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Public School Students should wear School Uniforms

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Started: 1/27/2014 Category: Society
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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They limit rights
Yes the good old constitution the foundation of america and this debate
Some opponents claim that uniforms are not a fix-all for the problems that plague schools, but instead, violate a student's right to express themselves, as guaranteed by the First Amendment.
In a school in california, 73% of the students claim that their first ammendment rights were violated. After they signed a pettition the school went back to the old ways.
The case Tinker v. Des Moines decided that students in a public school have a constitutional right to use their clothing, in this case black armbands, to express their opinions on controversial topics


Thank you
Evidence is only to be presented when asked for
I will first be presenting my arguments, then refuting my opponent's arguments.
First, some definitions.
Public School- K-12 Schools run by the US federal government
1. Makes people equal in the eyes of others, thus stopping bullying
Some schools when they add uniforms it changes the way the students act, for example on the kimatv news the school system in yakima started to use uniforms. After each school started to use uniforms the bullying rate when down by 50%.
People may be poor or rich. Income disparity is a huge problem in today’s public school system. People are bullied and teased based on the type/condition of their clothes. With kids, there would be none of that. No one will tease or bully anyone because everyone is wearing the same uniform
The impact that will come from this discovery will be huge, this is because kids a tormented by name calling and other types of bullying everyday and it ruins their lives. Bullying can cause suicidal and traumatic problems which is detrimental to students.

2. Stops Inappropriate clothes to be worn to school
CEPI says that uniforms stops gang colors
This is good because gangs won’t be able to communicate thus keeping gangs from committing crimes
The Impact is that because gangs won’t communicate, they can’t commit crimes making the world a better place
Less people die from gang related crimes, saving lots of lives

3. Kids can be readily identified in outside activities
In a field Trip, if the whole school is wearing a uniform, then if the kid wanders off, the teacher will recognize him/her in a huge crowd because of his/her clothes.
US Department of Education says that the uniforms can help teachers identify their students easier.
This will keep the students from getting lost and thus keeping them safe.
If the school has uniforms, then the kids will be safe.
They cannot wander off and get into trouble or danger. This is especially beneficial for younger kids.
Now, to my opponent's arguments
My opponent talks about how it violates rights. However, some things, you need to give up for a better life. I would rather feel safe and give up a few rights. In fact, I would rather stay alive instead of dead with the ability to express myself.
Obviously, life is much more important than the right to express oneself. Limiting the right to express oneself is not going to kill every child in the US.
Thank you, and please vote PRO
Debate Round No. 1


Appleman55 forfeited this round.


Extend all arguments
Debate Round No. 2


Thank You for those arguments but No matter what you dress students in, they will always find a way to pass judgement upon their peers; there are many other ways to judge people and form cliques, some of these things are:
hair style
hair color
accessories (ie necklaces, watches and etc.)
odor (type of perfume/clone and etc.)
the way one walks
smoking habits

This can lead to forms of bullying.
also They cost more than other clothes

Even with uniforms, parents would still need to purchase "regular" clothes for when students are not in school, thus creating an additional expense.

A 2012 presentation by North Brunswick Township Public Schools in New Jersey reported the average cost for families to purchase uniforms would be about $300 per student each year PLUS clothes for after school. People don't stay in uniform all day. Then there is summer. People who wear uniforms have to buy the same amount of clothes PLUS their uniforms

Please Vote Con


Thank You
First, I want to thank my opponent for a great debate
Second, I will be summarizing my opponent's refutations.
Now my opponent basically said two things.
The first, that bullying can still be there
Second, regular clothes still cost money
First, a mjority of the bullying comes from clothing. There may be other bullying factors, but stopping a majority is one step closer to stopping bullying, which is a great benefit.
They next talk about money.
Lets put it this way
Altogether, lets say without uniforms, you need $5 per day of the week for clothes average. Thats $35.
Uniforms, average lets say cost $20 altogether for 5 days. Then, only $10 for the weekend's regular clothes
Thus, only $30 for the week.
My opponent has not given a number of how much uniforms will cost families more, therefore, you have to vote CON.
Lastly, to summarize all the arguments. All these arguments, cost and bullying is nothing compared to HUMAN LIVES.
Without uniforms, kids could be lost or kidnapped. Without proper oversight by teachers, children could DIE. You have to vote CON because we stop bullying, save money, and SAVE LIVES.
Please vote CON
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Lonley.Turtle 6 years ago
Why even go to public school?
Posted by Silentspeaker 6 years ago
i agree
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