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Public School is a better choice compared to Private School

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Started: 3/24/2014 Category: Education
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Public school, due to more variety, better sports programs, and lesser costs is a better option than private school.


When you say better, which areas do you believe are better?

I will argue that education in private schools is better because according to HowStuffWorks, private schooled students took the same tests as public schooled students and scored higher in every subject ( From the same source,The place where private schools really distinguish themselves is in college acceptance and graduation rates. Not only do private school students score higher than public school students on the SAT exam, they're also more likely to graduate from college across all socioeconomic levels. This shows that private school better prepares the students for college and the SAT test. This is more beneficial than having more variety and better sports, if public schools are proven to have those things.
Debate Round No. 1


It is true that on average private school kids score higher, but private schools are on average much smaller than private schools. The private school Eastside Prepatory School only has around 200 or 300 kids, while some public schools have thousands. There are kids that are just as smart in public school, who can take honors and A.P. classes, but because the grades are so much bigger there are also more people to drag down the average. Also, most private school's cost a good amount of money. Once again, I will use the school of Eastside Prep as an example. Tuition to get in is 30,000 dollars. The Census Bureau found that the average American Income is $51,017. That is over 50% of a persons income to get into a school. Public school's on the other hand are free, and also (because of the greater number of kids) have a bigger variety of electives, sports, and clubs.


You can of course argue that private school are typically smaller than public schools, but that does not make up for the gap in test scores unless proven otherwise. To negate this, I can compare it to a marching band. Marching bands have upwards of 100s of people in them, yet the biggest marching bands can do just as well, if not better than, smaller marching bands. The point is that practice makes perfect and just because one is smaller doesn't mean they are automatically better or vice versa.
Yes, there are people in public schools who drag down the average. I am taking 7 AP classes this year, but it won't matter to the school if 100 others fail all of their classes.

Also, private school is not worse because it is more expensive. Private schools are for those who can afford it and are willing to pay for it. Compare Harvard to your local community college. Harvard is 1000% better than your local community college and is unarguably more expensive. Using the argument that more expensive=worse is illogical for just this reason.

Pearblossom Private School offers useful electives such as Accounting and Business Law ( for a full list). Not only are there an abundant amount of electives, but these electives are arguably more useful than any other public school elective such as band, theatre or art. So to say that private schools have less electives and less students, therefore constituting that they are worse than public schools, is illogical and cannot be supported without sufficient evidence and sources.
Debate Round No. 2


I was not using the argument that more costly equals worse. In many ways it might be better. The average American cannot afford to pay for a private school though, and they still deserve good educations. Public school is a better, more inclusive option, for those who are not necessarily wealthy. According to, only 46% of Americans make above $60,000 a year, and when you factor in costs for mortgage, food, and other things families might need to pay for, a good private school might cost more then half of their income. On the topic of marching bands, and other clubs and groups in general, the larger number of kids in a public school provide for more variety in after school sports and clubs. With a smaller school there might not be enough kids to form a team for a certain sport. Public schools tend to have better sports programs due to this. Also, the same thing goes for clubs and electives. In a private school the number of different classes and after-school activities due to the lower number of students. This problem is much less common in public schools.

Also, you state that Public School activities like theater and band aren't useful, when in fact, many people make a living off of these very things. Entertainment via plays and music is at a constant demand, so kids who are good at these are not wasting their time, but preparing themselves and possibly helping them with the process of getting a job in the future. You also state that public school clubs besides those are not helpful, but that is untrue. Issaquah High School has electives like Math Club, Global Problem Solving Club, Biology Club, and a few language clubs. All of these could be viewed as helpful. Math is the 5th best thing to major in; being good at solving global problems might help one become a politician; according to a background of biology is required in many jobs (involving Medical Technologist and Surgeon); and many companies are in need of translators of people that can speak the language of a company they do business with.


Because I've already established that electives are equivalent or better in private schools than in public schools, all your debate narrows down to is cost and size. You cannot determine whether or not a school is worse than another because they are smaller and more expensive than another. There are many different types of public schools varying in size, yet you shape public schools as a whole regardless of enrollment numbers. In conclusion, there is a reason that people who can afford it send their children to private schools and it isn't just because they can afford it or just because they don't want their child to participate in the "small amount of electives."
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by kevinthehighestlevel 5 years ago
I've never seen a debate like this before...
Posted by Drewbater 7 years ago
Also, when I said better I meant overall. Some aspects of Private School are better, and some are worse.
Posted by Drewbater 7 years ago
I will try LittleBallofHATE. I will try.
Posted by LittleBallofHATE 7 years ago
Drewbater better step up his game, if he wants to win this one.
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Reasons for voting decision: If the debate had been, Public Schools offer a better education. Con would have received the votes. He kept arguing why they offer better education(which they do) however could only be used as 1 point in the actual debate. Pro provided more reasons why public schools are a better choice and explained them better. Sources go to Pro as well because he used more reputable websites. Whereas con only provided 1 source.

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