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Public schools do cause negative effects on a person's education and psychological behaviour

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Started: 1/30/2010 Category: Education
Updated: 9 years ago Status: Challenge Declined
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The U.S educational system has been reformed for over 100 years failing in helping the average of all of the students to achieve the required knowledge of basic subjects such as math, science, reading, and other subjects as observed in several different cases such as high school graduates taking remedial classes into colleges during the freshmen years, illiterate adults, schools facing actions for low test scores, and many more cases out there. In this debate, we'll be discussing the possible issues in the social aspects of the school that may influence the student's knowledge development. We're also discussing the other possible problematic sources that may influence the neuropsychological aspects of the students and the possible negative results. The goal for the con is to prove that the positive effects override the negative effects I have mentioned.

The list of problems that have been noted in the way public schools deal with student's education:

*Teachers have limited teaching possibilities because they're having a great number of students to deal with at once, and that they need to comply with the school rules.

*Curriculum are dysfunctional due to the varied preferences and learning methods of the students, which leads into results that aren't necessarily good.

*The environment is not and cannot be tailored to students with special needs, such as sightless students, students who have auditory issues, or simply students with different personalities, such as introverts. This can lead to frustration, which in turn can yield unsatisfactory results.

*Some people in the educational institution place higher value on supporting the economy, rather than providing satisfactory education for the students.

Evidence supporting the aforementioned claims is offered via studies in neurology, psychology, and experience. We all have our limitations when it comes to both learning and teaching, which are bound to increase when augmented by rule compliance. Furthermore, the amounts of students that a teacher has to work with at once affects efficiency being hindered. Despite showing similar personality traits, two persons have different brains as observed in several different neurological studies verifying that 2 minds have different organization setup and different strength and weakness. This entails that each person must have a learning style individually tailored to their necessities. Though it may sometimes work to use a single learning method over a larger number of persons, the best can only be achieved through individual methods.

Part of the social problems being observed and the possible outcomes of the social problems are:

*Students are being taught to relate grades to how much they learn, conform to the society, and believe those who don't conform are worthless people. All of those beliefs are put inside the minds of student as a results of indoctrination the ideas inside their head at a young age, providing examples and tell them that their assumption is absolutely correct, not letting them speak their opinions when it is against their beliefs and treat them like absolute garbage while respecting those who believes the public school advocates.

---The possible results are rebels can turn to be introvert being emotionally harmed not asking for help, massive chaos between rebels and society, the majority stays into the state of ignorance while being in denial, stereotyping in order to judge what people are rather than looking into how rational they are, intimidation and pressure, hatred of the opposite side, huge stress, and irreversible neuropsychological problems.

*Students are being taught to accept people older to be respected no matter what is the case and accepts age stereotypes without a question.

--- Results of this social problem is people pick on younger people in order to feel powers and security. As a results, they'll make it a habit of accepting the stereotypes within age group while being in the state of denial and ignorance. From the results of making it a habits will lead into mass influence on the society to accept stereotyping of ageism similar to the days of racism. This can also lead into several people believing misleading beliefs. .

*Adults not having desires to learn about the youth cultures or the possible exceptions into common stereotypes.

---The youth may feel alienated by the adults in the society and the youths may lose some of the hopes for the society.

Last part of the social problems that can occur within the school system are:

*The part of the society do not care too much for certain groups of students that have lost faith on most of the humanity because of the experience in public school dealing with issues such as bullies, abusive teachers, strict rules, and several different other factors.

-This may results in social anxiety disorder or social avoidance disorder because of the similar cases, some of those social problems have been observed in social science. The certain groups of students may have a feeling of nervousness because of the damage controls used by a lot of students and teachers. Nonetheless, there are students that start not giving a damn about other people which leads into not asking for socialization at all with psychological problems because of the experience into public school.

These are the social problems that are occurring in the school system which are caused parents, government, and other adults. The young people usually tries to follow the adult's behavior usually by instinct. Surely, the majority of the youths do not have a fully developed minds, nonetheless, there are cases of teenagers having an mind that are more developed than the average peers by far because of having lots of experiences in that area as seen in the studies of rebels have more developed brain which can be found at sciencedaily. The study of rebels having an stronger minds disproved stereotypes because it shows that there are exceptions to the general rules. The study also shows that brains can develop at different rate with different strength and weakness at different age which can leads into different learning style.
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Posted by lziggyrun12 9 years ago
Is con mentally retarded or am I just being a jerk?
Posted by alto2osu 9 years ago
I think forever191 may or may not have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning...really dude? Seriously?
Posted by Cherymenthol 9 years ago
Darn I was about to go onto a rant about extitentialism and how its the teachers fault... but then again I don't think I could have done any better than the CON.
Posted by Sharpie 9 years ago
i was thinking about accepting this debate but then i got bored of reading the first argument so i decided not too...
Posted by Cherymenthol 9 years ago
other minds don't exists so how can negative effects be had on them?
Posted by AlternativeView 9 years ago
@Puck: Of course that is one possible opponent. There's no argument against the fact that stereotype based on assumption without any evidence to back up the claim are usually proven wrong in numerous amounts of cases.
Posted by Puck 9 years ago
AlternativeView, just be prepared that you will likely get an opponent that will argue that the claim isn't universal, that not all individuals suffer negative effects.
Posted by AlternativeView 9 years ago
Anything else I need to edit?
Posted by I-am-a-panda 9 years ago
Oh, Well then change it to "Public schools do cause negative effects on a person's education and psychological behaviour"
Posted by AlternativeView 9 years ago
@I-am-a-panda: I'm trying my best in here, but you have to keep in mind that I'm born hard of hearing coming from a Spanish country with difficulty learning English. Just be aware that my background clearly hinders me from knowing how to use proper English even though I tried my hardest to learn the language.
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