
from among a range of other options. They did not sit down one day and decide
that they wanted to be prostitutes. They did not have other real options such as
medicine, law, nursing or politics. Instead, their "options" were more in the realm
of how to feed themselves and their children. Such choices are better termed
survival strategies.

agree with me not to Legalizing Prostitution , when its legalized it will encourage and support unfaithful man , it will teach our future generation the wrong value in life. it will encourage businessmen in sex industry, human trafficking. criminal group will start to operate in city . will any decent businessman run a sex industry? most women in prostitution because of survival strategies.


The main reason why prostitution should be legalised is health related. Right now prostitution is the leading cause of STDs, but only because it is illegal and practised on street corners. If prostitution was legal, prostitutes would be checked constantly and clients could be required to prove they are healthy. In Australian brothels all men must be checked before going there. As long as prostitution is illegal, it is impossible to control their health. Legalizing it, however, allows you to check both the prostitutes and their clients constantly in order to significantly reduce infections.

Also, legalising prostitution would eliminate most pimps, because prostitutes would be able to work on their own. Sure, some would still work for pimps, but they would clearly act very differently. The reason pimps can abuse prostitutes is because they cannot call the police or complain in any way. Legalizing prostitution would give prostitutes a chance to report the abusive pimps to the police without risking their own freedom.

Human trafficking would be just the same if prostitution was legal. Legalizing prostitution doesn't mean legalizing human trafficking. Also, legalizing prostitution wouldn't have any effect of human trafficking, it wouldn't make it easy or encourage more people to do it.

Legal prostitution would also mean a very different work space for prostitutes. As long as prostitution is illegal, they must work on the streets. Legalizing it would allow them to work in more decent and safe conditions. This would also solve the problem of safety. Prostitutes are very vulnerable. This is why most serial killer kill prostitutes. When you allow prostitutes to work in decent, clean, safe, legal brothels, you also protect them from murderers or abusive clients.

These are the main benefits of legalizing prostitution. I don't have much time so I will post my rebuttals in the next round.
Debate Round No. 2


humanright2debate forfeited this round.


It's over I guess.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by humanright2debate 7 years ago
unbelievable when we are living in the 21st Century and Sex Slaves is still a issues , we are a modern thinker world and this could still happen in this century?

when there is a call for demand there must have supply somewhere, and where do those ringleader get supply from? do creating more brothel rise the demand?

look at this video - 21st Century Sex Slaves Documentary Human Trafficking . its a true situation .
Posted by humanright2debate 7 years ago
AIDS or std reduce when Prostitution is legal are not true

One cannot support the reduction of AIDS infections and support legal prostitution at the same time. Prostitution remains one of the leading vectors for AIDS infection. This is true in the case of both legal and illegal prostitution. Prostitutes, because of their many partners, have a greatly increased risk of exposure to HIV. They are likewise able to spread HIV to many other partners.

take a look at this video , "Born Into Brothels " real situation of young kid are paying for the price of legal prostitution. that not the society we should promoting .
Posted by humanright2debate 7 years ago
Prostitution does not control the sex industry. It expands it, Instead its yearly grows of 25%-30% of demand higher.
Prostitutes call their work "paid rape" Nearly half of the women in prostitution attempt suicide.
Most (90%) desperately want out.
Control and exploitation of another person is slavery. Pimps control 80%-95% of all forms of prostitution. Nearly 70% of those in prostitution entered before age 16. In the U.S., the average age of entry is 12. Twelve!
In Amsterdam, 80% of prostituted women reported that they were there by force. In Germany, over 60% of the prostitutes are foreigners; in Spain, it's 80%, many coerced by gangs. In Germany, legalizing prostitution hasn't improved conditions for prostitutes.
Legalizing prostitution increases sex-trafficking because demand exceeds supply. So traffickers fill the demand with girls and women from other countries -- lured, tricked, or sold, they end up without their passports, assaulted and forced into sex slavery. After legalization in Australia, illegal brothels increased 300%, pulling thousands more vulnerable women into prostitution.

law is reason free from passion. Reason is the point of what your doing. And passion is sometimes what we really want to happen. desire and reason is water and oil.
Posted by humanright2debate 7 years ago
when you Legal and decriminalised prostitution, Pimp-like, the state collects taxes from legal prostitution. In decriminalised regimes, the old fashioned pimps become legitimised entrepreneurs. you are agreeing to create a legitimised Pimp-like entrepreneurs.

Every law will have both side of head and tails, its how society being educated , look at North Korea who disagree to legitimize prostitution and now they enjoy with lowest crime rate in the world such as rape case.

All women.child should have the right to survive without prostituting, Non-prostituting women have the right to say "no." We have legal protection from sexual harassment and sexual exploitation. But tolerating sexual abuse is the job description for prostitution.
Posted by Takheos 7 years ago
I'm not a supporter of human trafficking or of prostitution. but legalization of certain things can certainly reduce the negative events associated with them; this could reduce the human trafficking, although equally, it could increase it.

Let's take a great anti-example(criminalization of something rather than legalization) - American prohibition, back in the '20s. Alcohol related crime (D&D etc.) reduced.. but the consequence of this was a huge(exponential, even) increase in organized crime. The Mafia and other crime syndicates took advantage of the new huge demand for moonshine and smuggled liquor, and gang-related violence increased.

Repealing prohibition didn't solve this problem, but it certainly was a hit against the finances of the mob.

In America, we're seeing the effects of marijuana decriminalization. I'm not qualified to speak on the subject, but controlling the sources of profit for criminals could reduce their activity.

If regulated and consensual, prostitution should be considered; its hardly new.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro makes a lot of assumptions in his argument, and each of the link stories are easily demolished by Con. Vulnerability of women to pimps, killers and poor work spaces goes down as a result of legalization, I buy that. I also buy that it becomes a safer occupation with regards to STDs. A lot was left out of Con's arguments that could have helped his case, like the fact that they would be able to choose their clientele, but he does enough. The only argument Con doesn't respond to is this point that prostitution will increase and that more Johns will engage in it, but Pro never states why this is harmful, not to mention that the point has a flimsy warrant (legalizing something doesn't necessarily increase the number of users). Frankly, much of Pro's analysis is just straight up wrong, especially his point that women who engage in this are, by necessity, desperate and unwilling, an assumption he in no way warrants or sources. Neither does he warrant increased trafficking.

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