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Public Schools enforce stronger dress code leaning at all genders

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Started: 5/1/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Many argue that dress codes in public schools located in the United States unfairly penalize females more than males, however both sides of the spectrum have those who dress in orderly fashion that go unpunished by school standards or have little punishment. I believe that a stronger dress code should be enforced on all genders for a proper and non sexual-outfitted environment.
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Posted by Unstobbaple 3 years ago
You're essentially arguing that the government should be obligated to establish standards which encourage gender neutral clothing and then enforce those rules. This would be nearly impossible to enforce and there are no good reasons to obligate public school students to dress in a way that is gender neutral. Gender norms are flexible and it would be impossible to envision gender neutral clothing (or gender neutral anything) since masculine and feminine motivations are a core part of humanity.

This is an attempt at a rejection of what it is to be human and a suggestion that this should be enforced on everyone.
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