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Public Healthcare System is better than Private

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Started: 4/7/2021 Category: Health
Updated: 2 months ago Status: Debating Period
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Here"s my logic:

I stand by the idea that health should be equal for everyone. No matter our ethnicity or position in society, We all deserve the same when it comes to basic needs. It is immoral to make someone pay half the price of his/her house for a vital kidney operation, Thus ruining that person if already low on finances. A government works for its people, Therefore, If given the choice, Should make healthcare accessible rather than source of financial stress, Especially for the less fortunate.


I don't necessarily agree with that because the totally public systems in the country always have problems. It is nice that everything is paid for and the healthcare is up to date but the one problem is that there is no choice. If you don"t like your doctor, Then tough luck. More people use privates services extensively even when public facilities are available because they can see you quickly of whether your pain is mild or severe.
Debate Round No. 1


Greetings to you,

I understand what you mean. Indeed, Private services offer greater choice for the wealthy, Which is a good thing if one does not like his doctor. The desire to open more choice - hence, More freedom - is very mature.
However, It goes both ways: a greater choice for the more wealthy ensures a lack of choice for the less fortunate, Which is the danger of Private healthcare systems. It assures a vaster range of doctors yet blocks access to basic care for the poor, Which is why I value public over private. The dilemma is there: heal everyone equally or luxuriously heal those who can afford it while letting many suffer. The idea of refusing medical care to someone low on finances seems highly immoral and far from correct: hospitals are made for humans, Born equal, Thus rightfully deserving basic needs.
I agree there is more choice in the Private sector, Which is a fact, And the people who can afford it might feel treated unfairly if forced to consult the public. The point is, Having several deaths is worse than having an injustice, Which is why I believe the Public to be better, More ethical.

Speaking of quality, Here's something to consider: doctors who work in the Private might prioritize money and benefits over passion. Because in the Public, There are far more patients and less luxury; therefore, Workers are forced to work for job satisfaction. They must build confidence, Trustworthy relationships, Etc. Just a simple observation. Think about that if you'd like and I'm certainly looking forward to our discussion, Which shall be interesting.

Have a nice day.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MP01 4 days ago
In my opinion, I believe that healthcare should be both public and private as both are intended to help people in need. Public health care allows people with limited resources to access health services without having to search for large amounts of money to opt for medical care in a private setting. The limitation of public healtcare lies in the slowness of its processes since people who need a surgery must wait years to get it.
However, Private medicine is of great help for people who can access it since they receive a high quality service in a short time due to the low demand for the service.
Posted by Zhaleska3096 2 months ago
I believe that health should be both public and private, Public for all people regardless of whether they are national or foreign or the economic social status they have, Which should only be for conducting studies, Exams, Treatments, Medications or emergencies among others, In other words situations where it is required and is in favor of improving the health of the person. In addition, The private company can offer the same because there will always be people who prefer these types of services, But in addition to that, The private one is in charge of all the procedures that are merely personal tastes.
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Posted by lewandowskijeremy 2 months ago

Surprisingly enough, I, Too, Come from Canada. Nice to meet you! Here is my answer to your questions:

1) By "better, " I mean more beneficial overall for the population. This opens the door to discuss many aspects: ethically, Morally, Politically, Economically, Etc.

2) "Public" involves the government investing part of our taxes towards hospitals. As for the premise that the Public healthcare system piggybacks on the Private for research, I will not automatically agree before debating. You will first need to convince me with data and proof for me to follow the statement.

3) Indeed, We would discuss this idea because it is a big part of the subject.

Please let me know if you decide to enter the debate. If so, Looking forward to it!
Posted by brodiescott76 2 months ago
I could debate you on this, Coming from Canada a country with taxpayer funded hathcare.

First we would have to establish what you mean by "better" as there is no question quality improves in the private sector.

Secondly wed have to agree on the premise that taxpayer funded healthcare systems piggyback of the R&D that only happens in the private sector.

Third wed discuss the moral idea of forcing people who otherwise wpuld uave medical insurance to support people who don't contribute to society.
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