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Public school should be done away with.

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Started: 2/25/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Parents should be 100% responsible for the education of their children. No tax dollars should go to education at all. Public school should be eliminated and private schools can fill in the gaps. Then if they get shot up people can sue the school and close it down. Why is education even taken care of by the government? Is food given out at state sponsored health clinics?Oh that's right, they "educate" your kids so they can brainwash them into mindless drones, like END PUBLIC SCHOOL!!


This country absolutely needs public education. To start off, if tax dollars are invested into public schools, it is done so as an investment. The more educated that the population is, the more we will have higher paying jobs, which in turn will lead to more tax dollars raised, and less people needing government assistance for basic living necessities.

As far as private schools filling the gaps, as it is, we are already living under high socioeconomic inequality. Removing public education would only widen the gap because I am sure not everyone would be able to afford private school. If they couldn't afford it, parents could educate the children themselves, but in some cases, the lack the education or knowledge would not permit it. In addition to this, many households nowadays are dual income, which would also make it really difficult for parents to educate children themselves.

To make things worse, by removing public schools in their entirety, you would successfully remove thousands, if not millions of employment opportunities from the job market, thus cut down tax revenue even further.
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